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Austin Wolf handcuffs Alex Mecum and fucks him

Handcuffs alert! In a brand new shoot from Hot House, called “The Fixer,” two of the hottest men on the planet whip out a pair of cuffs for some hot steamy sex.

Alex Mecum (who plays Derek) pulls out a pair of handcuffs that he gets Austin Wolf (who plays Alex) to use on him. Austin then bends Alex over the bed and rams his thick cock deep into him as they both groan from the sheer pleasure of it all. Alex pumps away, slamming Alex’s fuck hole with one foot on his head and the other on the floor. “Use me!” Alex screams as Austin continues the relentless reaming. Alex senses that Derek is ready to blow and they both lie back on the bed to shoot their loads all over themselves. Out of breath and fully satisfied, Alex reluctantly leaves his hot and happy lover at the motel with a kiss and a promise to do the same thing next week. Alex agrees, but not everything is as innocent as it seems. Alex passes off a video of their encounter to a dubious character after Austin leaves.

Models in this shoot: Austin Wolf, Alex Mecum

Categories: Anal Sex, Big Cock, Hairy, Muscle Men, Oral Sex, Rimming, Bondage

Title of this shoot: “The Fixer”

Free video preview available HERE

Video: Officer Matt Stevens fucks Draven Torres in bondage

See below for a free video preview from Daddy’s Bondage Boys

It’s perp fuckin’ time! Cop Matt Stevens shows Draven Torres just how hard justice can be, and rams it home time and time again. Matt finishes himself off all over Draven’s face, and then leaves him there for future “correction.”

Here is a video clip:


Title of this shoot: Breaking and Entering: Part 11

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Video: Casey Everett and Seth Santoro explore BDSM

Here is a free preview video from DominicPacifico.com:


Casey Everett is left hanging as Daddy Seth Santoro’s play toy. Begging for more, Casey moans for daddy to come spank him and get him off. Edging him aggressively, Seth taunts Casey then adds clothespins to his ballsack. Exhausted and hungry for raw cock, Casey is taken down and used by his muscle daddy. Barebacking him hard and deep, Seth pounds Casey over and over till he busts his hot load all over him.

Title of this shoot: Casey Gets What He Deserves

Keywords: muscle daddy, bareback, pegs, restraints, ball gag, tattoos, leather, beard, hairy, spanking, jockstrap, sucking, clothepins, BBT, fucking, cum shot

Models in this shoot: Seth Santoro, Casey Everett

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Video: Brian Bonds and Odin Strokes get into bondage and leathersex

Check out this free video preview featuring Brian Bonds and Odin Strokes at DominicPacifico.com:


Brian Bonds shows Odin Strokes the true meaning of “Fuck Toy” as he whips, spanks, sucks and fucks his way to Odin’s total domination. Master Bonds enjoys every inch of Odin’s uncut cock and tight hole. It’s not all punishment for Odin when Master Bonds lets him bareback his hole while on his throne (fuck swing). Odin works up more than a sweat when he breeds his master’s hole.


More of this shoot here

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Lobo gets restrained and then fucked with machines

At Butt Machine Boys, Lobo gets chained up and has his meaty hole explored with fucking machines.


Lobo is a straight stud who is curious about butt toys. He sees the pages of ButtMachineBoys.com and he’s extremely interested in giving it a go. Lobo has a little trouble getting going with the dildo at first. Once tied up, strangely enough he totally screams for more with the machines. Lobo has to keep from cumming with the Fucksall. The Water Snake drills his hole with a large meaty dildo. He blows his amazing wad in no time.



Model in this shoot: Lobo

Title of this shoot: Straight Stud Lobo

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The Cabin Prequel – The Best Friend’s Son – Part One

Tatum takes advantages of his best friend’s son in ‘The Cabin Prequel’ at Bound Gods

KinkMen is proud to present this week, the prequel to the The Cabin. In this dark tale, Tatum finds out that his best friend and business partner Morgan is unable to make it to the cabin for their usual weekend romantic rendezvous because Morgan is busy with his wife. Instead, Morgan’s son Kip will be there with some hippy friends. Fantasizing about Kip, Tatum rushes off to the cabin and can’t help but creep on Kip as he’s taking a shower. Tatum soon finds out little Kip is all grown up and has a very dark side.

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Lee is tied to the fuck bench

Here’s another shoot from BreederFuckers. Lee is a big strong scary fucker, so it’s necessary for him to be totally restrained at all times like a wild animal. His naked body bucks and his muscles strain against his restraints, but there’s no escape for this straight man. They stroke his massive dick and fiddle with his hot arsehole all they want. Clutching that big shaft of his, they give his bum cheeks continuous smacks until they grow red. Then they take out a dildo.

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