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About the prison library


For best results, it is highly recommended that you be locked in something, like handcuffs or leg irons or a chastity cage, while reading stories in the Prison Library — or have someone else locked in.

And if you are thinking of someday getting out of prison, forget it. You won’t find any law books in the Prison Library to help you with your appeal, or to get your sentence reduced. Instead, the stories are here to draw you in deeper, to keep you captivated. Remember always the official motto of Metalbond:

“Once you hear the click of the padlock, you’re done for. Good luck getting out on your own. It might be a while.”



STORIES BY DATE lists all the story postings in order of when they were posted, starting with the most recent.

STORIES BY TITLE lists the all the stories ever posted (literally hundreds of them!) in alphabetical order.

STORIES BY AUTHOR lists all the authors with two or more stories. By clicking on an author name, you’ll see a list of that guy’s stories. (Note that many of the one-time-only authors are listed under Featured Authors, and others with no byline are listed under “unknown.”



For those of you prisoners who are accessing this site via a mobile device, you can get to ALL of this content by clicking on the “hamburger” icon in the top right, and everything will open up for you. So, you can use the Metalbond Prison Library as your very own personal bondage porn kindle — and it’s all accessible to you for free!



If you would like to submit a story for posting to the Prison Library, please do! Here are some guidelines:

First, it is very important that you give your story a title, and put your author name on it.

A word document as an email attachment is preferred, or you can send the story in the body of your email. Again, it is very important that whether you are sending in your first or your 100th story, don’t forget to put your author name on it!

Try to proofread your story for spelling, punctuation and grammar as much as possible.

Some no-no’s: No kids — no references to anyone under-age. No women, not even as ancillary characters — this site is all about the men. And no scat — I don’t do that on this site.

Keep in mind that this is a bondage site, so your story should have some element of physical restraint in it. Someone should get tied up, or locked up, or put in chastity, or controlled in some way.



In most cases, the stories in the Prison Library were written by regular visitors to this site and sent to me via email. Many other stories are from my vast personal collection of stories that I have collected over the years from various other websites. In every case where a story sourced from the internet is posted here, I have made a genuine attempt to locate the original author.

If you happen to find an unattributed story in the prison library that you are the author of, or if you know who the author is, please get in touch with me. If you own the copyright to something and you want it removed from this site, send me an email and I will remove it immediately — or I will give you proper author credit, whichever you prefer. This applies to all the pictures as well.




Special appreciation to all the authors who have sent stories for posting in the prison library!

A very special appreciation for site design goes to web developer tallglassofoj.



6 thoughts on “About the prison library”

  1. You were right, I starting to read while locked in my chastity cage and it made the experience better, and sadly a bit shorter, as I could not read any further… the cage was working overtime.

  2. Du har ret, jeg blev lænket fast i et lille stålbur 70 X 70 cm, hvor hænderne blev låst fast til tremmerne i siden og halsen blev låst fast til loftet i buret så jeg kikkede ned på teksten der lå i bunden af buret og anklerne blev låst fast til mit lår så jeg lå sammenpresset i buret, og så fik jeg lov til at høre teksten, fordi min skrappe frue har indtalt historien på et lydbånd, så jeg lå med ørepropper og hørte historien, og jeg kom først fri af buret da historien var slut.

  3. It would be really hot to have MP3 audio files of some of the stories. Any of the authors like to read their own stories. or have a friend read them, and post the MP3 version as well.

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