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15 – Part 02

By slavebladeboi

I stood for a couple of minutes trying to hear what was going on as nothing else seemed to be happening, but he soon returned. He led me out of the room with his hand grasping my neck. I knew more or less how to get to the dungeon play space even though I couldn’t see but this was just one more bit of authority he held over me.

I heard the locks snap shut on the wrist restraints as he fixed them to the bar. It must have been the bar he was setting in place that took those first few minutes and he’d adjusted it to a height that meant I was reasonably stretched if my feet were flat on the floor but needed to be on tip toe to relax my arms slightly. When he kicked my ankles apart, so he could link them to the chains at ground level, I found tip toe was my only option.

Then silence.

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15 – Part 01

By slavebladeboi

I’ve always been sort of handy with tools, especially woodworking tools. Nothing fancy or complicated but I can generally solve simple problems that need to be fixed and involve bits of wood. Hanging doors, shelving from scratch, even laying a new wood floor have been part of my areas of rather limited expertise, so when Boss said we needed to replace a bit of kit we used I was up for the task.

Not groundbreaking science, nothing anyone else with a bench, tape measure and a saw couldn’t undertake, but it had to be accurate. Boss needed a new suspension bar he could hang me from. Its measurement had to be precise to fit exactly where the old one was positioned, as it slid in between some other kit we had. It also had to hold my weight at the times I was made to swing from it rather than support myself on tip toes, a position we normally used. I said I’d do it, save some money that we could use at the biker stop.

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Bondage stud Jay is roped and flogged

At Roped Studs, Jay is an Asian powerhouse, solid muscle from head to toe, with bulging calves and biceps, thick thighs, huge pecs, square shoulders and six-pack abs. Every muscle is on display as he struggles against the tight ropes holding him to the bondage pole, wearing a tiny jock and a cut-off muscle shirt – perfect slut-wear for someone so well-built. “Get you fucking hands off me,” he blurts out as rope man J.J. caresses his ripped torso then rips open his shirt. Now it’s time to whip those muscles – and enjoy that nice, uncut cock. You can be strong as a bull, but when you are tied up by an expert like J.J., you are totally helpless, a mere plaything, in this case, a muscular, tattooed, sexy, Asian plaything.

roped Studs muscular asian Jay

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tied up and flogged at Roped Studs

The Man That Changed Me – Part 04

By Tigerkey

We finished changing and Sir said that when we get into the club, I was to call him Master as that is what I will be, with me being in his colours tonight. I replied, ‘Yes Master’ and he smiled and kissed me.  We got to the club it was very busy, but as we went into the door everyone just moved out of the way and didn’t say anything. I was asked to come up onto the stage and Master called for order.

Once everyone had settled down my Master said welcome to this evening’s event and before the main event of the night he announced, “I WANT TO INTRODUCE MY NEW SUB IN TRAINING – MARCUS, as you can see he is in MY colours to mark him as mine.  He is very new, so, subs here tonight I want you to greet him and help him get to know everyone here, as I will be very busy dealing with this night’s event”.  With that there was a welcome coming from everyone there to me and Master took me to his table, and we sat down for a few minutes so he could take me through the rough plan for the night.

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Play this male bondage video in full-screen mode

Check out this video from the men over at RopedStuds. Jay, an extremely hot muscle guy, is tied to a pole, stripped and flogged.

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Here are some still images of Jay at Roped Studs:

jay01RS_4 jay01RS_6

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Tormented and pleasured on the bondage cross

Justin is a handsome prisoner, and dom Ryann loves to torment sexy men like him. His good looks won’t work in his favor. Up on the cross with his cock bulging in his briefs and his body oiled and sore, he endures some of the most painful flogging before being spanked and turned around for more!

Flogging His Hot Young Ass

Flogging His Hot Young Ass

Flogging His Hot Young Ass


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Title: Flogging His Hot Young Ass

Bad Boy Bondage

Bad Boy Bondage

Izzy is chained down and brutally tortured

Nearly delirious from exhaustion and pain after being fucked for hours by a machine, fantasy boy Izzy Danger is flipped over onto his back. His lean, hairless body, with just the right amount of muscle, is crisscrossed with lash wounds. His breathing is labored. His brain is swimming, but he thinks he will be released shortly, after the man enjoys playing with his abs and cock while he flexes and twitches. He is shocked when the single-tail whip used on his back and ass suddenly crashes down onto his chest and stomach, over and over, covering his flesh with new welts, which the man then sprays with rubbing alcohol.

Dream Boy Bondage

Dream Boy Bondage


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Title: IZZY DANGER: Fantasy Boy – Chapter 7

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Dream Boy Bondage