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Male bondage: A prisoner gets tied up and then penetrated at both ends

Oliver looks sexiest when he’s bound and struggling. Clamped down to the discipline bench in nothing but his tight white briefs, this straight captive is enraged. This is an entirely different position from his high-powered office chair where he’s a figure to be feared and respected. Here Oliver’s only worth is as a bum whore and cocksucker. Adrian destroys his pants and takes gleeful pleasure in pushing into his tight precious arsehole to stretch him open. When a hard dick is thrust in his face this hetero’s instinct is to recoil, but after several hard lashes from Dave’s flogger Oliver will do anything to make the pain stop. He’s taught how to go down on a dick while retching and weeping in fury. Little does he know he’s exciting the dick that is about to fuck him! His cock sucking training is taken to the next level as he’s ordered to pleasure Dave’s dick while Adrian plows into his arse. Oliver is totally overwhelmed as he’s penetrated at both ends. Adrian shoots his load all over the bastard’s arse.

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An athlete gets tied up

Straight athlete Alex used to feel proud putting on his football uniform, but now he’s deeply ashamed of it as they have fetishized him and strung him up so he looks like a real sporty slut! Look at those big powerful bare thighs waving in the air. His bum and bulge are also temptingly highlighted in his sheer white shorts, which show the lines of his jockstrap and the dark crevice of his arse! Adrian makes quick work destroying those shorts to fully expose and get access to his tight warm fuckhole.

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Male BDSM: A captive gets tied up and exposed

In this video at BreederFuckers, Oliver gets tied up in a position that shows of all his best assets, including that washboard stomach, fat cock and pristine arse! Adrian presents his bits for the camera while Dave takes pics and films Oliver’s naked body. The furious hetero can’t do anything to stop this relentless exposure! The only thing Oliver can do to hide his shame is angrily shake his head and turn away from the glaring camera lens. Most humiliating of all, he can’t control his dick from getting rock hard as his anus and g spot are stimulated with a buzzing vibrator shoved up his back door.

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A male captive is bound to the discipline bench for a live broadcast

Gareth is bound to the discipline bench in nothing but a tight jock strap that perfectly frames those furry round cheeks. What a fucking turn on! It deserves an audience, and Dave generously live broadcasts Gareth’s total humiliation in this sorry state. Adrian mercilessly lashes that beefy arse. He struggles desperately to escape this punishment and straining every muscle in his body. It causes him to flush red all over and great big globs of drool to run down his face. That sweaty arse blazes red with great big welts rising up on it. What turn on parting those cheeks to see his tight hetero arsehole totally exposed! Dave increases Gareth’s burning shame gobbing directly into his face. His whole body vibrates like a live fucking wire in his absolute fury!

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Captured by The Cavalry — Part 05

By Rubrpig

I struggled awake and tried to stretch but the bars of the dog cage I was locked in prevented it. I shook my head and slowly everything came back. Last night was a particularly brutal session with my officers. I spent the evening hanging from my wrists while they used paddles and canes over my entire body. I rubbed my hands down over my chest feeling the welts and wincing from the bruising caused by the paddles.

They finally dropped me to the floor and while I was lying on the floor struggling to catch my breath and work through the pain, Captain Edwards grabbed my right food and began caning the sole of my foot. I screamed into the gag while both officers laughed and enjoyed my pain. They told me to crawl into my cage and they locked the door and left me for the rest of the night. Fortunately, they left me a thin blanket so I was able to cover myself and gain some warmth.

After releasing me from the cage they told me to get out. I limped to the entrance area of Captain Edward’s rooms and quickly pulled on my jock then dressed in my battle dress. Finally I put on my boots but had to leave the right one loose as my foot was still swollen from the caning. I left and limped back to my barracks room. I got to the room just as my roommate Iain walked up as he had also spent the night with his officers.

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Tied up and poppered up

Hot young muscleboy Jonathan looks so sexy tied to a table in nothing but his jock strap! This straight captive is accustomed to being praised and desired by all. He furiously struggles, but Adrian is hell bent on turning this hetero into a gay whore. With a bottle of party juice held up to his nostrils, Jonathan can’t stop himself inhaling the fumes to become loose and horny.

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A businessman gets tied up and abused

Oliver is on his way to an important business meeting. He spends his days wheeling and dealing, working out at the gym and then partying hard by splashing his cash and screwing chicks. Straight men like this feel so confident and self-assured it’s like he owns the world and any little delay is a horrendous inconvenience. But Oliver’s secure little reality is destroyed in a moment when the men of BreederFuckers engineer his capture and drag him down into their lair. He gets cuffed to the ceiling.

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