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Ice locks for bondage play

I am VERY excited about the ICE LOCKS from Mr S. In fact, I have two in my freezer at this very moment!


The concept is simple yet effective: There is a cylinder that you fill with water, then freeze in the freezer. You then use padlocks to secure yourself or another guy, and the captive has to wait for the ice to melt before the ice lock opens and he gets out. If anyone has any ideas or suggestions for using these, please let me know.

image002 image003

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gay bondage sling

The man who put the S in Mr S

This is great timing for pride month! The GLBT Historical Society Museum in San Francisco is presenting an exhibition on the life and legacy of Alan Selby, the founder of Mr S. “The Mayor Of Folsom Street: The Life And Legacy Of Alan Selby,” on display through the end of September, recounts Selby’s story, putting it into context as part of the story of San Francisco’s SoMa neighborhood and the overall leather/BDSM culture.

Race Bannon has published an article about Alan Selby for the Bay Area Reporter (click the image directly below to read):

articles by Race Bannon


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More information on the GLBT Historical Society Museum’s exhibit here

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Metalbond gay bondage

Leather bondage: Vector Ultra-Padded Straitjacket

For the bondage man who can never have too much gear, check out the new Vector Ultra-Padded Straitjacket, available from Mr S:

According to Mr S, features include full body padding in the front and back; a more fitted body so prisoner will LOOK amazing in it; more comfortable cockstraps; velcro closure at the back; numerous D-rings along the sides; an “arms-down” option; and six belts.

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