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Leo Forte gets worked over hard

They called this video the ‘most intense session ever’ when it first appeared at Bound Gods:

Hayden Richards is a new dom in the house. Leo Forte

Hayden Richards is a new dom in the house. Leo Forte, slave #198, is brought in to service the magnificent new dom. Van welcomes Mr Richards and commences dom training. Somehow things get personal and the spotlight is on #198. The bondage session gets brushed aside for a moment. Van takes #198 on the most intense journey in the history of Bound Gods.

gay bondage 29574_6

#198 is stripped naked physically, mentally and spiritually because he’s too smart for his own good. With Daddy Zeus passing this last winter, Van makes a last attempt to get #198 on track. Will he succeed? Or, will the House crumple with no successor?

Gay Bondage

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Video: Bryan Cole gets roped to a cage and whipped

At Roped Studs, Bryan Cole is roped face-first to the cage, his hard abs pressed tight against a wooden platform pressed tight against the cage. Rope man Anthony’s simple, elegant ties at Bryan’s wrists and ankles hold him perfectly, allowing him just enough movement to flex and show off his amazing muscles. Rope man J.J. has first dibs on the stud, grabbing his rock-hard ass cheeks, then getting out his horse whip. Soon Bryan’s V-shaped back is crisscrossed with gorgeous, red stripes.


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Bradley pumps out a load before his torment continues

After being edged for hours, Bradley is ordered to cum. The prisoner does not disappoint, squeezing out a huge load of cum from his gorgeous, uncut cock. The camera pans his lean swimmer’s body, showing every shaved hair, every wound from the clothespins, every vein and muscle. Even after he cums, Bradley’s big cock juts out from his body, still hard. He is the perfect slave, firm and fit. Jared roughly manhandles his wounds before flipping him around and roping him against the wall face-first, exposing his broad, creamy back and perfect, round ass. The athlete flexes against his binds, showing off his lean muscles, from shoulders to calves. Then that beautiful flesh is brutally flogged.

Bradley pumps out a load before his torment continues

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Title of this video:

BRADLEY – Master’s Pet – Chapter 3

Bradley is ordered to cum

A punishment fuck

Max is in for a punishing fuck in this video with Sean, but this chav lad is probably the best one to deliver the kind of bareback fucking the slim twink is used to. He’s been prepped, strapped into the swing, his arse there for some flogging and rimming while Sean gets started on dominating the captive. With some painful slaps of his butt cheeks, some incredible flogging and some rimming of the lad’s hole, Sean is almost ready to dive right in and pound that pucker. First, he gives his new friend a taste of his big uncut cock, letting Max suck on his delicious dong. With his meat wet and ready for that chute, he fucks his new buddy, ramming his length deep, powering in and out, breaking only to punish that arse some more before sliding right back in. When he’s finally done Max’s butt is dripping cum, and Sean has left a little of his load deep inside.

incredible flogging and some rimming of the lad’s hole

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Title: Max Takes A Pounding In The Swing

the prisoner is soon having his nipples sucked hard

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Ass Pounder

Greg Riley is cuffed and chained in a leather vest and jock when Dom muscleman top Travis Connor, bearded, hairy and in a baseball cap, strides in to inspect his new plaything. Yanking the sub’s tender nips and smacking his chest, thighs and butt, Travis asserts his ownership. “Look at those bitch tits! Are you MY fuckin’ bitch today!?” he growls, and helpless Riley moans out “Yes, SIR!” Open -hand spanking turns to flogging ass with a flogger, and Greg is digging every sharp thwack! His meaty butt gets further tenderized with a long wand whacked across every sensitive area. Greg dangles over Travis’ hot hairy muscle torso and plants a boot next to each side of his waist. Slowly lowering onto Travis’ stiff raw cock, Riley obediently grinds down onto every rock-hard inch. “You want that dick? You my fuckin’ SLUT?!” Travis demands, and Riley assures him, “Yes, yes Sir!” as his ass is pounded full of bareback hole splitter. Then cuffed hands to the bench with ass wide open, Greg gets his throbbing anus licked and sucked by the horny top till it’s pulsing and dripping wet with spit and lube. Travis slides in balls deep and starts thrusting. Every third or fourth thrust is accompanied by a sharp slap to his firm ass. Riley’s butt reddens as Travis pulls out and whips it with a crop and a couple paddles. He smears oil across the rosy-red cheeks and into the crack, then plows the horny bottom with a small then a huge black dildo.

Greg Riley is cuffed and chained in a leather vest and jock

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Title of this video: Ass Pounder

male bdsm Greg Riley is cuffed and chained in a leather vest and jock

Leather bonding

Check out Jason Luna and Damian in Leather Lovebirds. It was originally filmed for Frock The World. This film truly shows Damian’s Dom but passionate side that his captives long for. Jason and Damian gear up, and Damian starts warming him up with some deep passionate kissing before Damian collars him. Before long Jason is sucking Damian’s uncut cock. Once he’s gotten Damian good and hard, Damian bends him over and starts flogging and paddling his ass. Jason takes it like a champ. Once Jason has proven himself, Damian returns his devotion by satisfying his needs and driving his cock deep into his hole.

Jason Luna and Damian in Leather Lovebirds

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Title of this video: Jason Luna – Leather Lovebirds

gay leather bondage Jason Luna and Damian in Leather Lovebirds

Spank me harder, daddy!

Spank me hard, daddy!

Hung Jacob might not be used to this kind of expert punishment, but this prisoner can certainly take it! The captive has had his hole plugged and his balls tugged, but after being stretched out by his hands and ankles, his long dick and plump little arse are taking a good flogging from Master Kane! The prisoner clearly loves it, sticking his hot little butt out for more of that delicious agony.

The captive has had his hole plugged and his balls tugged

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Title: Toying With New Boy Jacob – Part 2

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