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Improving My Posture – Part 1

By Mister-X/Spartan

“You’ve now been working here 10 months. We have performance reviews for all our employees at this time every year. As I’d told you when you started, you are judged by two standards, your work output and your appearance, since our group is located just outside the company manager’s door and the prospective clients that come here judge our company in part by our appearance.

If there is any area in which you are graded as unacceptable you will be given a month to improve it until it is acceptable. If you are not able to do that you will be terminated.

Your work output is good. Your attendance has been perfect. You keep up a good appearance with your clothes. However, there is one area in which you have been graded as unacceptable. This is your posture. You slump forward when working at the computer terminal. This does not look good to our prospective clients.”

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Pictures and video: Blake takes a severe whipping

Scroll down for a free video preview from Dream Boy Bondage. In this update, a naturally submissive 23-year-old nerd is manipulated by a dominant friend, who makes him work out and shave his body. Today he submits totally. He becomes a slave.

handcuffed and collared at Dream Boy Bondage

Blake Ellis and Alex Killian have been friends for years, working at the same computer repair shop. They are both nerds but surprisingly good looking. You know the type: the guy who shows up to fix your computer, a geek with an awkward personality, but you can’t help but notice a sexy body under his dress shirt and polyester pants. Alex has virtually taken over Blake’s life in the past year, making him work out, shave his body and continue to wear shirts that are now a size too small for his new, muscular body, raising eyebrows at work. In recent weeks Alex has become even more demanding, making Blake suck his cock in the break room and call him “Sir.” Today, Blake will take the final step in his relationship with Alex: He’ll become his slave. He will be fucked and whipped and tortured. Blake is terrified, but he will do it. Alex is in his head and has manipulated him to this point of total submission.

Here is a free video preview — as always be sure to click to watch in full screen mode!


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show me your handcuffs MetalbondDream Boy Bondage Felix Frost


Video: Oiled up flexing and flogging

Oiled up flexing and flogging

Meanwhile at BadBoyBondage.com, Master Dean Daniels requires that Preston Lee pose for him. After being oiled up, Preston gets to work pleasing his Master with flexes of his hot body. The flogger and the riding crop are used when encouragement is needed. Scroll down to see a free video teaser.

twinks in bondage

Here is a free video clip:


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Title of this shoot: Whipping Post and More, Part 7

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Meanwhile at Str8Hell, Tom Vojak is such a sexy guy, with his good looks, hairy chest and hot ass as well as a big fat cock. They brought him in for a spanking. His punishment is administered by the hunky Ondra Radni.


Ondra is soon beating on Tom with a whip and then, after getting him naked, he spanks on that sexy ass. Then he starts working on that fat cock as well. Moving Tom, so that he is laying, legs splayed and shackled gives Ondra full access, when he wants, to a wonderfully exposed ass hole. He takes full advantage, shoving a butt plug in that ass, then pulling it in and out at will.

08 12


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Tied to the whipping post

Here’s more from the men of Bad Boy Bondage — a site at which Metalbond readers get 40 percent off for the life of their subscription! IN this update, Preston Lee still needs to learn the meaning of respect as he is tied to the pole and flogged by Master Dean Daniels. After another round of oil, Preston strokes himself until he is rock hard, only to be flogged all the more!

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Title of this shoot: Whipping Post and More, Part 6

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Video: Tough guy Johnny gets whipped on his muscular chest

At Dream Boy Bondage, Felix promises Johnny he can go home if he pumps out a load of cum. Johnny cums on command, but instead of being freed, he’s whipped and tased. Scroll down for a video clip!

Dream Boy Bondage

Nobody flogs a prisoner better than Felix Frost. Felix really lays into Johnny, making the prisoner wince and gasp through his tape gag as his lean, muscular torso turns pink. “Do you want it to stop? Do you want to go home?” Felix asks. “Yes!” Johnny answers. “Yes, what?” Felix replies, tasing Johnny’s abs. “Yes, Sir! I’m sorry, Sir!” Johnny replies, trembling from the pain, even though the taser is on a low setting meant to inflect pain but not debilitate. Felix uncuffs Johnny’s wrist from the wall. “I’ll let you go if you can get hard,” he says. Johnny is disgusted but will do anything to avoid the pain. He works his cock, getting hard. In addition to his perfect body, Johnny has a huge, beautiful cock. “Take your hand away!” Felix demands, standing back and admiring the foot-long thing jutting out of the captive’s body. Then he tases Johnny again, several times. If you can cum after being tased, I’ll let you go,” Felix says. Of course, it’s a lie. Johnny pumps out a huge load of cum, but his flogging has just begun. Amazingly, he stays semi-hard, his cock dripping cum, as he’s whipped for another hour.

Here is a free video preview:


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Dream Boy Bondage

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