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A Left Turn at Albuquerque Continued – Part 04

By Hunter Perez

The rock quarry duties would last until mid-afternoon, at which point we would be brought back to our cells. Zeb would crash into a deep, tumult-free sleep, and I would be able to get some placid snoozing in – unlike the nights with Zeb’s snoring and thrashing keeping me up. One afternoon, shortly after we fell asleep, there was tapping at the cell door – it was Private Charleson, informing me that Holmgren wanted to see me in his office. I reluctantly got out of bed and walked out of the cell into the corridor, turning my back to Charleson and putting my hands behind my back. Charleson locked the cell and was about 15 paces down when he realized I was still standing at the cell door.

“What are you doing?” he asked as he walked back.

“I thought I was going to be handcuffed,” I said, still groggy from being awakened. “Whenever Sergeant Patterson would take me to see the lieutenant, he would always handcuff me.”

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Extreme male BDSM: 24 hours in an underground cell

Check out this newly resurfaced series of videos at SeriousMaleBondage:

24 hours in a cell

August 1, 2012, 3:38am – This is an infrared video image of our friend Bind (Recon) while spending time in our underground cement cell. He has been in the cell since 4pm yesterday (July 31). He will be there for a full 24 hours – per his request. The cell is approximately 34″ high 38″ wide and 60″ long and the access hatch is locked with four massive 1/2″ shank steel padlocks. He is chained to bolts which are anchored into the cement walls. He is wearing a steel collar and wrist and ankle shackles, all of which are connected by short chains to the anchoring points. He has enough slack in the chains to be able to sit up, drink water, and piss in a cup, however he is not able to fully stretch out for sleeping because the cell is only 5 feet in length. If he needs to take a dump he will have to do it on a paper towel and then dispose of it in a covered bucket he has with him. There is no light in the cell, so he is in total darkness regardless of the time of day. The walls of the cell are cold, but the air inside is humid and stuffy due to his breath, perspiration, and minimal air flow from outside. An infrared video camera and microphone allow us to monitor him from the comfort of our office. The cell is also rigged with a high-quality microphone which feeds a pair of desktop computer speakers so we can hear every nuance of Bind’s grunts and groans, urinating in a cup, rattling chains, swearing, guessing the time, incessant solo monolog, and mild snoring. The TV image you see in the photo shows Bind holding his water bottle. The quality of the image is not very sharp because the cell is being lit by infrared LED’s which are built into the camera. From Bind’s perspective he is in total darkness because his eyes are not capable of seeing with the infrared light source – so we can see him but he can’t see anything in the cell – he can’t even see his hand in front of his face. You can see some of the chains anchored to the wall in the background. We will release him from the cell around 4pm today (August 1). This is the real deal.

Videos of this entire scene are available on SeriousMaleBondage.com.

Can Dreams Come True? Part 2

By Shket36

With English-language editing by Joshua Ryan

To say that I was worried would be an understatement, but again Nikolai found words to calm me down.  Then, after I shaved my face and head, he told me to dress up in my prison clothes.  For the first time, I had to put on a convict uniform with a badge — a badge with my photograph and convict number, but not my first name or my last.  From then on I would be a number.  When I had buttoned myself into my uniform and put my badge in place, Nikolai turned me to face the wall and ordered me to present my hands so he could put the guard cuffs on me.  These bracelets have a rigid hinge that prevents the prisoner from twisting his hands to find a more comfortable position.

Once my restraints were attached, Nikolai took me by the left arm near the shoulder, led me to the official car for escorting detainees, and put me in a special compartment–simply put, a cage, where I had to ride with my hands securely cuffed for several hours.  We were headed to the train station.

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Forced to strip and shower

At StripSearchHell.com, judging by the state of blondie’s hole during the reception process, this crim needs a good scrub. It doesn’t matter how pretty his blue eyes are, a stinky hole is a stinky hole and this lad is quickly ushered in for a mandatory soaking. Naturally the water will be freezing cold and shooting from a power jet wash. They don’t want any dirt on his hairy asshole. Not when there is a prison full of sexually frustrated men just gagging for a fresh piece of ass to fuck.

Strip_Search_Hell_01 Strip_Search_Hell_02 Strip_Search_Hell_03

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