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Killian gets breederfucked in handcuffs

Sprawled naked on the floor with his hands cuffed behind his back, Killian must wait to be sexually used and controlled. It’s now his profession to service any dick that’s presented in front of his face. But this fucker needs to be trained in how to make men’s cocks stiff. Adrian bullies the hetero issuing stern commands and pushing his head down until Killian properly deep throats. The surprising thing is that this servitude actually turns this straight whore on! He grows a shameful stiffy which Adrian and Dave mock as they plunge into his arsehole and ram their dicks down his throat. Even when he’s made to rim Dave while being fucked Killian’s prick is gushing with precum!

male bdsm handcuffs

Video at BreederFuckers

show me your cuffs

Video: Killian is tied up in predicament bondage

Here’s another one from BreederFuckers. In this update, athletic hetero Killian thrashes back and forth, desperate to rip out of his bondage to tear apart the man pervily groping his manly body. Video below.

male bdsm

Adrian destroys his kit so his sexy hairy arsehole is fully exposed. Sliding his hand under his jock pouch, Adrian discovers Killian’s dick is hardening. To keep it that way Adrian binds Killian’s cock and secures it to his cleats. Now the bastard can’t kick out without causing himself intense groin pain. Dave slaps him about and slides his fingers into his tight warm arse. All the while Killian’s cock is aching hard. The big manly bastard can’t control his body or sex drive. His face still glows with masculine defiance so Dave unleashes a fresh stream of stinking piss all over his proud mug. After all that fight this furious stud is reduced to a weeping fucked whore!

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Video: Gareth is tied up for hole abuse

At BreederFuckers, Gareth’s hot masculine body is totally on display as he’s strapped down like a wild stallion. Scroll down for a free video clip.

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Gareth’s arsehole is worked over to stretch it open and keep him in position to take cock after cock in a relentless gang bang. He feels the tip of a vibrator tickling his guts like how men’s dicks will soon be pounding against his prostate. Adrian manipulates the bastard’s dick until he’s got a red angry hard on and spills his sperm. He uses the hetero’s spunk to lube up his hole and fuck him hard because of course he has to sample the goods before whoring him out.

Here is a video preview:


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gay bondage

Video: Killian fights back

Meanwhile at BreederFuckers, proud, sporty man Killian is trapped in the most hellish position imaginable for a hetero! The bastard is strapped down to the discipline bench with his arse pointing in the air so they can freely grope and comment on his masculine body all they want. Scroll down for a free video preview.

male bdsm butt work

Killian grows increasingly enraged, fighting furiously against his shackles and swearing in his sexy Irish accent. They sniff and fondle the rubbery knot of his tempting pink hole and the fucker can’t do anything about it except buck against his straps like a wild beast. But they are not content just taking pervy thrills; they want him to beg for cock! Killian receives sadistic and relentless punishment until they break him. Not only does his arse go red from his beating, but his face and chest also flare red in his absolute rage! The filthy animal loses all bodily control and releases a stream of piss. With his arse already throbbing in pain, his further spanking is excruciating. Not only does the straight captive finally ask for cock, but he must watch them laughing in his face while they thrust their dicks up his virgin bumhole. Burning in shame, he takes loads over his freshly plowed arse and stricken face.

Here is a video preview:


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Video: A big lug gets tied up and has his hole wrecked

Scroll down for a video preview from BreederFuckers. In tis update, Gareth has never look sexier, with his legs bound akimbo. Seeing this hairy beast struggle and hearing him swear at Dave approaching him is such a turn on. Those tight white briefs barely conceal the big mound of his genitals or the tempting dark crevice of his arsehole.

male bondage

Gareth is reduced to an animal howling and growling at Dave’s pervy groping. This bad boy is disciplined with a leather strap walloping his arse till it turns crimson red. Dave riles him up more caning the tender soles of his feet, which causes a pain so excruciating every muscle in this big lug’s body fights to release himself. But the infuriated fucker must submit to his sphincter being aggressively stretched open to the point where it’s gaping purple red as if begging for a cock. Gareth moans in disgust as Dave slams repeatedly into him, fucking him hard while staring directly into this hetero’s eyes. He spunks all over Gareth’s excruciatingly sore arse and shames the bastard covering Gareth’s face in cum and spit

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Here is a video preview:


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fucked up the ass in gay bondage


The Bet – Chapter 03

By lthr_jock

I sit there, no sounds except my breath in the gas mask and the squeaking of the rubber suit. I can feel my sweat running down my skin and pooling inside it. My arms are cramping painfully and my damn cock is still erect in front of me. I move my head blindly, trying to work out what is happening. When Bob speaks, he is so close to me that I jump and I can hear my breathing become more rapid.

“Less than 8 hours in and you’ve got to do 2 extra days already. Reckon you’ll be missing work on Monday.” I feel his gloved hand on my cock, which twitches with arousal. “And the way this cock is standing here, I reckon you’ll lose another day soon. Unless we do something about it.” Bob pauses. “Would you like me to do that, slave? Would you like me to do something to slow you down? It will cost you another three hours.” I pause and think. Three extra hours or the risk of another day. I nod eagerly. “Good slave. Stand up.”

I struggle to my feet, my arms still trapped behind me. I feel Bob’s hands around my balls and he pulls them as far away from my body as he can. I whimper into the gag, as I feel other hands secure a thick rubber strap around them, stretching them down and away from my body. I then feel another rubber strap secured tightly around the root of my cock. “There, slave, that should stop you from cumming quite so easily.” As Bob speaks, he gently slaps my cockhead, making my cock wave in front of me. I know he’s right, but the straps will also ensure my cock remains erect.

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Video: Killian is tricked into bondage

Scroll down for a free video preview from BreederFuckers. In this update, Killian is lured down to Adrian and Dave’s lair with the promise of better paying work and is tricked into allowing himself to be blindfolded. From there it’s easy to tie his arms and chain his ankles with weighted cuffs so he’s helpless to stop himself being stripped down naked.

tricked into handcuffs

His accent is even sexier when he shouts a series of threats and homophobic insults at the men as they aggressively grope his genitals and taste his sweaty masculine body. He radiates an aggressive angry heat as his tight white pants are peeled down to reveal his uncut cock and weighty balls. The horny bastard can’t stop his excitable cock from naturally reacting to stimulation. Even while he aggressively tries to attack, his big hard-on bobs up and down. His arse cheeks are pried apart so his tight Irish hole can receive a big wet finger up it.

male bondage

Here is a preview video:


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Forced nudity and bondage for Mike at BreederFuckers

cnmn bondage

Here’s more from BreederFuckers. In this video they tested the mettle of hetero businessman Mike, who had never been sexually touched by a man before. Here he’s presented to a group of hungry pervs who greedily watch every second of his humiliation as his suit is removed a layer at a time leaving him standing before them stark bollock naked. At first he’s full of arrogant pride and bravado to cover his nervousness, but soon that’s stripped away, revealing his true feeling of panic. The former squaddie has a hard body and a cocky attitude with a shapely peach of an arse. As his rear is lashed with a leather strap his butt cheeks glow angry red and his eyes fill with tears. The crushing reality of his situation sinks in as he’s overcome being disciplined and sexually exploited in front of a lecherous male audience. He’s offered pennies to jerk off, but they surround him and press up against him. They greedily study his fit straight body as he desperately strokes his cock and spills a load. Mike blushes red all over with aching self-consciousness as realises how low he’s sunk.

male forced nudity and bondage

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forced naked and handcuffed