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Male BDSM: Cage training

Trenton Ducati has James Ryder locked up in a cage

Menacing Dom Trenton Ducati has James Ryder locked up in a cage. He’s been a bad dog. Ducati tells Ryder to lick his boots then tugs on the young stud’s puppy-tail buttplug. Ducati humiliates Ryder by ordering him to drink out of a dog bowl, chew on a leather bone, and bark like a dog. Ducati continues the dominant puppy-play by fucking his pet with the buttplug, making him beg for his huge rock-hard cock. Ducati mercilessly shoves his dick all the way down Ryder’s throat, then he strips the hot pup out of his latex gear and sucks his cock. Ducati continues to feast on the submissive hunk’s cock and ass then bends him over and plows his hole. Power-top Ducati fucks the hell out of Ryder, whose only concern is pleasing his master. With Ducati’s cock still firmly planted in his ass, Ryder pumps a load out of his own cock into his dog bowl and licks it up. Ready to cum, Ducati jacks a load all over his sub’s face and chest then locks him back up in his cage until next time.

Trenton Ducati has James Ryder locked up in a cage


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Trenton Ducati has James Ryder locked up in a cage

A Chasity Tale – Part 02: ‘Mark’s New Life’

By Coinnigh

This story was originally posted to the Chastity Belt and Device Fiction page (Altairboy’s site, link here). It has been “re-interpreted” as a male-male story.

After being married for ten wonderful years we still have a great marriage. We always enjoyed great sex, as well as a great relationship. Then about four years ago my life was changed drastically.

My husband, Dan, had gone to London with two of his best friends for a lads weekend getaway. He came back very relaxed and refreshed, and the night of his return we ended up in bed having one of the horniest nights of sex we had had for months. During the course of the night, Dan said he wanted to try something different. He has never disappointed me in the past so naturally I agreed. He took a small bag from his overnight bag and pulled out a metal chastity belt he bought in London. It had a narrow metal tube for my shaft to slide into and a handcuff like clasp welded onto the back which would lock around my balls and the base of my cock. He told me that his friend Rob keeps his husband Brad locked in a chastity belt and that he thought it would be fun to do the same to me. ‘Just for the weekend.’

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Caged cocksucker

Bruno Knight locks King in a cage

Kyle King is a wild pup who needs to be tamed. Training Master Bruno Knight locks King in a cage and taunts him by smacking him in the face with his fat uncut cock. King wags his dog tail butt-plug and begs for a taste until Knight shoves his hard dick through the bars and fucks King’s mouth. Knight leads King out of the cage on a chain and gets to work stretching out the yelping stud’s hole. He steps up and shoves his thick tool deep in King’s perfect ass. Knight fucks him doggy style then flips him over on his back so he can pull out King’s cock and jack him off. Both hunks blow their loads all over King’s furry chiseled abs.

Bruno Knight locks King in a cage


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Bruno Knight locks King in a cage

The Fall of a Master – Part 02

By Rubrpig

The slave inhaled the smell of its new owner and felt the scent imprint on its mind, so it knew it was owned by this Master…

Master Gunther looked down at the naked slave between his legs and smiled.  The slave sucked and licked Gunther’s cock, which pleased Gunther.  He barked an order to the slave and told him to pull off his cock and stand up.  The slave pulled back off his Master’s cock reluctantly and got to his feet.  The slave stood erect, head bowed and remained still as his wrists were still padlocked together behind its back.  Master Gunther stood up, his wet cock slapping against the heavy leather of his chaps as the stood up and moved behind his new slave.

Master Gunther grabbed a leash and snapped it to the D-ring on the front of the heavy leather collar the slave wore and then tugged on it and walked from the room with his slave quietly following.  The slave’s bare feet making soft slapping noises on the floor as the two men walked to the room that Gunther had set up as his private dungeon space.  The slave followed, and when they entered the room it knew that it would be tested as it had witnessed what Master Gunther was capable of in that room.

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