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The man who put the S in Mr S

This is great timing for pride month! The GLBT Historical Society Museum in San Francisco is presenting an exhibition on the life and legacy of Alan Selby, the founder of Mr S. “The Mayor Of Folsom Street: The Life And Legacy Of Alan Selby,” on display through the end of September, recounts Selby’s story, putting it into context as part of the story of San Francisco’s SoMa neighborhood and the overall leather/BDSM culture.

Race Bannon has published an article about Alan Selby for the Bay Area Reporter (click the image directly below to read):

articles by Race Bannon


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Metalbond gay bondage

Metalbond Q&A: Thunder

In an interview, “Thunder” — author of the stories James and Every Dog Has His Day in the Metalbond Prison Library — discusses his most recent experiences involving serious, long-term dog training, his being turned into a “cuckdog,” the time he spends on two legs vs. four, and much more. See below.


OK Thunder, your most recent story, James, has been very popular with readers of this site. Can you give us an update?

Now that I have retired, Alan has requested that I wrap up the story of my training so I can spend some extended time without having “the burden” of bipedal-ness or the “additional trouble” of having to make decisions about things like clothes, food, and social activities. I therefore can’t promise more of the story — but in an effort to help, Alan suggested an online interview to update readers and help wrap things up.


Can you tell readers what percent of the story “James” is true and what percent is fantasy?

All of the basics about training are considered true as well as the stories of how I was trained and what my life is like now. The reality is that I did not accept the training as well as I portrayed, and there was a lot of back and forth about why Alan would want this and a deep wonder if I had failed him as a human husband. We did get through everything, and it all became easier once I started accepting that my life was going to be different and, if I wanted to stay with Alan and stay in our home, I would have to make a change. I have never regretted making a change, except when I want a pizza and am in a kennel.


Can you tell us more about Todd the trainer?

Sir Todd is the sexiest police officer I can ever imagine. In hindsight, I had no idea he was as kinky as he was and really had no idea that he and Alan had been sexual partners since they met sophomore year at Georgia Tech. He’s in his mid 50s now, but he still has a flat belly with at least 4 abs, beautiful blond and gray sweeping hair.

He is a kind man, but VERY direct when he wants to be and is one of the best trainers I have ever been around. He still owns Cody, who maintains his role as dog almost 24/7, but now owns two additional slaves who take care of Cody and me when he and Alan travel. Both of the slaves are fellow Atlanta police officers, and one is leaning toward a life on fours with us when he retires in two years.


The term “cuckdog” is something that you included, and that has gotten many readers excited. Had you and Alan discussed gay cuckolding at all prior to the dog transformation, or was that a natural extension of James’ transformation?

It was a natural extension, I think. In fact, before he transformed me, none of our friends had ever seen me naked, which makes me laugh since now they chuckle when they see me in clothes. The reality of this is that cuckolding was just another way Alan and Todd choose to remind me of my place. And, as a dog, I have zero say in it. If I remember correctly, the first night of my cuck status I was being punished for something and Alan decided that watching him get fucked was going be that. We all liked it more than we expected, and it continues today, even though I am usually caged with Cody when it’s happening.


This story has touched so many readers, most of whom want to read MORE MORE MORE from you! Can you continue the story? What about your previous story, Every Dog Has His Day, which I am thinking is more fantasy. Can you write more of that story?

If Alan allows I can certainly write more and will, but I would hope readers would leave some of what they want to know. As for the first story, Every Dog, it is about 50/50 fantasy, as we know a Master who does have a father-and-son pairing as pets (late 50s and mid 30s). I do not know how they really came to both be enslaved, and the Dad still has his dental practice four days a week but does come back to the farm each night. In this case the Dad is all dog, but the son, who is BEAUTIFUL and did quit his job as a reporter for an Atlanta TV station, spends a great deal of time as a pony pulling carts and working on the farm each day.


There are many guys who are into puppy play and even “puppies and handlers” parties at events like MAL, but this is serious dog training, which is something much more intense. Is there an underground community for guys into this sort of training?

Well, I don’t know about any underground groups, but just as we and our friends have come together I would suspect that there are lots of others. As for puppy play vs. dog training, I see this as ENTIRELY a different thing. With no disrespect for the puppies, I am really a slave who moves on fours more so than just assuming a role. Will some of the puppies be like me? Maybe, but I doubt many are ready or committed to do what we did. Remember, we were older and had an income where I could pull back and we could invest in gear and the like.


Speaking of gear, can you tell more about the actual physical restraints, hoods, plugs, devices, etc., that you use for this type of play and where to purchase such gear?

Mr. S. Leather is our go-to place for everything we have not had custom made. I am often in shackles or at least locked cuffs and usually in a custom version of their Asylum Hood. I am a human dog, so a human hood is where I live, not a puppy mask. All of our chastity gear is custom made by Steelwerks Extreme, and most of the leather or latex has been custom made.

It should be said, Alan has made a lot of modifications to our house through the years, like wide floor-level showers with push-on and -off taps, a fenced area that runs the length of the side of our house with a custom dog door for me under the window (it’s covered with art when not in use) and various points of restraint hidden in invisible outlets all over the house.


What is the longest time period that you know of (either yourself or someone you might know) in which a human has been in dog mode without a break? Has it been days? Weeks?

For me, it’s been about three weeks continuous, BUT there are always times I walk on two legs, like going up and down stairs and to shower, but I did not go back into human mode (clothes on or leaving the house) for those three weeks. For Cody, it has been years since he’s had a human day where he made decisions, purchases, etc., but he’s also had time on twos for the same reason. It’s funny, we were together recently and he was rewarded with a bottle of Diet Dr. Pepper, and I had to laugh at the thought he actually had to take in order to open the bottle. He’s that conditioned. I am a bit jealous.


