Parker London’s last porn shoot

Check this out! At Men on Edge, Parker London is a straight guy with a cut body and a great smile.


He edges himself when he’s with his girlfriend, although not nearly to the extent that will happen today. They have him strip and tie his arms back, get him hard, and cut off his briefs. He almost cums from the vibrator, flexing his abs, and putting him up on his toes. They put clips on his nipples and flog his ass and chest. Tied up, he fucks the vibrator attachment but they don’t let him cum and make him fly instead. Suspended in the air they fuck his ass with a dildo and jack him some more. In full body bondage tied to a bed, they jack him until he’s ready to cum than tickle torture him. The brand new vibrating cock ring drives him crazy when they leave it on the head of his dick. The intensity proves to be too much and he cums without his dick being touched.

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This is Parker London‘s last cumshot on video. We will miss you Parker! Free video preview of this shoot HERE.

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Slow Teasing Hand Jobs

Check out what happens at Slow Teasing Hand Jobs:


Randy is a 22-year-old, toned, smooth-skinned, straight father of two with his girlfriend’s name tattooed on his chest along with a her big, fresh hickey. Scott ties him with his legs spread wide and hands tied to his knees and torments him with a slow, teasing hand job.

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The perpetually horny young man is defenseless, at Scott’s mercy for release, looking into his eyes with a pleading expression as Scott delights in keeping him on the edge.

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