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A businessman gets kidnapped into gay bondage slavery

It’s back to business this month and there are a whole slew of sexy city workers in their freshly tailored suits roaming the streets. Adrian spies the firm arse and promising bulge of a new hot corporate fucker and finagles his way into his office. Once he’s in the corridors this straight bastard is easy pickings! Back in their lair, Adrian and Dave revel in peeling off his suit and inhaling the rich scent of this city gent’s manly body.

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His arse is tight and puckered and about to be violated

James is stripped down with his legs spread in the air, and there’s nothing covering his tight virgin arsehole but a thin nearly transparent layer of white fabric. His hefty genitals are nicely bundled up in that pouch. He’s terrified as they hover around him, sliding hands under the fabric of those briefs and tearing them away so he’s fully exposed. That arse is so tight and puckered, and no matter how tightly he clenches his sphincter there’s no stopping them from sliding into him whenever they want.

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Athlete gets led around by his nips and shock-collared balls

Thomas has an incredibly fit body and a giant dick. And he’s very smug and proud about it! He comes for a modelling job because he expects to be idolized and adored, but Dave’s only desire is to turn him into a cocksucking whore and permanently ruin this horny bastard. He must stand in place to be pervily groped over the thin fabric of his rugby kit as Dave gets familiar with the terrain of this stupid athlete’s well-toned body. This fit fucker radiates heat like hot metal! He deserves to be led around like a dog, so Dave clamps a chain to his highly sensitive nipples. Now any light tug on that chain causes him intense pain and provokes him to instantly obey. He is thoroughly humbled being led around by his nipples. To further his malleability, an electric collar is attached around his great big balls and enormous donkey dick. With the press of a button this sexy prick gets zapped and he will do ANYTHING to make it stop. He will even get on his knees to orally service Dave and Adrian’s hard dicks with his sweet pink lips. Being a thick-skulled rugby bastard, his dick-sucking skills are poor. So he needs to be rigorously trained in how to orally service cock. Thomas receives detailed instruction in how to pleasure the head and swallow the shaft so his nose is buried in a man’s pubes. Any disobedience results in instant punishment! He’s totally overwhelmed as hard dicks are insistently shoved in his face and he desperately does everything he can to stimulate them. This is what every fit athlete should be reduced to: body exposed, on his knees and struggling with every muscle in his body to sexually serve men.

He is thoroughly humbled being led around by his nipples


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Paolo’s sexy pink fuckhole is totally exposed

At BreederFuckers, Paolo is restrained in nothing but a jock strap — and he’s secured in the most terrifyingly vulnerable position a straight man can be! On his back with his legs spread apart, his sexy pink fuckhole is totally exposed! Beneath his gag he hyperventilates, because every second he is in a panic knowing they can plunge their cocks into his precious arsehole. They can make money whoring this prime hetero fucker out! But the resistaned bastard refuses to play along, so they need to break down his resistance. Dave takes out his cane and lashes the soles of Paolo’s feet, causing him the most excruciating pain. While he’s still thrashing about and fighting with every fibre of his being against his restraints, Dave also whips his arse cheeks till they are striped red. He strains to clamp that arsehole shut, but he can’t stop them from inserting a speculum in his anus to prise it open. They can see straight up this fucker’s hole now.

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Tied up in full football kit

Paolo is kitted out in a full football kit and securely restrained so he can’t fend off persistent groping. Adrian tips the full weight of this man over his knees and gives that round meaty arse a harsh spanking. Randy footballers really deserve to be treated rough! They yank those silky shorts down and pull his round cheeks apart so his arsehole is fully exposed. His dick is sensitive, and he can’t prevent himself growing fully erect with some expert manipulation and discipline.

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No escape for Paolo once he’s ensnared in rigid-bar irons

Paolo aspires to model sports gear, but the men of BreederFuckers take advantage of this dimwit by pushing him further and further until he suddenly finds he’s trapped in his worst nightmare! Dave ensnares him, encouraging Paolo to show off more and clamps him into restraints. Now there’s no getting away from them! His protests fall on deaf ears, and they shut him up by stuffing a ball gag in his gob. His arms are locked in place like a slave, and they tie him down so that sporty arse is pointed up. Those curvaceous manly bum cheeks are a tempting sight, and they relish breaking that virgin hole open. Paolo is totally overwhelmed, and he realizes to his horror that there is NO ESCAPE!

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