By convict 975468

The horn blows and the lights come on simultaneously.  I roll off my bunk and with precision and without hesitation fold my blanket and sheet.  With the utmost care I place them perfectly aligned on the shelf above the bunk, and carefully place the plastic pillow on top.  I raise my bunk and hook it against the wall, ensuring that the thin plastic mattress is centered on the bunk, leaving the same amount of space all around the frame.

At once I move to the mark at the center of the cell and stand at rigid attention facing the bars.  Three short minutes are all that is allowed to accomplish my wake-up tasks.  If I take too much time, or anything is even slightly out of place, I’ll feel the prison strap on my ass.  My rigid piss-hard standing at attention sometimes merits a swat with a riding crop by a grinning guard.

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It’s slave storage time for bondage exhibitionist Mr Kristofer

In this video at Serious Male Bondage, Mr Kristofer is bolted to the wall in SFDom’s basement with padlocks and heavy manacles, while wearing a heavy metal posture collar.

Kristofer’s big “porn star” sized cock

This makes Kristofer’s big “porn star” sized cock rock hard — especially when SFDom ties up his balls, gags the prisoner and works on his nips.

slave storage time for bondage exhibitionist Mr Kristofer aka Steve Landess

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Title of this video: Slave Storage

leather master ties up Mr Kristofer male bdsm videos

What do you have to offer, boy?

Seamus O’Reilly offers everything to Christian Wilde in this male BDSM video from Bound Gods:


Christian Wilde enters with crop in hand, as Seamus O’Reilly presents cock and ass for his Master’s pleasure. Mr. Wilde wants to know what his boy has to offer. Not satisfied with the boy’s answer, Mr. Wilde punishes him with the crop before making Seamus swallow his hard cock. Locked in a bird cage, Seamus has painful clover clamps attached all down his body and on his balls while enduring electric shocks from Christian’s zapper. Bound in rope, Seamus is tossed onto the bed for a hard fucking before Mr. Wilde flips him over to receive a face full of hot cum.


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By PFC Pflege

(This story originally appeared at

I was twenty-four when I was outposted from the Marine Corps, and returned to Philadelphia. I was lean, I was hard, I had a military haircut, and the Marine Corps “look”. After I got set up in an apartment, and was back at my old job, I soon was hitting the local gay bar scene. Philadelphia’s gay community wasn’t very big back then – not  very big now – and there were only4 or 5 gay bars. I discovered that a whole lot of gays had a thing about Marines, and I didn’t lack for dates, and in 18 months or so, I must have had a couple of hundred guys, sometimes two a night. I liked lean, hard guys like myself, and I liked to fuck. I also discovered that there was no end of guys who wanted to suck off a Marine.

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