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Doug Acre gets worked over both inside and outside a steel cage

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Muscle stud with a big fat cock endures bondage, flogging, wax, humiliating foot sucking, suspended gang bang all in front of a bunch of horny men.

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The bar is packed full of horny dudes as a caged Doug Acre is rolled in to service the crowd. Everyone sticks their dicks inside for Doug to swallow, zapping the caged stud every time he leaves a cock unattended. Doug is tied down on top of the cage as the entire bar comes up to rub his muscular body. His screams are muffled as hot wax is dripped all over Doug’s skin. The guys hold Doug down as they whip all the candle wax off of his body during an intense flogging. Doug is suspended in the air for everyone to take turns fucking both of his holes. The crowd showers the suspended stud in cum!

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The Auction – Part 03

By Eckie

With all the dozing away and sleeping short periods only it was hard to determine any time we spent there, but at some point I started hearing more noises, more than just the noises you have in the woods from nature … some people might be awake by now – but still no one took any notice of us two sitting here all night.

It must have been another hour or so before finally someone came to us and started undoing out restraining. Piece by piece was removed so that after short time we were finally able to move again quite freely (as free as it is possible inside those layers I still was in) – still being that long tied in that position made us stiff and the body aching. We were helped up on our feet, struggling to find a firm stand though, but we were supported when lead towards the house and after some time I felt quite alright again – exhausted as all the other time of this weekend, but fine and – yet again horny, which caused my encased dick to hurt even more as it did already.

I was lead somewhere around that house, and reaching a table or bench was laid on it bent forward, arms tied to the far end corners, legs spread again and tied to the legs of the bench, some more straps securing my upper body tight before I heard my masters voice again – the first time one spoke to me since we were left there yesterday evening/night.

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Overnight Cage Training


overnight in a cageWhen I was in the army, we did attend several Commando Courses along my career. I remember once we had one in a place I won’t quote, as there is no real interest in the place location. On week one, we had a lot of training and learning skill. At the beginning of the second week, we had to use what we have learnt the previous week. They wanted us to practice too after a period of stress, specially a “risk run” up and down the fort. For getting the stress they wanted us to get, we had to spend about three hours in a cage.

Let me describe the surroundings. The fort was by the seaside. We could have a nice view on the ocean, and parts of the walls were falling into the sea. On one end, there were moat and rocks that were filled with water at upper tide and almost empty and very damp and muddy at lower tide. This was the period they would love us to run or crawl in stinky mud. On the other side of the fort, it was the beginning of a wild sand beach. As it was a military property, no civilians were allowed miles around.

Training was rough and efficient, and most men enjoyed it a lot as it was really challenging you.

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Locked in a coffin cage

At BadBoyBondage.com, the Master puts his toy into the coffin cage and then with a long cane encourages the captive to dance for him. When the Master tires of the dancing, he suggests that he will let the prisoner go if he cums. Despite the encouragement, the captive has performance issues and so gets left in the cage.

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Title of this shoot: The Sensuous Master, Part 7

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Video: Leather Dogs

Check out Dirk Caber, Jake Morgan and Kristofer Weston in Leather Dogs:

Dirk Caber, Jake Morgan, Kristofer Weston

Here is a video preview:


See the complete video — and many more similar — at Fisting Central/Fetish Force

Title of the shoot shown here: Leather Dogs

Actors: Dirk Caber, Jake Morgan, Kristofer Weston

Key words: 3-Some, BDSM, Boots, CBT, Jerk-Off, Puppy Play

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