New Year’s Party

By Mister-X/Spartan

Normally at work on New Year’s Eve we are let out early.  But this time I had work that needed to get done that day.  Naturally we had chosen that day to go to a party, and I needed to get home to get dressed for it.  The party was one in which my partner, Dan, was to be dressed as a police officer and I was to be dressed as an escaped criminal that he was returning to prison after capturing me.  He would be putting me in an authentic prison uniform, one that we purchased on e-Bay, covered with a lot of chains.

Dan had a friend who worked in the state prison about 100 miles away, and he had gotten an authentic prison uniform and badge, as well as an authentic prisoner metal collar with the identification of a real-live prisoner on it, one that was in prison for life.  We hoped to win the party’s contest for best dressed.  Dan’s friend told him to make sure that these are not revealed to any law enforcement personnel, or he would get into trouble!

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The Tank – Part 01

By Rubrig

Author’s Note: Rubrpig, which is a fully trained Leather Dog, writes wearing 18-inch Wesco Big Boss boots, nipple clamps, a locked buttplug harness over its chastity belt holding its dog tail in its asshole. it also wears a locked posture collar and now it also wears a red and black neoprene dog hood. As it has been chastised, it has been locked in a Carrara 2.0 extreme belt for over two years. its keyholder has only allowed it to cum three times during that time.

Nick got home from a long day at work.  As a nurse in a large ER, he had a stress-filled life, so he just liked to decompress when he walked into his condo.  After changing out of his sweaty scrubs, he had a long hot shower.  He walked out of the bathroom with a towel wrapped around his waist as he wandered through his condo.  He grabbed a beer from the fridge and sat down on the couch and grabbed his laptop.

He logged into a rubber and bondage website and looked at the list of users signed in.  He saw that a guy he had chatted with a couple of times was on, so he sent Dive Master a message.  The alert about an incoming message chimed and he got into a chat.  He was intrigued by Dive Master whose profile showed that he was a Bondage Top who was into heavy commercial dive gear.  Nick had a huge fetish for commercial dive gear and always got hard when he came across images of commercial divers in their heavy rubber drysuits and dive helmets.

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Joey – Part 01

By slavebladeboi

Joey lay still. The cold, hard concrete under him made his shoulders and hips hurt but there was little he could do about it. The chains that held him in a tight spread eagle gave no mercy to his joints. He debated whether to open his eyes or not. Blindfolded, all he saw when they were open was the same black, endless void that confronted him when they were shut. Why bother. It was easier just to, well relax was probably not the first thought he had, but perhaps become less confused, less frightened? Little choice but just wait for the sound of the boot leather on stone as they marched over to where he lay prone.

Time had very little meaning for him. He had tried to think clearly about how he had got where he was right now, but it all became a confused mass of disjointed, chaotic thoughts over which he had no control. Hours, days even. It couldn’t be longer than days could it, to be used and abused by both of them.? He presumed there were two of them as he regularly felt four hands, whether they were the same four hands every time was an unknown. And it felt like he’d been there for ever.

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RC Ryan is a spanked athlete at Reluctant Young Men

RC Ryan is a spanked athlete at Reluctant Young Men

RC Ryan is a quiet, shy young track star in danger of being dropped from the team because his grades are failing. His coach decides that the young man isn’t too old for an old fashioned, bare bottom spanking. RC stares in disbelief as he’s informed that his coach intends to spank him. But realizing he has no choice, he reluctantly goes over the old mans knee and is spanked by hand over his track shorts.

RC Ryan spanked gay porn

To make sure the point isn’t missed, the coach strings him up from the rafters and delivers a long, stinging punishment with the cane as he dances about, promising to improve his grades.

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Pleroma – Part 15

By Taurus

Epilogue 1 – Explanations

“Revolution for prison; recent developments in implant interfacing have triggered significant change in incarceration. Prisoners will only experience their sentences mentally while their physical bodies experience only a small fraction of their sentences.”

Luke returned the tablet after listening to the

“Mr Dominique, are you sure you -“

“Yes. As Subject L, I understand perfectly how this stuff works.”

“No,” the officer stood up, “I’m asking if you need some clothes.”

Luke chuckled. “Officer Dunn, it’s summer. That and I’m gonna be posing for a photo shoot all day, so underwear will be all I need to really wear anyway.”

“Will you be alright? You can use Pleroma under supervision for now, but as it is, some of its…functions have to be removed.

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