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Three Visits

Written by ty dehner

Chapter One

The Winter snow was falling on the city that was turning in on this Christmas Eve. Eb’s black polished Wesco boots left tracks in the snow as he walked down the sidewalk. He stayed warm in the Langlitz jacket, the snow melting as it landed on the black leather. Wearing a black knit cap from Carhartt, he kept his gloved hands in his pocket, turning the corner onto an alley way. His steps quickened after turning the corner of an alley that showed a few signed of the season with some Christmas lights in a few windows. There was a path of trampled snow on the side of the alley that stopped at a rusted steel door under a red high wattage lamp. Taking his hand out of his pocket, Eb grabs the door handle with his tight leathered gloved hand, pulling it open and we hear the bass beat of techno music with a holiday jingle to it.

In the leather bar, Eb stomps his boots on the wet matte, knocking most of the snow off it. He is a tall silvered haired man turning 68 in the new year. He keeps his hair cut short, with a tight goatee. The heavy leather doesn’t show much of his well-toned torso. He pays for the covered charge, not even acknowledging the doorman. He swiftly enters the main room of the bar, crossing the floor as others guys in the bar part to make room for him. He lands at the bar, orders his usual craft beer, leaving a 2-bit tip. He turns scans the room and heads straight a stool that sites off to the side. He takes a seat with his right foot settling on the stool rung. Taking a drink of his beer, he holds it and just watches the action.

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