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Jared ties up and whips a frat boy

At Dream Boy Bondage, Michael Del Ray hangs off a wall, arms roped overhead, legs spread wide, roped to a steel bar. Jared has put a new shirt and assless undies on the prisoner – just so he can rip them off again. Jared loves playing psychological games with his slaves. They know being stripped means pain comes next. They must contemplate that pain when a heavy flogger rests on their body before it comes crashing down. Jared loves Michael’s gasps of fear, the way he shakes his head in disbelief, anticipating the pain. Most of all, he loves Michael’s screams and the way he throws his head back, arches his spine and rises up on his toes when the whip cuts into his back and ass. Jared flogs the frat boy over and over, stopping only to cut off his briefs, then flogs him even harder.

Jared ties up and whips a frat boy

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MICHAEL DEL RAY – Deviant No More – Chapter 5

Michael Del Ray Dream Boy Bondage

Scott ties up Blake for punishment

Blake got tied up by Scott at Reluctant Young Men:

Video: Scott ties up Blake for punishment Reluctant Young Men

Blake is 22 years old, compact, muscular and sexy, but very nervous and scared.  Scott towers above the frightened young man, intimidating and menacing as he begins to beat Blake with leather and metal paddles.

Reluctant_Young_Men_blake_spk-101 Reluctant_Young_Men_blake_spk-111

Poor young Blake is soon crying out and whimpering in pain, twisting and writhing in his bonds as Scott lays it on very heavy. See the video at Reluctant Young Men !

Reluctant_Young_Men_blake_spk-117 Reluctant_Young_Men_blake_spk-130

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Davin Flogged

In this video available at Bondage Bros, Devin Franco gets “Big Piece of Meat” Davin Strong into his dungeon, and the fun starts with putting that big man into his place with a good flogging, cropping and edging. Devin doesn’t show any mercy, and Davin doesn’t ask for it. Hot.

Devin Franco and Davin Strong Bondage Bros


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Title of this video: Davin Flogged

Models: Devin Franco and Davin Strong

gay leather bondage Devin Franco and Davin Strong

Cole is tortured by fellow slave Noah

At Dream Boy Bondage, Cole Miller submits to his fellow slave, Noah Evans. He is bolted to the wall again, this time facing it, naked and completely vulnerable. His lean, muscular back and shapely legs and ass are creamy white, unblemished and unbruised. He’s been standing, his whole body aching, for hours, when Noah returns – with a whip. “Your suffering has just begun,” Noah whispers. Cole shakes his head in disbelief, closing his eyes tightly. Noah whips him methodically, enjoying every blow to Cole’s shoulders, back, ass and upper legs. He then takes Cole’s suffering to the next level, misting his fresh wounds with pure rubbing alcohol, then flogging him again. He leaves the captive bolted to the wall overnight, his skin throbbing from the whip, his muscles aching from the stress of being bound in such an unnatural position.

He leaves the captive bolted to the wall overnight

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COLE MILLER – Vengeance – Chapter 3

his muscles aching from the stress of being bound

Axel gets tortured in the pillory

At Dream Boy Bondage, Axel finds himself once again bound and helpless, this time strapped to the pillory and standing, completely naked, with his arms and legs spread, wrists and ankles cuffed to wood beams. Joseph, wearing nothing but leather shorts, enters with a short, thick flogger and really lays into Axel’s back and ass, making the young stud squirm and gasp as the backside of his firm, smooth body is transformed from white to dark red. With his tan and lean muscles, Joseph might look like a pretty boy, but he’s got a lot of power behind his swings. He’s surprisingly good with the flogger, too, delivering rapid-fire, circular swipes as well as single, hard blows against Axel’s well-shaped back and ass. Soon the grown man is quietly whimpering, trying to hold back the true level of pain he is feeling. “You’re not so tough now,” Joseph says, before spraying the fresh wounds with rubbing alcohol.

Axel Dream Boy Bondage

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Title of this video AXEL – The Contest I – Chapter 3

Dream Boy Bondage Axel