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Jeremy Stevens takes Jason Miller and Alessio Romero to the extreme during a live bondage show

gay bondage

Their hands are tied above their heads as Jason Miller and Alessio Romero are given their slave numbers. House Dom Jeremy Stevens assists Van in flogging the two slaves as they guess what the theme of the session is. They finally learn that the theme is “Turning Pain into Pleasure.” The floggers hit harder against their skin the more each slave struggles to keep a smile.

Jeremy Stevens takes Jason Miller and Alessio Romero to the extreme during a live bondage show 29578_1 29578_13

Slave 463 and 619 are put to the test, enduring the single tail’s vicious bite as it leaves welts on their backs. Jeremy shocks their cock and balls with the violet wand and even fucks slave 619’s hole with it! Suspended in the air, each slave takes turns receiving Jeremy’s hard cock as Van beats them with the cane. To finish things off they challenge the slaves in a race to cum, first one to cum gets rewarded with Jeremy’s hot load on their face!

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Video: Wyatt in rigid metal bar restraint

After spending hours on the cross, Wyatt is now bound wrist-to-ankle in a steel brace, his back painfully arched, his knees locked, his lean, shapely body shaved smooth, naked and exposed.


Wyatt’s master, Jared, enters and slaps the concrete floor with his bullwhip. “I’m going to make you fucking scream for me today!” he says. “Yes, Sir. Anything to please you, Sir!” Wyatt replies, moaning in anticipation. The first blow slices into his skin. “Thank you, Sir!” Wyatt says, after gasping in pain. A dozen more slices of the whip follow, leaving the young slave’s chest and abs crisscrossed with horrible welts. Jared is so turned on, at one point he licks and chews his wounded slave’s freshly whipped pecs, then rubs down the wounds, with his hands and feet, making the prisoner yelp with pain.

Wyatt in rigid metal bar restraint

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Title of this shoot: Wyatt – Playtime – Part 6

Dream oy Bondage

Strapped down to the discipline bench

Straight bastard Steve is chained to the discipline bench in a state of panic. His arse is so sore and bruised that he can’t stand the idea that it might even be touched again. Strapped down, there is no way he can escape roving hands sliding over his muscular twin globes and probing his vulnerable anus. Angry Steve refuses to even look at it but Dave whacks his sore arse until Steve does whatever he’s ordered to do, even rub his lips all over a man’s shaft and lube him up with his saliva. His will is broken to the point where he looks up with his pitiful, tear-filled eyes pleading for a cock in his mouth. While he’s chowing down Dave plunders his arse. With the exertion of being fucked with a fat one and deep throating dick, Steve’s face goes bright red with the veins popping out all over. He’s so desperate that he actually believes if he just complies he’ll be released. It takes many firm lessons to teach this stupid bitch how to be a proper cock slut.

gay BDSM

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The Drone – Part 3

By FirefighterSir

Jax snored softly in a hammock hanging in the warm night air, totally exhausted and a bit sore, his tan football player body marked with bruises and red marks. But he slept deeply and easily after being totally drained from his intense experience. Not so much for grunt.

The collared slave was the owned property of the Captain, and as such grunt’s every action was controlled by him. The slave could hear Jax above him sleeping, but his own night was sleepless and uncomfortable.

The cage sitting under the trees wasn’t long enough even for a short stout person like grunt to lay in fully outstretched, so the slave was huddled on his side, bunching up one blanket to rest his head on while the other blanket barely covered his naked body from the cool air dropping down through the forest as the night wore on.

The slave’s mind kept going back to the situation that landed it in the cage as punishment.

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A hot workman gets taken down

Don’t mess with a man when he’s in the middle of a really good wank! Dave is revved up and furious when he’s interrupted mid stroke but he soon finds an outlet for all that sexual frustration when hot fucking workman Steve turns up to tempt with his bum crack.

When he’s been subdued Dave and Adrian set to work tasting this delicious one’s flesh right on the rooftop. Nothing tastes quite so sweet as a straight man’s forbidden sweaty cock and arse crack. When he’s strung up and aware what’s happening to him he’s fucking livid. As a recently married man he believes his body is a sacred object that should only belong to his wife. Well now they’ve got their filthy hands all over him and they’re going to use his hot body in ways it’s never been before.

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Video: Bryan Cole gets roped to a cage and whipped

At Roped Studs, Bryan Cole is roped face-first to the cage, his hard abs pressed tight against a wooden platform pressed tight against the cage. Rope man Anthony’s simple, elegant ties at Bryan’s wrists and ankles hold him perfectly, allowing him just enough movement to flex and show off his amazing muscles. Rope man J.J. has first dibs on the stud, grabbing his rock-hard ass cheeks, then getting out his horse whip. Soon Bryan’s V-shaped back is crisscrossed with gorgeous, red stripes.


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Bryan_Cole_Roped_Studs_01 Bryan_Cole_Roped_Studs_02 Bryan_Cole_Roped_Studs_03