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10 Days in Detention – Part 27

By socalbd

“If you can sleep at all, we should try to doze off for a while,” Matt suggested.

I nodded my head in agreement and looked straight up at the evening sky. It was a nice night out. I closed my eyes and drifted off to a fitful sleep.

There was a shooting pain to my balls that woke me up unexpectedly. I yelled loud enough to startle Matt spread out next to me. When I gained my composure I saw Daniel standing over me with his boot on the rope leading from my balls to the stake. He was looking directly down at me. He placed his full weight onto the rope again pressing it down into the dirt and eliciting another scream from me as the rope pulled on my balls.

It was still dark out. I had no idea what time it could be or how soon before the sunrise would take place. My shoulders were on fire from being stretched and my balls were aching from the abuse Daniel was inflicting.

“That’s enough,” I heard Matt say to Daniel.

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Master Alex continues to work over captive Blake

A young slave’s young Master fucks his ass long and hard, then spews a huge load of cum on his face before spreading him out on a table and whipping his sexy stomach.

Master Alex continues to work over captive Blake

Master Alex continues to fuck Blake long and hard while he is bent over and bound, helpless. The prisoner rocks back and forth on the fuck bench, his whole body shaking from the force of his master’s cock. Blake moans and grunts, half in pain, half in pleasure, as his asshole and his well-whipped butt are pounded. “Oh, Sir!” he moans, gripping the bench legs. Alex finally pulls out, only so he can bust his load not in his slave’s ass but all over his face. With his master’s cum dripping off his cheeks into his mouth, Blake is now branded a slave – a prisoner who exists to be used, brutalized and fucked. As if to illustrate the point, Alex shoves a butt plug into Blake’s bruised asshole then flogs his already well-beaten ass and back. “Did you think we were done?” Alex asks with a cruel smirk. Moments later Blake is spread-eagled on his back, totally naked, and Alex slices his beautiful abs and pecs with the single-tail. His lust for hurting this muscular, smooth slave will never be sated.

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Video: Roughed Up Slave

Pan’s torment continues when his master secures him to a rack by hands and legs. Scroll down for a free video preview from MyDirtiestFantasy.com:

Pan’s torment continues in this second part where his master Yah-Jil secures him to a rack by hands and legs. Yah-Jil seems more motivated than ever in his master’s role and orders him to suck his cock whilst whips his ass in pomp. Soon the master fucks hard his ass before to climb the rack and start to piss Pan’s back and ass. Yah-Jil spits and steps on him before to places him to the Saint Andrews cross, where the punishment becomes harder and harder with different types of whips and hot wax. When Pan seems he is going to falter, Yah-Jil puts his dick out and jerks it off, first slow then faster, until Pan explodes among moans. But, what about some more hot wax all over the slave’s body to end the hell time?


Here is a video preview:


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Title of this shoot: Roughed Up Slave – Part 2

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Jozef is vulnerable to two bent perverts

At BreederFuckers, sexy city boy Jozef is tied and bent over so his arse is completely exposed. It’s absolute hell for a hetero to know his bum is vulnerable to two bent perverts aching to bugger him. He fights and curses with every breath in his body, but they’ve got him fixed in place so they can tenderise that pert arse of his. This businessman has only ever been treated with grovelling respect, so it’s a total shock for him to be completely and utterly degraded. His body is left buzzing with pain as his dick and arse have been so cruelly treated, but what’s been wounded beyond repair is his stupid fucking masculine pride.

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A muscular captive is flogged on his chest, abs, back and ass

Then, when his tormentor’s arms tire, he is fucked with the steel end of the flogger. This is what happens at Dream Boy Bondage.

His muscular back and proud, firm ass are now the targets of the intense, continuous flogging.

The flogging of Vinny’s chest and abs continues, faster and harder. His screams echo off the concrete walls. His college-jock body flexes and squirms. His fat cock drips cum. Felix Frost’s lust for this prisoner, for making him suffer, can’t be sated. After a while, he turns Vinny around so he faces the wall. His muscular back and proud, firm ass are now the targets of the intense, continuous flogging. “Why are you doing this to me?” Vinny bellows in between gasps of pain. Felix ignores his pleas. He wonders how this prisoner could be so stupid and not understand the pleasure of owning such a beautiful piece of ass and being able to abuse it however one likes. “This is going in your ass!” Felix announces matter-of-factly when his arms get too tired to continue the flogging. He shows Vinny the long, steel end of the flogger, then rams it up his butt hole. The screams as Vinny is rhythmically fucked are music to Felix’s ears.

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He shows Vinny the long, steel end of the flogger, then rams it up his butt hole

VIDEO at Dream Boy Bondage

Strapped to the fuck bench by a brutal dominant top

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At Brutal Tops, horny master Bob voraciously fucks his sub into the floor, making the wimp groan in pain and discomfort. Then the snarling top viciously lashes the runt’s arse until deep red welts appear, much to his sexual satisfaction. The humiliated worm is completely defeated by this damaging session!

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Improving My Posture – Part 1

By Mister-X/Spartan

“You’ve now been working here 10 months. We have performance reviews for all our employees at this time every year. As I’d told you when you started, you are judged by two standards, your work output and your appearance, since our group is located just outside the company manager’s door and the prospective clients that come here judge our company in part by our appearance.

If there is any area in which you are graded as unacceptable you will be given a month to improve it until it is acceptable. If you are not able to do that you will be terminated.

Your work output is good. Your attendance has been perfect. You keep up a good appearance with your clothes. However, there is one area in which you have been graded as unacceptable. This is your posture. You slump forward when working at the computer terminal. This does not look good to our prospective clients.”

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