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A male bondage captive is given a shock of pain as he ejaculates

At BreederFuckers, Leo is stripped down to nothing but his tight white briefs, and his limbs are firmly tied in place. This raging firecracker has no way to defend himself other than spitting at his captors. What a disrespectful twat! He knows he’s in trouble, because when Dave gags him the fucker is trembling like a leaf, intensely aware that they will make him PAY for his insolence. His underwear gets shredded, leaving his dangling cock and pert arse exposed out in the open. There’s not a thing he can do to cover himself. His bare back and arse are given a firm lashing, making the twat jump about as he has no way of knowing where the biting thrash will come from next. At the same time Dave devilishly binds up his package and weighs it down. Those cock and balls are stretched to the point where he feels like they’ll snap. With the lash still coming down on his back Leo is horrifically overwhelmed. He can’t stand the pain and will do anything to make it stop. He’s desperate for a soothing touch, and the pleasure of having his sore dick stroked till he’s aching hard consumes his senses. As his dick is being skillfully manipulated Dave attaches pegs down his naked torso. Leo is in a state as he can’t resist the stimulation to his cock or prevent himself from blowing his load. At the second his semen flies Dave rips the pegs off, causing a viciously intense shock of pain. The bastard is in tears knowing they have made him cream himself, and he’s never going to forget the shame!

male bondage captive is given a shock of pain


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Bondage in 2020 Cell Without Bars – Part 11

By felon

Once again I was left alone in the apartment, no cell phone, and a bunch of work orders to process for my job in my e mail. So I put TV on and sat down to do some work. About 10:30 pm I received an e mail from the PO, checking on the status of my ankle device.

All seemed to be in working order on this end, and I was informed that I was confined to the apartment for the next four days. Instantly I reached for the bowl on my desk and realized my car keys had been removed from the bowl. However the car was parked out in the lot right where I had left it.

I went to bed about 11 pm, and I slept soundly. I was awake at 3 am when there were flashing yellow lights outside my window. With the painted glass, the best I could determine was a tow truck was near my parked car. Later I discover my car had been removed.

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Anton gets a bondage workout

At BreederFuckers, Anton arrives wanting to work out. But they are going to give this sexy fucker a harder workout then he ever imagined. He’s the type of shy straight bastard who refuses to strip in front of other men because he doesn’t want them perving over him. After he’s tied up, there’s no way he can stop them from groping his big dangly cock through his trackie bottoms. He’s a hard man that refuses to show emotion but if he doesn’t comply the punishment will be severe.

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A rugby player gets handcuffed

Tough hetero rugby man Thomas thinks he’s onto a good thing. He knows how much gays thirst after his perfectly toned muscular body and big cock. As he thinks he’s clever, he makes the decision to get queers to pay him lots of money for showing off his body. Now they are going to show him what it really means to be a whore for gays by making him a captive!

Rugby player in handcuffs

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rugby player in bondage

Male bondage: A prisoner gets tied up and then penetrated at both ends

Oliver looks sexiest when he’s bound and struggling. Clamped down to the discipline bench in nothing but his tight white briefs, this straight captive is enraged. This is an entirely different position from his high-powered office chair where he’s a figure to be feared and respected. Here Oliver’s only worth is as a bum whore and cocksucker. Adrian destroys his pants and takes gleeful pleasure in pushing into his tight precious arsehole to stretch him open. When a hard dick is thrust in his face this hetero’s instinct is to recoil, but after several hard lashes from Dave’s flogger Oliver will do anything to make the pain stop. He’s taught how to go down on a dick while retching and weeping in fury. Little does he know he’s exciting the dick that is about to fuck him! His cock sucking training is taken to the next level as he’s ordered to pleasure Dave’s dick while Adrian plows into his arse. Oliver is totally overwhelmed as he’s penetrated at both ends. Adrian shoots his load all over the bastard’s arse.

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