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The Tournament Affair – Part 11

Note: This is the second to last chapter.

By @reconkayar and @mmmph82

Part 11 – The Townhouse

Another hour has passed. The van is making city turns, and Denny deduces they are getting into town and probably close to the men’s house. Time has become completely fluid during this episode, and Denny realizes he’s got very little clue what time it might be. But as the loading doors open, Denny realizes there’s very little noise outside, and he surmises from the apparent lack of traffic that it’s the wee hours of the morning.

About 10 minutes pass. Denny and Ken hear the men unloading gear and cases while they lie hogtied, gagged, and muzzled on the bunk beside one another. Then they hear a side door of the van slide open. One of the men comes back and begins undoing the hogtie tether from Ken’s head, then Denny’s. It’s Ben, Denny can smell him.

He unties the men’s legs and helps them out of the bunk. “Let’s go, men.” He brings Ken to the side door first, then Denny. The van is right up at the curb, with Chad and Ari on either side of the path in, providing a screen to deflect curiosity from anyone who might be on the street at 2am.

Each of the captives gets seated in a guest chair after being ushered into the house, a brownstone six steps above ground level.

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Aaron is trained to service cock

At BreederFuckers, Aaron is tied to the fuck bench and is presented with a hard dick and showed exactly how to service that rod and work his tongue around a cockhead. While his eyes are screwed shut as he chows down, Dave punishes his arse and cock, restraining his dick and ramming his way into his sore sphincter. His hole is pounded and filled relentlessly. Aaron is ordered to never stop giving head and if he does there will be consequences! As soon as he can’t take any more his hole is filled with a real man’s meat. His burning sore bum is punished with a painful cane while Adrian simultaneously fucks him. A few more years of this continuous punishment and Aaron will naturally be begging to suck any cock presented to him.

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