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Video: Anthony still has Matthew in inescapable bondage

Meanwhile at Dream Boy Bondage, Matthew Connor begs to be released, as his fantasy turns into a nightmare. But instead he is strung up and whipped until his naked body is covered with welts. Check out his tattoos!

Dream Boy Bondage video preview

“Let me go!” the twink begs, his naked body stretched between the ceiling and the floor. The master, Anthony Martin, mauls his body and fingers his pink asshole. “Please, I hafta go home!” he begs again. “Shut up,” Anthony replies, shoving a ball-gag into his captive’s mouth. He pulls Matthew’s head back by his hair, arching his lean pysique, then flogs him brutally, up and down his body. Young Matthew is learning an important lesson: the only fantasies that matter are those of the man with the whip. And this whip-master fantasizes about one thing: making captives suffer, covering their bodies with welts and fucking their tight assholes. Matthew cries out and gasps in pain, his whole body trembling. He’s not going anywhere.

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Title of this shoot: Matthew Connor – From Fantasy To Nightmare – Chapter 3

male bondage Dream Boy

Roped stud Angel

Check out Angel —a 22-year-old Latin stud who gets tied to an upright bench, wearing an embarrassingly small thong and a cut-off muscle shirt, just short enough to show off his sexy navel. He has no idea why he is tied up or dressed like a gay whore. “What’s going on?” he asks when a young man in a hoodie — rope man J.J. — comes in and fondles his muscles. Then J.J. whips him.

Roped Studs Angel

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roped studs gay bondage


Video: More bondage sex with Joseph and Hunter

Sleek, young Joseph, blindfolded, is stretched naked on his back as his “friend” Hunter sucks his cock and then whips him for getting hard.

Joseph and Felix gay bondage

Joseph, now blindfolded, has been flipped over onto his back. His naked body is stretched on the inclined table; his top ribs and pecs are red from spending hours face-down on the table while being rhythmically fucked by the fuck-machine. “You are going to cum for me now!” Hunter announces as he enters the room and cranks Joseph a little tighter on the table. Hunter, who has dreamed of this moment for years, immediately puts his lips on Joseph’s cock. The prisoner moans and squirms, breathing heavy, fearful and disgusted by his “friend.” Hunter sucks the stud’s cock like an old pro, but Joe only gets semi-hard. Joseph tries desperately to cum for Hunter, hoping against hope that busting a load will be his ticket home, but he just can’t do it. Instead, Hunter keeps his captive hard, enjoying his dick too much to care if he actually cums – then whips him brutally for failing to do so.

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Title of this shoot: Joseph & Hunter – Straight Bros – Chapter 8

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Video: Daddy Kevin works over two captives

Straight bro Hunter, an electrified steel-collar bolted around his neck, whips his beautiful, naked friend, Joseph, first to avoid being shocked, then to satisfy his own lust. Scroll down for a free video preview from the men of Dream Boy Bondage.

sadistic muscle bondage daddy

Daddy Kevin continues to enjoy his birthday present – two fine, young cocks attached to two fine, young prisoners. But it’s time for some psychological fun. Kevin attaches a special device he made himself to Hunter’s neck: A steel collar electrified by a high-voltage battery connected to a remote control. “Now I want you to do to him what I just did to you!” Kevin tells Hunter, releasing him from his cuffs and zapping him with the electric collar several times to make sure he understands. Hunter whips his gagged, naked friend reluctantly then throws down the flogger, only to get zapped again. But it’s all an act. We can see the pleasure on Hunter’s face as he flogs his athletic bro harder and harder. Hunter quickly follows Kevin’s command to re-cuff Joseph’s wrists above his head so the prisoner can be hoisted up on his toes and whipped even harder. Joseph’s cries of agony are almost as pleasing as watching his lean body writhe. Daddy Kevin, stroking his huge cock, couldn’t be happier – especially when Hunter whips Joe’s cock.

Here is a video clip — this might take a few moments to load so be patient:


See the whole thing at Dream Boy Bondage – they have TWO new updates every Friday!

Title of this shoot: Joseph & Hunter – Straight Bros – Chapter 2

Dream Boy Bondage


A tied captive gets worked over

At BadBoyBondage.com, the Master continues to let the tied captive know exactly where he stands. The prisoner is eventually released from the ropes, but he doesn’t get to enjoy his freedom long before he is put through his paces and shown proper posture.

the Master continues to let the tied captive know exactly where he stands

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Title of this shoot: I’m Having Fun, Part 2

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