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Lobo gets restrained then fucked by machines

At Butt Machine Boys, Lobo gets chained up and has his meaty hole explored with fucking machines.

Lobo is a straight stud who is curious about butt toys. He sees the pages of ButtMachineBoys.com and he’s extremely interested in giving it a go. Lobo has a little trouble getting going with the dildo at first. Once tied up, strangely enough he totally screams for more with the machines. Lobo has to keep from cumming with the Fucksall. The Water Snake drills his hole with a large meaty dildo. He blows his amazing wad in no time.

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Vintage bondage porn: A skater punk gets what he deserves

Horny men teach a mouthy skater punk a lesson by using their cocks

Bound In Public

In this vintage shoot from Bound In Public, a belligerent skater punk, Kevin Case, is bound for everyone’s amusement after he tried getting away with returning a broken skateboard. While being made to suck huge throbbing cock, they attach clothespins all down Kevin’s chest and use the riding crop to smack each one off the poor captive’s ripped body.

Metalbond gay bondage

Unimpressed with his cock sucking, Sebastian makes Kevin eat ass while Spencer Reed gives him the fuck of his life. One last sweaty fuck on the counter brings everyone to the edge and they finish the stud off by blowing all their hot loads all over his face.

Bound In PublicBound In Public


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Video: A big lug gets tied up and has his hole wrecked

Scroll down for a video preview from BreederFuckers. In tis update, Gareth has never look sexier, with his legs bound akimbo. Seeing this hairy beast struggle and hearing him swear at Dave approaching him is such a turn on. Those tight white briefs barely conceal the big mound of his genitals or the tempting dark crevice of his arsehole.

male bondage

Gareth is reduced to an animal howling and growling at Dave’s pervy groping. This bad boy is disciplined with a leather strap walloping his arse till it turns crimson red. Dave riles him up more caning the tender soles of his feet, which causes a pain so excruciating every muscle in this big lug’s body fights to release himself. But the infuriated fucker must submit to his sphincter being aggressively stretched open to the point where it’s gaping purple red as if begging for a cock. Gareth moans in disgust as Dave slams repeatedly into him, fucking him hard while staring directly into this hetero’s eyes. He spunks all over Gareth’s excruciatingly sore arse and shames the bastard covering Gareth’s face in cum and spit

male bdsm

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My ‘Gay for Pay’ Best Friend’s Proposition

By SockgaggedJason

Sockgaggedjason gay bondageQuick description: Jake learns his childhood best friend, Kenneth, is now a “gay for pay” porn star. He receives a shocking invitation to co-star with the hot, straight friend for a raunchy fetish shoot. Themes: Anal sex, blowjobs, bondage, gags, BDSM, pig play, straight guys, smells, uniforms, sports hazing.

Note: The character Kenneth is based on a real person who resembles the porn star Christian Wilde, pictured in the story. All featured photos are only loose interpretations of moments in this fictional story.


Kenneth was in town and wanted to come over. He had something interesting to propose that he said, “trust me, you would love.”

He was my childhood best friend who wrestled in high school. We used to tie each other up. Well, mostly he did the tying. I had the biggest crush on him and loved little things like how he smelled. He knew I had a foot fetish and gagged me with his smelly socks whenever I was tied down.

Now we were both 22, and it had been years since we saw each other. He joined the Marines, deployed to Afghanistan, and relocated to San Diego. I recently finished college and lived in Sacramento.

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Video: Viktor Rom dominates Casey Everett in the dungeon

Venezuelan tough guy top Viktor Rom comes into the dungeon wielding Casey Everett like a muscleboy rag doll — bound, gagged and cuffed. Tossing Casey onto a pommel horse, Viktor tenderizes the tantalizing meat with a few spanks, slaps and a gob of spit into the face. Casey’s round perfect ass reddens and responds to the rough treatment, and Viktor gives a love bite nip on the right butt cheek.

Viktor Rom dominates Casey Everett

Taking off the gag, Viktor smears his hot juicy mouth across Casey’s, pushes him down to start the enviable task of sucking his big brown uncut meat. Casey nearly gags on the thick prod, but opens his throat, gets used to the hefty girth of the leather-clad muscleman. Dick expanding to its full rock-hard length, Viktor tweaks his nipple then fucks his cock into Casey’s throat.

male bdsm Viktor Rom dominates Casey Everett

When handsome Casey bends back over the horse, Viktor dives in to lick and gnaw his tight hair-rimmed hole. He rubs his stubbly beard across Casey’s ass crack to increase the sensation, then wets it with a juicy wad of spit. Or two. Or three. Casey’s hole is quivering and puckering for cock, and Viktor wants to tease it just a bit longer. He sucks the hole into his mouth, then stands to slap his cock around before plowing in.

gay fuck and suck Viktor Rom dominates Casey Everett

Casey can barely catch his breath as he’s pounded full of massive Latin cock. Viktor watches every stroke, loves seeing his huge meat squeezing into his bottom boy’s wide-open hole. Casey groans and holds onto the horse for dear life. Speeding up, Viktor stands while Casey backs into the hard fuck and swallows his meat with a slick ravenous ass. Casey turns to kiss his top stud, and they move onto the black leather sling.

