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Video: Riley gets striped

Here’s more from Roped Studs. See below for a free vide clip in high-def.


After a fresh back and ass single-tail whipping, lean stud Riley is flipped around, arms roped high above to the bondage pole, legs spread, chest and abs fully exposed. Rope man J.J. proceeds to match front to back, striping Riley’s chest, abs, and just above that pretty cock bright red. J.J. then gets Riley hard, followed by another series of lashes. Riley’s arched torso looks mighty fine banging against the bondage pole as his smooth skin is painted up and down.

Here is a free video clip:


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Axel sadistically tortures a muscular slave

At Dream Boy Bondage, college athlete Jesse Stone is living a nightmare of pain and humiliation. He has been whipped and crucified, forced to suck cock and fucked. Now he is chained, facedown, to a table, his muscular body spread-eagled, with just enough slack so he can flex against his bonds. He remains, of course, completely naked. The expert sadist torturing him, Axel Johnson, is back to business, inflicting great pain on Jesse’s perfect body without causing permanent damage. Using a leather cat-o-nine tails, he whips the supine prisoner from his shoulders to his thighs, covering his alabaster skin with deep, red welts. Jesse thrashes and cries out in agony, but the whipping goes on and on. The pain is unbearable. And it will only get worse.

Axel sadistically tortures a muscular slave


Video at Dream Boy Bondage

Title: JESSE STONE: Political Prisoner – Chapter 7

Cole is tied up and gets fucked by a machine

The Challenge for Doug Acre


Check out Doug Acre at the 30 Minutes of Torment channel:


The Wall – Doug Acre is bound in chains as Van grabs him by the dick, getting his big cock hard. With a ball gag in his mouth, Doug endures heavy punches to the chest before he’s dragged off to The Pit. Weights are attached to Doug’s balls as he struggles to stand while feeling the sting of the single tail. More and more weights are added as Van places candles below Doug’s knees to keep him standing. Suspended upside down, Doug dangles over the bathtub while Van beats him with the cane. Doug is then repeatedly dunked into the water before having clothespins attached all over his body. Van sprays him with the hose and dunks him in the water, pressing his boot on Doug’s head to keep him down. After three intense challenges, Van challenges the big-dicked stud to finally blow his load and receive some post-orgasmic torment.

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