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The Hole

Bind is in a severe hogtie at the Mountain Correctional Facility in Pennsylvania, run by the infamous Warden Harold Cox (of blessed memory). Bind’s metal collar is locked to a bolt in the floor, and his legs are secured by cotton straps to anchor points in the wall. There is no possibility of escape. His condition is monitored from the adjacent room via a TV camera.

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Title at Serious Male Bondage: The Hole

Forlorn Hope – Part 04: The Road Ends Here

By DR754

male bondage stories Hampton JailToday is Monday, August 8, 1967.

So far, so good. In fact, I had a brainstorm about halfway through South Dakota – what if I changed into my uniform? It’d break the description they had of me from court, and even though I wasn’t law enforcement, what cop is even going to pull over, much less question, a man in a federal ranger outfit?

Working around the handcuffs made things just a bit awkward, but I felt comfortable, almost confident again wearing my greens. I made it all the way into Minnesota without spotting a single trooper, then turned south down Highway 65 at Albert Lea. Corn, corn, corn, and more corn – but I didn’t care about corn, I cared about cops, and there were none to see.

As I entered the one-horse burg of Sheffield about midnight, I glanced at the gas gauge – damned near E. A couple lights were still on at a Casey’s gas station, but how to pay for it? My wallet had been tapped out back around Sioux Falls.

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