Check out ‘Red, White and Blue’ with Brenn Wyson, DJ, Riley Vlcek, Van Darkholme and Tristan Jaxx


Here’s yet another one from the Bound Gods vault. In this one, DJ and Riley Vlcek are bound to each other on a bed. Van and Tristan Jaxx tape electrical pads to the men’s thighs. DJ and Riley squirm and scream as they try to get free. Once freed, they suck on Tristan’s hard giant cock while Van ties him up.


Tristan receives a hard chest pounding with Van’s gloved hands and a nice flogging. Van and Tristan chain the men to the bondage board and work them over with the flogger and the single tail whip. To reward the exhausted captives, Van and Tristan fuck them in bondage and spray hot loads all over them.

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The Bounty Hunter


Christian Wilde in police uniform captures and fucks Sebastian Keys in bondage.

MetalbondNYC_dot_com_02_11413_p_09 MetalbondNYC_dot_com_03_11413_p_07 MetalbondNYC_dot_com_04_11413_p_04 MetalbondNYC_dot_com_05_11413_p_13 MetalbondNYC_dot_com_06_11413_p_15 MetalbondNYC_dot_com_07_11413_p_18


This is one from the Bound Gods vault. In this one, bounty hunter Christian Wilde caught small time drug trafficker Sebastian Keys in Mexico. He keeps Sebastian in a private run-down prison until he collects the bounty. Going for the bigger fish, Christian decides to interrogate his captive for the name of his boss for an even larger bounty. Sebastian endures a harsh body cavity search, CBT, TT, corporal and not to mention his ass gets violated by a night stick!




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The Twisted Doctor’s Punishment

At Bound Gods, Wolf Hudson finds himself in the hands of a twisted doctor; but once he’s freed from bondage, the punishment is on …


Wolf Hudson has found a new job, but in order to start work he needs a physical, so he finds the only place his HMO will cover, Dr. Micah Brandt’s office. The creepy doctor tricks Wolf into medical restraints and has his way with his patient’s big uncut dick. Once Micah turns his back to grab more “implements,” Wolf finds his window of opportunity and tackles the twisted doctor to the ground and drags him off to the padded cell.

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Tossed around like a rag doll, Micah is slammed on the floor, beaten with his own belt and fucked from behind by a pissed off and horny Wolf. Inverted in the air, Micah is beaten from all sides with a vicious flogging before swallowing 8 inches of uncut cock down his throat. Wolf finishes the doctor off with one more fuck before covering his face in cum.

38944_12 38944_13 38944_15


Models in this shoot: Wolf Hudson, Micah Brandt

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End-of-year message to Metalbond readers

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A Metalbond reader likes to get chained to the toilet

A guy who refers to himself as “Metal pervert” sent me these pictures, along with this note:

I am Mike, a real metal pervert. I like for example to be chained to a toilet chair for very long periods! It´s torture when the thighs start to hurt after some hours, when trying to leave the chair. Very humiliating, sitting on the chair for extremely long period!


MetalbondNYC_gay_male_bondage_toilet_slave_02 MetalbondNYC_gay_male_bondage_toilet_slave_03 MetalbondNYC_gay_male_bondage_toilet_slave_04


Vibrated over the edge at Slow Teasing Hand Jobs

There’s nothing sexier than a hot, toned young guy spread out and tied down, helpless, with a rock hard cock yearning for release, and that’s exactly what Scott does to Billy. Scott slowly takes Billy closer and closer to the edge with both the massager and his hand. Finally, when he senses Billy is “right there” he uses the rubber pussy to edge him up just a little bit more, than applies the massager to the rubber pussy, to drive him over the edge the instant permission is granted.

MetalbondNYC_gay_male_bondage_03_slow_teasing_handjobs MetalbondNYC_gay_male_bondage_04_slow_teasing_handjobs MetalbondNYC_gay_male_bondage_05_slow_teasing_handjobs


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