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The Fetish Factory

Mike Panic and Mason Lear

Meanwhile at Fisting Central, Mike Panic locks eyes with hunky Mason Lear from inside his cage, and when Mason gives his crotch a tug Mike knows it’s time to pounce. He steps out of the cage and gets on his knees to service the young stud’s thick curved cock before he bends him over to tongue fuck his hairy asshole. Mason loves every flick from Mike’s probing tongue but wants to take it to a whole new level when he reveals a table full of rope and toys. Mike is excited to play along with Mason’s fantasies and lets Mason tie him up and suspend him from the ceiling. With no control over what Mason might do next, Mike submits to Mason’s domination as he gets every inch of his body teased, tapped and tickled. As Mike’s boner grows, Mason lowers him to the floor to reposition him for a proper fucking. Mason slides his throbbing cock deep into Mike’s open hole and pounds away until he’s ready to blow. Mike deserves a reward for all of his submission, so Mason finally lets him down to take everything he has to offer. With a few final strokes to his swollen cock, Mason slathers Mike’s beard and mouth with cum.

Mike Panic locks eyes with hunky Mason Lear from inside his cage

Models in this shoot: Mike Panic, Mason Lear

Key words: Anal, Big Dick, Jock Straps, Oral, Restraints, Rimming

Title of this shoot: The Fetish Factory

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gay bondage and fisting

Muscle stud Mitch Vaughn gets tied up and used in a public bar

gay bondage


Out in the suburbs, a couple of hours from San Francisco, Jeremy Stevens and the Bound In Public crew take Mitch Vaughn to a bar to be used by the hot locals. They’re not used to seeing a show like this and are eager to get in on the action as Mitch gets dragged from stud to stud. It’s not long before hard cocks get whipped out and jammed down Mitch’s willing throat. He goes from cock to cock as the crowd gets more and more hot for the action. Tied up on the bar, Mitch is flogged hard and the unassuming locals are shocked at what the stud can take. With Mitch bound to a dolly they roll him from cock to cock, letting each one slide up his ass, and making sure his ass gets fucked in front of the most shy party-goers. Mitch begs for loads as the crowd cheers him on, and he gets a face full of cum.

gay bondage

 gay bondage 14


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Go-go dancer gets tied up on top of a motorcycle and used sexually

Jeremy Stevens, Everett Jagger, Sebastian Keys, John Jammen, Branden Forrest, Scratch, Cole Streets

The “Feisty Slut” Everett Jagger is go-go dancing for a crowd of horny men. The men tip Everett then start taking his clothes off and sucking his massive cock. Everett is made to suck cock while being shocked by the zapper. The crowd holds Everett down while he’s flogged from back to front. Everett is placed on top of a motorcycle with clamps down his sides as the men line up to destroy his ass. Surrounded by hard dicks, Everett has everyone’s hot load blown all over his face. Everett finishes off blowing his own cum on Jeremy Steven’s foot, and licks up every last drop.

Models in this shoot: Jeremy Stevens, Everett Jagger, Sebastian Keys, John Jammen, Branden Forrest, Scratch, Cole Streets

 Jeremy Stevens, Everett Jagger, Sebastian Keys, John Jammen, Branden Forrest, Scratch, Cole StreetsJeremy Stevens, Everett Jagger, Sebastian Keys, John Jammen, Branden Forrest, Scratch, Cole Streets

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Jed Athens gets bound, beaten and electrified


Adam Herst has another captive in his lair, and this time it’s muscle bound stud Jed Athens. Blindfolded and fully bound, Jed is stripped down. Adam teases the man’s cock through his boxers and clamps his teeth down on his hard-on. He makes the new slave suck his cock and delivers a hard flogging with Jed tied to the ceiling. Anxious to get at the hot stud’s hole, Adam fucks him where he stands before administering an electro challenge.

36449_6 36449_7

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Jackson Fillmore gay bondage

Milking Day – Part 3

By Cutieboy90

It’s been three weeks since the last milking day, when my boyfriend Mark sabotaged my chance for release. Three weeks, and just one more to go before I could try to reverse the roles, and lock him up for a while. To date my dick has been locked in a steel cage for eight weeks, and I really miss stroking it.

Mark had been having some difficult weeks at work. Layoffs meant there were fewer people to do the same amount of work, but the work still had to be done. Mark’s had longer days, and he was so tired when he got home. Too tired to go to the gym, too tired to eat, too tired to even jerk off! I was worried about him.

One late afternoon, Mark pulled his car into the garage. I heard the door close, and waited for him to come in. I’d been preparing dinner, and was surprised he was home so early. Even though he had gone to work so early, it hadn’t made any difference as he still came home so late. Today was odd, that he was home early. And he was taking his time coming inside. Huh, how strange, I thought as I washed my hands. Better go check on him.

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Screaming at the top of his lungs, Leon Fox pushes through three grueling challenges before blowing his load everywhere

Here’ a look back at one of the hottest shoots from 30 Minutes of Torment:


The Wall – Chained to the wall, Leon Fox begins his first challenge as he’s warmed up with punches to his torso. Van viciously flogs the bound stud till he screams at the top of his lungs. – The Pit – After enduring his first challenge, Leon stands in the pit as he’s beaten with the crop and his chest covered with clothespins. Weights are added to Leon’s balls as the clothespins are ripped from his flesh, moving him on to his final challenge. – The Gimp Room – Locked in the stockade, Leon’s bare ass is beaten with the crop before Van let’s loose the gimp. Leon endures a ferocious fuck while tormented with electricity until he finally blows his load and receives the gimp’s cum all over his face.

35311_7 35311_14 z_35311_3

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Deep Woods Domination: Chapter 2

Tristan Jaxx gay bondage

In the second chapter of Deep Woods Domination — a three-part series at Bound Gods — Tristan Jaxx is on a camping trip with Jackson Fillmore. During a brisk walk they discuss the recent disappearances of hikers from the nearby woods. But it’s only a fleeting thought, because Tristan actually has his eye on Jackson’s smooth, fuckable ass.

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Jackson Fillmore gay bondage