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Tortured muscle prisoner

At Dream Boy Bondage, Julian is convicted and sentenced to extreme torture. His leather jacket is unzipped, revealing ripped abs and massive pecs, but his strength will be no match for the brutal gut punching, electric shocks and whipping he will endure before he is crucified and broken on the rack.

Tortured muscle prisoner

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Title of this series: “JULIAN – Wages Of Sin”

Dream Boy Bondage Julian

The tables turn again as Drake Jaden works over Dirk Caber

Here’s another preview from the men of Daddy’s Bondage Boys. In this shoot, the tables turn again, and neither muscle stud knows what is going on. That doesn’t stop Drake Jaden from trying to figure out things with the use of a wicked flogger on Dirk Caber.

Title of this shoot: In Hell Part 4

Models in this shoot: Drake Jaden, Dirk Caber

Keywords: Military, Chains, Flogging/Whipping, Gas mask, bondage

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Bondage in 2020 Cell Without Bars – Part 03

By felon

It was a normal work week, work all day, hide at my apartment all night. I made sure I wrote my journal entries, posted my pics on a daily basis. However one busy day (Wednesday) I forgot and left the charger for the ankle device at home. I realized that by about 4 pm when I usually sat down at my desk and plugged the charger in for a fresh charge. It was a good spot to sit as no one would see where the charger cord led to.

When you fail to charge the device it sends a signal to the captor with a low battery alert. Then i get a message on my cell phone — WTF charge your battery!!!!!

I was plenty pissed and also terrified at the same time. I left work a few minutes early-jumped in the car and sped home-not paying any attention to speed limits. I get home, rush to my apartment and plug myself in, had to sit there for over 2 hours for a full charge. Late that night I go to bed around 1130 pm. I live in a large 100-year-old apartment building with big windows facing the street. I am on an upper floor (6) on what is a quiet city street at night. I am laying in bed, watching the ankle device blink (as I do every night).

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Male BDSM: Oiled up flexing and flogging

Oiled up flexing and flogging

At BadBoyBondage.com, Master Dean Daniels requires that Preston Lee pose for him. After being oiled up, Preston gets to work pleasing his Master with flexes of his hot body. The flogger and the riding crop are used when encouragement is needed.

twinks in bondage

See the video at BadBoyBondage.com

Title of this shoot: “Whipping Post and More, Part 7”

bondage twunks

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Bondage and torture with Blake and Alex

At Dream Boy Bondage, 23-year-old nerd Blake is manipulated by a dominant friend, Alex Killian, who convinces him to hit the gym, shave his body and get down on his knees and suck cock. Blake, now in peak condition, becomes a total submissive, tortured and fucked at will.

Bondage and torture with Blake and Alex

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Title of this series: “BLAKE ELLIS – Total Submission

muscle man tied up

Greg gets it over the knee

Here’s another one from Reluctant Young Men. Greg is a 39-year-old, rugged, handsome, masculine straight guy with a muscular body and a very long dick. When bent over Chic’s knee, he gets spanked by hand, paddle, ruler, brush and belt. He takes a long, painful and humiliating spanking, which is completely degrading for such a big, strong man.

male otk spank

Video at Reluctant Young Men

The title of this shoot: Greg Spanked by Chic II

male bdsm

Male BDSM porn: Coach Burke’s Twisted Fantasy

At Bound Gods, Coach Burke just got chewed out by his boss, but it only ignites a twisted fantasy of punishment.


Facing accusations of perving on his football players, Coach Chris Burke receives a stern warning from his boss, Christian Wilde. However, Chris feels more horny than worried about his job. He drifts into a fantasy of punishment beyond administrative reprimand, into a dark world of chains and leather. He crawls to Mr. Wilde, seated on a throne of books and accepts his submission, licking Mr. Wilde’s boots and admitting his perversions. In response, Mr. Wilde facefucks and crops the coach before leading him to a rope suspension. Mr. Wilde works a raging boner from Chris before hoisting his bound body high above the ground and covering it in clothespins. Chris swings in the darkness as Mr. Wilde cleans the pins off with a vicious flogging. Mr. Wilde brings Chris back to earth for a brief moment to encage him, but swiftly returns the coach to the air, legs jutting out of the cage, vulnerable to an extended bastinado. Chris receives a deep dicking through the cage as Mr. Wilde hangs from it. With his boss ready to cum, Chris is led on his knees back to the throne and gratefully takes a hot load on his face. In return, Mr. Wilde commands him to jizz on his boots and then lick them clean. Hungry for more cum, Chris dutifully complies.

MetalbondNYC_Gay_Male_Bondage_38950_0 MetalbondNYC_Gay_Male_Bondage_38950_5 MetalbondNYC_Gay_Male_Bondage_38950_7

Models in this shoot: Christian Wilde, Chris Burke

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