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My Fun at Dore (Up Your Alley) 2017

By Mister-X/Spartan

I had been working hard for several months. I wanted a weekend to relax and have some fun. Dore (Up Your Alley) was coming. My friend Strap-wizard (fetlife name) was also stressed out and was looking forward to some fun. He had reserved a large room at a motel, which was near to where Dore would be. He had contacted a friend who we had been chatting with on Recon (squirmman, takiem on fetlife) who was coming, as well as another friend (minddrive on recon and fetlife). Strap-wizard had some plans laid out. Little did I know what I was in for.

Strap-wizard and I arrived Friday at around 5 PM. Squirmman was coming later that evening, and minddrive was arriving the next evening. Dore would be on Sunday, but we were planning to have some fun before then. Friday, after arriving, strap-wizard wanted to check out the Mr. S store, which was four long blocks away (comparable in length to the long blocks in New York City between the avenues). He dressed up in his usual strap-restraint outfit, but I just wore my custom-made leather top and leather pants with no restraints. We got a couple of looks while we walked there, but nothing out of the ordinary. There wasn’t too much going on at Mr. S that night. The next day would be their big party.

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Bondage gear: Double Duty Gag


Today’s Shut The Fuck Up posting features the Double Duty Gag, available from Mr S. The gag does double duty by keeping TWO men gagged face-to-face at the same time. It’s made from two wedge gags that have been carefully mounted mouth-to-mouth. Rubber-like penis gags keep both wearers busy accommodating most of the space inside their mouths. They are almost close enough to kiss, but not quite!

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To see more, including a short video clip of this item in use, visit Mr S

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V3 Holy Trainer Chastity Cage

Are you interested in male chastity? Behold the V3 Holy Trainer Chastity Cage. They say this is one of the very best devices to get started with:

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This new version is available in three sizes: standard, short or maxi so you can select the one that fits your anatomy the best. According to reports, this device, including the internal locking mechanism, has been through multiple airport metal detectors without setting off any alarms.

severe testicle torture

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