Video: Straight Guy Channing Tickled

At Tickled Hard, Channing strips down to nothing but his white athletic socks before being tied to the bed. Franco spends a few minutes finding all of Channing’s ticklish spots, which are pretty much everywhere. The straight 26-year-old’s thick cock slaps between his thighs as he flips back and forth while Franco tickle-pleasures him. Franco finds Channing’s armpits and sides to be his most sensitive spots, so he spends lots of time there. The tickling is so intense that Channing even breaks one of the leg restraints! After tying Channing back down, Franco climbs on top of him and tickles the heck out of his upper body and thighs. He also slips behind the fuzzy straight guy and tickles his pits before moving down to his size 12 feet. Franco removes Channing’s socks and tickles his big bare feet with his thick fingers, a soap saver, a scalp massager and all sorts of brushes. With a perma-grin on his face, Channing giggles hysterically during the tickle-pleasuring. Franco returns to Channing’s torso once again, tickling him on his stomach, in his armpits and even on his back. Finally, Franco frees Channing so he can watch porn on his phone while Franco sucks his thick cock. But Channing shooting his load doesn’t end the tickling session! Franco uses an electric toothbrush to tickle Channing on his soles and in between his toes. He tickles Channing’s tummy, then flips him over to tickle his ribs and thighs from behind.

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Straight Guy Channing Tickled

Shut up and take our cocks!

14051_14733_13124_BiP_header_131814Kirk Cummings’ punishment continues on the streets of San Francisco, where he’s whored out and covered in wax and cum at KinkMen!

35789_3 35789_4 35789_5

Kirk Cummings lost his Naked Kombat fight against Dominic Pacifico, and now Kirk’s punishment is just getting started. Dominic leads him down the street, bound and blindfolded, until he spots a playspace to whore Kirk out at. A line of horny dudes wait to enter the playspace, when all of a sudden Kirk is busted through the door, shoved to his knees and has his face buried in their crotches. Aroused, the guys whip out their cocks and put the bound stud’s mouth right to work before taking him upstairs to the glory holes. The crowd tears away Kirk’s clothes and bends his ass over to get fucked like a spit roast. Next the guys line up their cocks as a spider gag pries Kirk’s mouth open, ready to suck every dick in sight. They use his mouth like the whore that he is before tying him down with a hood on his head. They handgag his mouth to shut him up as Dominic gives his hole a final fuck before the guys line up and give the bound man a nice bukkake all over his face.


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The Choice

By Aeres Baldur

It must have been years since I have been given the choice, but I can’t tell exactly anymore. And whilst I can’t remember when it was, I exactly know how that day was. I start scratching my head with my fingers. The cold bald feeling I’ve gotten used to spreads through my fingertips. I so don’t wanna get up and would rather stay in bed. But I know I can’t. There are things that need to be done. Someone else has to be given the choice.

Well best to get up then… and I raise myself from the bed. Up and on my way to the bathroom and first off to the shower. As I feel the warm water on my smooth body I can’t stop thinking: “Why can’t I remember when it was? When was it that my life changed so much?” There isn’t too much time to keep at that question and I get out of the shower, quickly drying myself and and starting to brush my teeth. The bathroom has a mirror that’s at least 3 meters wide and 2 meters high. It is handy for when you are getting ready for your day. As I look into the mirror I see myself staring back, and I keep on wondering again. When was it that my life changed this much? It must have been 5 years ago? Perhaps 7? Can’t be 10! Because my reflection doesn’t make me look like 40.

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Wolf is bound and suspended and his giant cock is milked

gay bondage

Meanwhile over at Men On Edge, Wolf has never been in full bondage before. He is very nervous about letting a couple of guys stroke his cock. Before the edging can begin, they tie his hands behind his back and blindfold his eyes so he can focus on every sensation. It doesn’t take this stud long before his big hard cock is bulging out of his underwear. Edging Wolf’s cock is like walking in a mine field, you just never know when he’s about to blow.

gay bondage 03-30803_9

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Abuse of Power

From the dirty mind of Tony Buff and the talented eye of co-director Paul Wilde comes ‘Abuse of Power’:

Horned alphas Tony Buff and Tristan Jaxx need an outlet for their aggression — and innocent stranger Ridge Kane provides the tight holes they need in a scene soaked with spit, spunk — and piss! Erik Glock is bound in the woods — and at the mercy of Tyler Saint, who brandishes two big guns as he fucks the fear out of the bottom in a scene certain to raise eyebrows … and cocks! Military man Ruff Zindao stands at attention, ready for the punishment administered by Tony Buff—whose implements of destruction (including a whip and a big dick) have the submissive’s back and ass seeing red.

rf04_003 rf04_005 rf04_007


Video at Titan Men Rough


Video at Titan Men Rough

7 Days in Berlin – Part 01

By Takeo


Lausanne, Switzerland. The temperature is high for the beginning of summer. It feels so good to be able to walk around in shorts and t-shirt after the long months of a particularly harsh winter. I am standing on the platform of the main station, waiting for the early evening Intercity train that will take me to Basel. I check on my mobile phone to make sure that I have the ticket for the night train which Sir Flo sent to me a few days before.

Found it. Monday, June 10th 2022, Departure 21.13 from Basel, arrival 07.20 in Berlin. The ticket indicates a cabin with four couchettes. Being shy, I would have preferred a private compartment, even if I had to pay something extra myself, but Sir didn’t give me this possibility. I have nothing with me, not even a backpack. I followed the instructions left by Sir and took only my phone and my ID, nothing else. To spend seven days at the SM Apartments, I would have thought that Sir would ask me to take a few outfits and some gear with me, in addition to my personal belongings, but no, nothing. Not even my chastity cage. Not even money.

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