Viktor Rom dominates Casey Everett male bondage

Bodies crashing in the smooth swing of the sling, Casey and Viktor pound their gonads with a frenzy. Casey holds the chains above his head to keep some equilibrium in the tough thrash of their wild, animal fuck. Viktor uses the sling to bring Casey’s hole crashing into his cock all the way to the bone, and Casey starts stroking his cock faster. Viktor holds his gorgeous bottom’s ribs and plows straight in, but has to pull out as his cock starts pumping out shot after shot of hot sticky cream. Casey eats every drop as his well-fucked hole keeps throbbing with need and satisfaction.

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Title of this shoot: SNIFF: BOUND TO SATISFY

male bdsm Viktor Rom dominates Casey Everett


Video: Daddy Kevin orders more bondage action for his two captives

Once young Joseph’s ass is bright red from the whip, Daddy Kevin orders Hunter to fuck him. Poor Joe moans as he’s fucked. Then his friend pulls out and cums on his face. Scroll down for another video preview from the men of Dream Boy Bondage.

Daddy Kevin orders more bondage action for his two captives

Hunter barely needs any prodding anymore. He beats his buddy’s firm, round ass with a leather spanker then with his open hand as Daddy Kevin leans back in his chair, working his hard cock, enjoying every moment. “Now fuck him!” Kevin demands, handing Hunter a bottle of lube. Hunter pauses only briefly and then, to Joseph’s horror, gets his dick hard and shoves it in. The helpless prisoner moans in agony as his tight, young ass is fucked long and hard. “I’m going to cum!” Hunter announces. “Cum on his face!” Kevin orders. Hunter pulls out his engorged cock and moves to Joseph’s head. A minute later the young stud’s face is coated with jizz. He is now officially a fuck-slave, a piece of meat to be used and abused.

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tied with his ass exposed

Leo and Tomas get into some raw and raunchy bondage sex

Meanwhile at Str8Hell, the handsome, studly Leo Lombar is relaxing on his bed, enjoying music as he is on his computer. The door opens softly as a hooded Tomas Fuk peeps in. He enters the room and overcomes Leo so that he can shackle and gag him. Naked and shackled, Leo is at the mercy of Tomas, who enjoys feeling all over the sexy body. Leo’s dick is rock hard as the hands explore his hot body. Tomas rips off his hood and begins to kiss and lick that hottest of bodies. Leo writhes against his shackles but his stiff cock reveals what he is really feeling. He enjoys a tongue on his nipples and then the feel of Tomas’ mouth on his fat cock. Tomas smacks the huge thighs and sucks on that throbbing cock. Then he licks the balls and the shaft too. He sucks on the heavy balls and on that big cock. Then he uses a vibrating massage on Leo’s rock hard dick. He moves Leo, bending him over the bed to give access to his hot ass. Tomas kisses the ass and starts to finger the tight hole. He spanks and bites the ass too. Lubing the hole he shoves a vibrator into it and starts to fuck . Leo takes that toy into his hot ass. Then, when is it loosened enough he feels Tomas’ cock fuck deep into his ass. Tomas fucks that hot ass hard and fast, turning Leo over, onto his back. Leo takes hold of his own dick and wanks it fast as he enjoys the dick slamming his ass. Tomas continues his fucking as Leo wanks himself. He keeps going until Leo shoots the creamy cum from his cock. Then Tomas pulls out and wanks himself to unload his cream onto Leo’s hot hole. Then his pushes that cock back into the tight hole using the cum as lube.

raw muscle bondage sex

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muscle bodnage hostage

male bondage

The Ass Master and CJ

Here is another vintage male BDSM shoot from the men of Butt Machine Boys

Butt Machine Boys

The twisted Ass Master is at it again. He can’t stay away too long because his appetite for hot young studs is insatiable. The helpless victim is sexy slim CJ with a huge cock and a hungry hole. The Ass Master makes him strip naked and warms his cock and hole with toys. For his freedom, CJ has to get fucked by a series of machines. He starts with the Scorpion in the standing position. He bends over and gets it doggy style with the Predator. The Ass Master has CJ on his back and fills all of his orifices with dildos via the Snake machine. As the Snake pounds on his juicy hole, CJ shoots his load all over the place.

Butt Machine BoysButt Machine Boys

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Tyler Saint male bondage