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The Speed Trap – Part 09

By Rubrpig

After several weeks we had managed to sort things out and got our new family structure working for us. My Sir decided that his boy and mine would wear leather jocks and Wesco’s when he was around. My part-time boy was a little relieved considering my Sir was his father.

Sir usually spent the weekends with us and on his second weekend we sat down as a family and decided that it was time to sort out the living arrangements as we basically had taken over my part-time boy’s house. So after a lively discussion, we decided as a group to purchase a new house in this city and that my full-time boy and I would sell our current house and relocate. Since we both worked from home it would be no problem for us to coordinate this with our work. My part-time boy would continue to live separate for now until he felt ready to commit to the family full time. We all agreed as we all wanted him to be happy and since it was his father that was my Sir we knew he had the most to adjust too.

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Sebastian Keys brutally beats and fucks cock slave Damien Moreau


Damien Moreau awaits in the dungeons to welcome Sebastian Keys. Painful clover clamps pinch down his torso as Mr. Keys flogs away at his backside. Bent over against the pillar, Damien has his cock and hole inspected before taking Sebastian’s hard cock deep in his ass. The bound stud is then challenged with an intense, inverted suspension as he’s made to swallow his master’s hard cock. With his arms bound behind his back, Damien’s neck is tied down to a heavy rock to hold him in place. With crop in hand, Mr. Keys orders his captive to lick his boots before spreading his ass for a final fuck. After taking his master’s load all over his face, Damien cums all over Mr. Keys’ boot before licking up every drop.

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Slave Boy Initiation

A bound sex slave bites down on his bit gag as electricity surges through his hole, in this vintage shoot from Bound Gods. Christian Wilde puts Dakota Wolfe through his paces in Slave Boy Initiation:


Dakota Wolfe waits on all fours as Christian Wilde approaches with crop in hand. He beats the stud til his milky skin turns nice and red before shoving Dakota’s face in his crotch. After swallowing his master’s cock, the captive is bent over backward as Mr Wilde takes out his flogger. He flogs Dakota’s hard cock as it points straight to the sky before turning him over and flogging his backside. Electrodes attach down Dakota’s thighs as an electric butt plug slides into his hole. Finally, Dakota’s hole is stretched open for his master’s cock as Christian pounds his hole and rewards the prisoner with a face full of cum.

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Male BDSM porn: Christian Wilde breaks in Adam Ramzi

In this vintage shoot from Bound Gods, Adam Ramzi is a hot stud, and Christian Wilde is eager to break him in.


Adam is chained to the wall while Mr. Wilde feeds him his cock and beats on the stud’s hairy chest. With a raging hard cock, Adam’s balls are stretched to his limit followed by a hard flogging. Mr. Wilde is eager to fuck Adam’s ass and does so with Adam in a one-legged suspension, his ever-hard cock still swinging above the dungeon floor. In the dungeon bed Christian fucks a load out of the new sub and chokes him while he covers him with a load of his own.

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Draven Torres and Matt Stevens in a bondage fuck

Here’s a video from Daddy’s Bondage Boys. Looking to stick this pig with something other than his nightstick, Draven Torres enters Officer Matt Stevens. The cop is not in a position to do anything but squeal, so the assailant pounds away until his needs are satisfied in a huge cumshot.

Title of this video: Breaking and Entering: Part 5

Keywords: Restraints, tattoos, hairy, fucking, cum shot

Models in this shoot: Draven Torres, Matt Stevens

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