So it is possible for a human dog to be kept in “dog mode” even while being on two legs. Is that perhaps a bit like hypnosis?

I am still in dog mode even when on two legs, unless at work or somewhere I HAVE to be human (banking, doctors appointments, etc). When Alan and I go to a dinner or to shop, I have an invisible leash attached and know exactly how to follow him, etc. He loves this. But my mind thinks “PROTECT” at all times, so I am constantly aware.


How does Alan feel (good or bad) about your being a dog? Does he miss the human you?

I think Alan wishes he had made me a dog years earlier. When he misses the human me or when that side is needed, such as during the deaths of our parents, the collar comes off and we act as “typical” as possible, though I am less likely to start conversations and am prone to chase cars in parking lots.


What is something that readers might be surprised to know about you?

As if the executive dog thing is not enough? Let’s see, I think people who meet me/us are often shocked how normal we are, especially in human mode, and that we are very fit, quite attractive and have chosen a lifestyle FOR US first and foremost.

Alan and I have both been featured in magazines in our lives for our professions and looks.


Any chance we might see pictures at some point?

There is a chance, but it would be a vanilla picture with no hint of anything kink. Those pics are honestly just not done, as we have too much to lose should there be a leak, etc.


Do you have anything you would like to add?

If readers have direct questions that I can respond to, I am sure Alan will let me respond in kind.

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The Dream

By hard slave

“Lock him up! Lock him up! Lock him up!” the whole room chanted. I was so mesmerized by the sounds of the masculine voices shouting as one, that when the two brutish bouncers grabbed each of my arms I cried out in surprise. They frog-marched me up to the stage and quickly locked restraints on my wrists, which in turn were attached to the arms of a large cross, forcing my arms as far apart as they could go. The lights were bright, but I could make out the crowd of men, dressed in tight jeans or leather, many shirtless or in harness, hooting and whistling while looking at ME. Holy shit.

My two escorts took off my belt and undid my jeans, pulling them down to my ankles sharply. Down came my white briefs, allowing my semi-hard cock to bounce upward. Of course this led to louder, more urgent cheers of “Lock him up!” A third man joined us on stage, and with a wicked, sadistic smile, he applied an ice pack to my erection. It took about a minute, but once my boner subsided he grabbed me by the balls and slipped on the ring of a Holy Trainer chastity device. The crowd collectively crowed as they observed me being locked into the device before their eyes.

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10 Days in Detention – Part 25

By socalbd

It wasn’t all that late in the evening when I was taken from John’s place by van to Dan’s seemingly remote camp. I’m guessing it was only about 10 PM when I was placed in the sludge pit. He instructed the guards that took me to make sure I was here until dawn and make the experience effective. Dawn was over 8 hours away.

The sludge was slimy, gritty, dirty and smelly. It had splashed onto my arms and face from the water bucket toss and had dried cake like on me. Any time I moved the upper arms or my head I could feel the tug between the dried sludge and my skin. Below the sludge line my entire body and every orifice felt like the slimy concoction had made its way in. If I wriggled, and I did that a lot, it just made it worse. I couldn’t help but move. My jaw line was resting on the top of the sludge.

Every now and again I slightly lifted myself up a few inches which created a small wave of motion so when I dropped back down again there was a ripple effect that would almost cascade towards me and possibly into my mouth if I wasn’t careful. I hesitated to attempt any sleep as I thought nodding off would have my head tilt forward and the sludge would make its way into the mouth. Keeping me so low to the sludge surface made sure I was going to have to stay awake, spend physical energy and endure this setup.

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Milking Day – Part 4

By Cutieboy90

(To start at Part 1 of Milking Day, click here)

Cutieboy90I stared at the wall, like I had for the past hour or so. No, not by my own choice. I was strapped in this position, my ankles spread with a bar, and my arms behind me. A thick leather muzzle kept me quiet, and there was a tether attached to the top of it keeping me in place. There was also a tether around my full, aching balls, which were already feeling a squeeze from that infernal steel chastity cage that’s been locked on them for over two months.

I huffed into the thick leather padded muzzle as Mark finally approached. I heard him set something down behind me, before he came into my field of vision. He patted my head, and kissed my gagged mouth.

“You look so fucking pissed!” He teased, pinching my cheek. I huffed a muffled obscenity at him as he chuckled. “Now now, don’t forget who’s in charge here,” Mark firmly slapped my nuts, instantly making me double as much as the restraints would allow. My nuts were already so tender, I was close to tears at the third strike of his palm. But of course, my sadistic boyfriend just smiled and continued to tap his palm into my package until I was on the verge of passing out. Damn did it hurt.

He kissed my forehead, and stepped away while I caught my breath. Much to my surprise, he began to unbuckle the heavy leather muzzle from my head. I didn’t get to say anything, as he kept his hand over my lips once the leather was pulled away. I kissed his fingers, knowing it would probably be several hours before I got the chance again. I closed my eyes, as he fingered my mouth. Evil he might be, I still loved him.

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I love the SOUND this leather bondage gear makes as the prisoner struggles

This guy is seriously ENCASED in leather … SeriousMaleBondage-style. Check out this video clip:

The guy in the leather is Felix – RubCop on Recon, when he visited the SeriousBondage Institute. The gear is his unique leather sleepsack from Mr S that has both straitjacket arms and internal sleeves, which allows for more versatility.

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