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Stud Squaw – Part 2

By Alex Ironrod

“God in heaven, Billy, what have I done to us,” the Lieutenant choked out. “I can feel things crawling all over me, and I’m erecting again.”

“Try to relax, Tom, “ came the grunting reply. “You need to keep your courage up as well as your cock. We have to bear it.”

He got only a sigh of despair and a groan of anguish from the head next to him, as Tom tried to move his body. Bright shuddered in turn; his back felt as though knives were cutting him, as the flies drank his slobber and the drying piss.

The soldiers lost track of time in the hot sun; men and women passed them by; some spat at them, one or two pushed them onto the thorns; the flying insects bit and crawled on their naked bodies. At last the group of Apaches returned, unpegged their ankles, untied their arms and pulled them off the cactus. Spaulding shouted in pain; the sergeant bit hard on the rawhide, as they were raised upright and allowed to stumble back to the chief’s tepee.

There they collapsed, shuddering, on the floor, with dirty fly-speckled chests and matted hair, and bleeding backs and butts. For a few moments, neither spoke as they tried to recover. Bright managed to undo the rawhide tightening in his mouth.

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Male BDSM porn: In the Shadows

This is a video from Titan: “In the Shadows” with Nick Prescott and Dirk Caber


Dirk Caber twitches as he sleeps, his hot bod at the mercy of Nick Prescott in his dream. With his wrists and ankles bound to a table, Dirk’s cock drips and throbs as his balls — squeezed in a stretcher — get bluer by the second. Dirk spits a flying wad that lands on Nick’s scruffy chin, the two soon kissing as Nick teases and edges his bud — squeezing his nipples, tonguing him, spitting in his mouth, exchanging pit licks. He licks down Dirk’s muscles, a strand of precum clinging to Nick’s beard before he opens wide to devour Dirk’s cock. He rubs Dirk’s hole, the two spitting at each other as they growl. Nick twists a big dildo up Dirk’s ass (“Want me to stretch your hole more?”), the bottom’s cock throbbing as he gets it deep. Nick then sits down on Dirk’s dick and rides, the two taking turns going up and down in a heated fuck. Nick fires off his load before Dirk begs for more: “Fuck me! Please fuck me!” Nick dildos him again, using his own cum as lube to stroke Dirk off at the same time—exclaiming “Yeah, pig!” as the grunting hunk releases.

itsd_scene03_Prescott_Caber_015 itsd_scene03_Prescott_Caber_001 itsd_scene03_Prescott_Caber_002 itsd_scene03_Prescott_Caber_004 itsd_scene03_Prescott_Caber_006 itsd_scene03_Prescott_Caber_010 itsd_scene03_Prescott_Caber_017

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Stripped naked and roped into a standing position

Alex isn’t ready for what’s coming, but the naked twink doesn’t have much choice. He’s been prepared, stripped naked and roped into a standing position, bent over with a bar above and a rope around his neck, his arse right there to be used and taken. Of course chav lad Sean is gonna make the most of it, fingering his hole, eating him out and stuffing big toys into his pucker. All of that is just prep for what the big-dicked dom really wants, which is to use the captive to get himself off.

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Video at Boynapped

Title of this video: His Well-Used Hole Is Wet – Part 1

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The Jacket – Part 3

By Rubrpig

My new life which began so dramatically has settled into somewhat of a routine. I still work my usual time during the day after which I head for my new gym. Sir had me switch to his gym so on occasion we can work out. This has happened several times now, usually on his days off from the store. After my workout, I am not allowed to shower at the gym but I must pack my suit and shoes into my gym bag and head to my loft. Once I get to my loft I strip, throw my sweaty gym gear into the wash, hang up my suit and quickly buff and polish my dress shoes. Once this is done, I flush myself out till the water running from my ass is clear. Only then am I allowed to have a shower.

Afterward, I put on my heavy leather collar and lock it, then check my phone for a text from Sir. If Sir texts that means I am to put on a pair of spandex shorts and head for his loft. I let myself in and strip off my shorts and wait in the living room. Here in his loft and when I am in my own loft, I am not allowed to use the furniture with the exception of my bed. The furniture is reserved for Sir’s use. I relax and wait for his return home.

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A Roman Master – Part 3

By Alex Ironrod


The Iceni warrior, Vertigen, came to with a groan and an aching head, slung, bound and gagged, across the saddle of the Roman cavalry Prefect Marcus, who was walking his tired horse in the early dawn, accompanied by his giant decurion Maximus. Both soldiers had been captured in battle and tortured by the Iceni tribesmen in a revolt against the Romans – and the Brits had been winning. Marcus noticed the movement in front of him, “Well, he’s awake at last, Maximus. You must have given him a bloody good clout back at the camp, as we’ve been riding for hours. Good morning, my lord, how the hell are you feeling? I bet you don’t remember us taking you from amongst your drunken troops, and making our escape last night. Now, we can rest for a few minutes. I think we’re sufficiently far away from any pursuers.”

The decurion swung down and pulled the prisoner to the ground. “Take his gag out, untie his feet, and give him a slug of this foul honey drink of theirs,” ordered the prefect, climbing off the large grey, “Fortunes have turned again, Vertigen, and you’re my prisoner, as you were a few months ago. Now that we’ve fucked and forced one another, you could say we’re even in our sex war, but, as a Master, I can’t forget my treatment at your camp.” “You Romans are so bloody high-and- mighty, invading our country, insulting my Queen and raping her daughter,” snarled the prince.

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Mr. Kristofer is hooded and fucked in a sling

At Iron Lockup. In this update, Sir begins to fuck Mr. Kristopher hard, slapping his balls as he goes. When Mr. Kristopher appears to be enjoying it too much Sir starts beating his balls with his nightstick, but that doesn’t stop the prisoner from blowing a massive load a moment later.

MetalbondNYC_Kristofer_Weston_01_full_01 MetalbondNYC_Kristofer_Weston_02_full_04

Of course a blown load doesn’t mean stop, especially in the cock-teasing department.

Video at Iron Lockup

NOTE: Iron Lockup is no longer being updated with new content, but all their old videos are still available.

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Pure Leather collection from TitanMen


If there is one thing TitanMen does best, its leather! Pure Leather is a collection of some of the very beast Leather scenes ever produced by TitanMen. Spanning a decade of hot, hardcore leather action and starring legendary Titan leathermen Joey Dino, Spencer Quest, Tony Buff, Dirk Jager, Alex Baressi, Diesel Washington, Tober Brandt, Rick Van Sant and more!

plth_scene03_007 plth_scene03_008

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