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Turned gay

It makes tough hetero punk Steve’s stomach churn to think of men perving over him. Well here he is fully naked strung up to the ceiling with each limb tied in place. His skin crawls as they slide hands over every surface getting their jollies off from his taut muscular body and his dangling nut sack. He gets a taste of what his life is going to be like from now on. He’s been reduced to a back alley slut covered in spunk, and men will line up around the block to bang his hot arse.

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Aaron is tied to a discipline bench

With his wrists and ankles lashed to a discipline bench, there’s nothing Aaron can do push back and Dave soon stops his filthy mouth by stuffing it with a ball gag. He’s as loose as a dirty back alley slut. Dave rams his fingers in there and wrenches open his hole until the captive is howling and his muscular thighs are trembling. His arse is beaten to the point where you can feel the heat radiating off from his reddened sore cheeks. Notice how Aaron is trembling not only from the strain and the agonizing pain, but from the absolute fury which raging through his body.

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Aaron gets tied up starkers

At BreederFuckers, Aaron’s most hated nightmare is here and it’s never going to end. He’s starkers and tied to the walls by every limb so he can barely move. That proud cock and balls are hanging out in the open for them to toy with or punish however they like. The deepest shame he could ever feel is to get off by the hands of other men and not be able to stop himself from enjoying it. He must bend his head down obediently to give oral unintentionally constricting his throat at the same time. This fucker will have cock breath for months after this

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A captive is tied up spread eagle

Kirk is stark naked and tied spread eagle, so his proud cock is full on show. His struggling only results in it flapping around for us to laugh at. All the sorry bastard can do is shout insults, so Adrian treats him to a heavy lashing that leaves his back and arse throbbing sore. Dave weighs Kirk’s cock and balls down with a weight, so all it takes is a little kick to make the bound man reel with pain. He’s now in a very delicate situation and knows any struggle on his part will result in excruciating pain.

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Tied to a filthy mattress in his white briefs

Jack was hoping to sell his motor for an inflated price but instead has been grabbed and stripped. Tied on his front to a filthy mattress, he is vulnerable to anal assault and he knows it.

Gagged to muffle his cries, he can do nothing as the tops grope and play with his sexy body. His tighty whities offer no protection from intrusive hands and tongues! Jack grunts his threats but they fall on deaf ears. His tight anus is spat on and licked with Jack feeling every degrading touch unable to stop it. Aaron is first to take his cherry, finger fucking the lad angrily and threatening him with his first anal cock pounding. That hairy brown starfish is lubed-up good and proper.

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