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Brody is trapped in a secret government cage

“Lost Boys” continues with Brody trapped in the depths of the secret government labs. Stripped of clothes and bound in a cage, Brody has no way of escaping the plans of the nameless and faceless men of the shadow organization. Every minute that passes, he begins to regret his previous activities, knowing they contributed to countless men being in the same helpless situation he finds himself in.

When a mysterious man enters the room, he fears he is one of the scientists in charge. He finds out, however, that he is so much more. The handsome man doesn’t provide much in the way of answers, but assures him that he’ll be okay. Without much of an option, he must learn to trust him, even without knowing anything more about him than his name.

This trust comes in handy when he’s bound and strapped to a table later in the night by the man’s colleagues. Looking to him for hope, Brody endures their gropes and probes before being milked of his precious, potent Theban cum — all while the secret ally watches and waits for his next move.

Stripped of clothes and bound in a cage

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Story: Lost Boys, Chapter 8: Caged Animal

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gay furry transformation

One Year – Part 10

By Taurus

Part 10 – “Something Changed”

The number of days since James had last seen civilization, and treated like a member of it, just crossed into the triple digits.


100 consecutive days locked in chastity without any clothes and almost always toiling for one thing or another.

Arnold, as ever, entered James’ cell in the morning, the occupant of which faced the other way from the cell door, owing to its symmetrical design whose task was to disorient. He spun himself around by instinct and knelt on his mattress, back straight, legs crossed, looking straight ahead and arms squared behind his back.

The many days where the same old stuff happens has allowed the slave and his handler to go through the day without much talking, if any at all. No need for commands if tasks could be done out of habit. The first day of perfect silence was day 25, and many more have been achieved since then.

Then again, when one spends most of their time gagged or muzzled with the threat of severe pain looming over them if they do try and say a word, one tends to keep a little quiet.

Not that you would have any choice.

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Pictures: How to build a jail cell in your basement

Check out these pictures from roopurt (of FetLife) who built a jail cell in his basement, complete with a toilet, shower fixtures and even an under-the-floor cage! He posted more about this impressive do-it-yourself project on Reddit

jail cell in basement


Reddit post is available here.

Metal would like to thank roopurt for sharing these pictures, which are posted here with his permission.