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Video: ‘What the fuck is this place?’

In a video, Mark Bind offers a preview of his bondage-themed feature length movie, “Appleville,” starring Jimmy USMC. Check this out:

You can see more of “Appleville” — as well as another movie featuring Jimmy USMC called “Jail Break In” — at Men In Chains


HINT: Jimmy USMC will also soon be featured at Serious Male Bondage


AND: Jimmy USMC (who is straight) also has a Tumblr page here

Stripped naked in front of prison guards and fellow inmates

You have to laugh. This man has been stripped in his cell and walked the entire length of the wing stark bollock naked. Whoops and catcalls inevitably followed him as all the other lags checked out his naked body, muscular arse and big swinging dick. This career criminal takes it totally in his stride. The prison officers took a chance, making this guy an example, and they have only partially succeeded. Less confident prisoners will recognise it as a threat – this could happen to them. Others have put the image in their wank bank and one thing’s for sure, he’s going to be a bit of a celebrity on the wing with lads lining up to get a first hand taste of his arse and cock…

See more at Strip Search Hell – new updates every Wednesday

Video: Solitary confinement project last 4 hours

Here’s a follow-up posting to that solitary confinement project video I posted a few days ago. In this video, you see the last FOUR HOURS of the guy’s voluntary stint. Metalbond reader Phil recommends fast-forwarding to the 1-hour-32-minute and the 2-hour-13-minute marks – “to see the hot correctional officers looking into his cell, smiling and waving at him while he’s locked up.” They also appear at the very end.