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Prisoner Chase LaChance gets tickled

Chase LaChance gets tickled

The prisoner Dr. Chase LaChance – formerly a celebrated reflexologist – is given a secret interrogation at the prison where he is housed for his crimes (including cannibalism and removing the tags from pillows). The prison’s new psychologist wants to make an example of Dr. LaChance, and so he is broadcasting this session throughout the prison so that the rest of the inmates know his weakness. As Dr. LaChance is tickled mercilessly in the interrogation room, his peals of laughter are heard echoing throughout the cellblocks all night long.

male bdm tickling

See the video at My Friends Feet

competitive endurance tickling

male bdsm hoods masks tickling

Prison stories by Joshua Ryan — and an important message about Yahoo Groups!

Hey there fellow prisoners, Joshua Ryan, aka Prison Process, is now posting his very extensive collection of male incarceration fiction to a new site, called Prison Fictions, located at https://prisonfictions.bdsmlr.com!

Joshua Ryan is author of The Convict, which has appeared with he author’s permission here on the Metalbond site.

prison stories by Joshua Ryan

IMPORTANT NOTE ABOUT YAHOO GROUPS: The Joshua Ryan stories — and countless others — were originally posted and shared in various Yahoo groups, the contents of which are being permanently deleted on December 14! Therefore if you are a member of any such groups please DOWNLOAD AND SAVE any stories, pictures, or other content — and do it NOW!