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Pictures and video: Tyler Saint in a cage


This is from Bound Muscle Jocks. Tyler Saint gets what’s coming to him! Reduced to the level of a dog, he is obedience trained by having wooden bars shoved through the cage to keep him in his place.

Tyler Saint gay bondage

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Title of this shoot: Bamboo Fun Part 1

Models in this shoot: Tyler Saint, Duke Rivers

Tyler Saint bondage porn

The bamboo cage

Jason Branch gay bondage

In Homo Erectus, some unusually beefy (and naked) anthropologists track a particularly sexy big-dicked missing link (Joey Russo, looking hot in a loin cloth!) through the jungles of Africa. But the guys can’t seem to keep their hard cocks out of each other’s asses long enough to stay on Homo’s trail, and end up fucking each other like beasts. Hot and hairy Jason Branch nails his assistant Steve Ross’s juicy ass before they’ve even set up camp. Handsome Damian Ford and tall, sexy Matt Bradshaw find a cool waterfall in the jungle. where Damian pumps Matt’s smooth, hard ass until they spray the bushes with their sticky loads. And in the final scene, Homo is finally captured (and definitely erectus) as he savagely skull fucks the whole team.

Joey Russo gay bondage

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male bondage Homo Erectus