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Video: Blake Ellis – Total Submission

At Dream Boy Bondage, Blake has been physically trained by a dominant friend, Alex Killian, who convinces him to hit the gym, shave his body and get down on his knees and suck cock. Now in peak condition, Blake becomes a total submissive, tortured and fucked at will. The title of this video series is “Blake Ellis – Total Submission”

There are ELEVEN videos in this series from Dream Boy Bondage. Here is a free preview of Part 3:

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One Year – Part 09

By Taurus

Part 9 – “Nothing Changes”

Nothing had changed at all between day 84 and day 97, other than how James had gotten flogged much more.

This was not James’ decision, of course.

In general, flogging seemed to permeate his life. He now had no more truly free “free time.” It is always either training, eating, or meals.

So much flogging, so much it no longer hurts.

He once tried to ask Arnold what was up with all the flogging, but he got even more flogging as a response.

Jokingly, he wondered when he would receive lashes of a whip as a reward, though he would keep this to himself. Fate is easy enough to tempt, and this life was hard enough.

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One Year – Part 05

By Taurus

Part 5 – “Special Day”

Day 14 of 365.

This was a special day for James, who had, within the first day, accumulated complete sexual abstinence and 10 lashes of the flogger every day, for two weeks. All that because he could not recite the rules he was to obey.

Today marked the end of this punishment.

James woke up more quickly than before. After all, at least he would be allowed to touch himself again, and maybe even get stuff up the ass!

As Arnold, his handler approached him at the start of his day, he knelt and looked up, a smidge more energy in his eyes.

However, as if omniscient, Arnold shot down his overeager slave.

“Don’t get too happy. I said no pleasure sessions for two weeks, didn’t say anything about letting you have pleasure by the end of your punishment.

A pause.

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Tortured muscle prisoner

At Dream Boy Bondage, Julian is convicted and sentenced to extreme torture. His leather jacket is unzipped, revealing ripped abs and massive pecs, but his strength will be no match for the brutal gut punching, electric shocks and whipping he will endure before he is crucified and broken on the rack.

Tortured muscle prisoner

You can download NINE hi-def videos of this guy from Dream Boy Bondage

Title of this series: “JULIAN – Wages Of Sin”

Dream Boy Bondage Julian

The tables turn again as Drake Jaden works over Dirk Caber

Here’s another preview from the men of Daddy’s Bondage Boys. In this shoot, the tables turn again, and neither muscle stud knows what is going on. That doesn’t stop Drake Jaden from trying to figure out things with the use of a wicked flogger on Dirk Caber.

Title of this shoot: In Hell Part 4

Models in this shoot: Drake Jaden, Dirk Caber

Keywords: Military, Chains, Flogging/Whipping, Gas mask, bondage

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