Hallowe’en by lthr_jock

By lthr_jock

“Shane, seriously, why are we doing this?”

The 6-foot-tall blond looked at his shorter friend. “I don’t even want to go to the damn party.”

Pete put his hand on his friend’s shoulder. “Like I said, Mary will be there and this is your final chance.” The two stood beside each other looked like an advert for clean living. Both were well built and healthy, both with unruly blond hair. Shane and Pete had been friends since they started school. Now, at the age of 20, they were back in town on a visit. Both had gone off to the same university and were taking a short break to visit their families. Their quiet visit had been interrupted when Shane spotted an old flame and spent the evening moping about her. Pete had come up with the idea of them attending the local Hallowe’en Party in the hope that it would cheer Shane up.

“Yeah, yeah, but she isn’t going to go for me with me wearing some damn costume.”

“But you have to be in costume to get in. Seriously, Shane, she’ll appreciate you’ve gone to some effort.”

Shane sighed and pushed open the door to the Costume Shop. The shop hadn’t been there when they were at school and the pair had spotted it by accident as they were wandering around looking for inspiration.

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Blake Daniels is blindfolded and put in metal bondage by Tyler Saint


Check out what happens at the Halloween Masquerade Party. Blake Daniels gets used, beat up, cocks shoved in his mouth and ass. This is a classic shoot at Bound In Public.


Blake Daniels is blindfolded and in metal bondage. Tyler Saint takes him into a room of horny masked men. Blake gets used, beat up, and cocks shoved in his mouth. Hooded men hold him down as wax pours all over his body. Blake endures the electric ball smasher and electric butt plug. Partygoers take turns spanking the man’s white ass. They suspend him by his ankles and make him eat ass. They all fuck him and blow their loads on his face.

blake_daniels_gay_bondage_02 blake_daniels_gay_bondage_03 blake_daniels_gay_bondage_04


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Theater review: A Clockwork Orange


They come down the left aisle from the back of the theater. Four of them — “droogs” as they call themselves. Audience members have already been asked to turn off their phones, and I am glad I have mine off already, because these guys look dangerous. I would not want to get on their bad side. One of them is holding a club, another a chain. They are wearing black pants and tank tops and white suspenders — and they are hot and muscular and intimidating. When they get to the stage, it does not take long before they are fighting with a rival gang, then beating up a bunch of innocent citizens — robbing and raping and smashing things, as violent street thugs in a dystopian society tend to do.

It’s the Off Broadway production of “A Clockwork Orange” at New World Stages, based on the classic Anthony Burgess novel, and I am sitting in Row C with my friend Frank, a fellow homo and bondage freak, and we are totally into this.

Readers of the Metalbond site will be pleased to know that about a third of the play takes place in prison. There is simulated hands-behind-the-back restraint, and a chair tie (but no full-body casting). And for those who remember the cringe-worthy scenes from the 1971 Stanley Kubrick movie in which Malcolm McDowell’s eyes are held open with clips and he is forced to watch violent movies, in this staging it’s a muscular prison guard’s hands holding the eyes of Alex DeLarge — aka Prisoner 6655321 —open.

Guys into HOM/GOM (hand-over-mouth/glove-over-mouth) action will no doubt get excited in these scenes, as I did. But perhaps we’re going to need a new term — HOE (hands-over-eyes)? Or maybe we can call it “forced media consumption”? That’s a genuine kink, right?

As a night out with a bondage buddy who also happens to be a fan of the male physique, “A Clockwork Orange” is fucking awesome. The inventive staging, the music and the lighting, and the athletic choreography make it something to experience. It’s a cross between a dance routine and a high-intensity workout regimen. These guys are ripped. There’s lots of chest pumping and flexing. You can practically taste the testosterone in the air. It’s an all-male cast, but the characters they portray are both male and female, so anytime there is kissing or sex or simulated rape it is homoerotic, male-on-male action. Good thing the sophisticated West 50th Street audience members are comfortable in their sexuality. A closet case like Mike Pence would not be able to handle a show like this.

As a play, this was good enough to hold my attention, although I am really glad I read the book beforehand. Otherwise it would have been much harder to know what the heck was going on. Most of the actors play multiple roles, which can be confusing at times. The actors speak in slang called Nadsat, which takes a while to pick up on. These guys also speak in thick British accents, making it even harder to understand them.

As I learned reading the novel, “droog” is a friend. To “viddy” is to see. “Horrorshow” is an adjective that means good. A “britva” is a blade, “krovvy” is blood, and “millicents” are police officers. “Cancers” are cigarettes, and “yarbles” are testicles. A “mesto” is a place, and “moloko” is milk. The milk that they drink is spiked with hallucinogens and stimulants.

Alex is played by Jonno Davies, who is the handsomest, hunkiest member of the gang. He is tied to that chair because he’s being treated with the “Ludovico Technique,” which is going to make him physically sick if he even so much as thinks about committing violent acts. It’s also, unfortunately, going to turn him into a “clockwork orange” — an organic being who is more of a machine because his ability to choose between good and evil is taken from him by the State. A further complication is that the treatment also makes him sick listening to his favorite music — classical, especially Beethoven (or “Ludwig van,” as Alex affectionately calls that hunkiest, most accomplished of composers).

The show is one act without an intermission and it is maybe about 10 minutes too long. It gets a bit preachy in sections. Most of the music is fantastic, especially the modern remixes of the classical, but I could do without that Frankie Goes to Hollywood song, “Relax,” which is so overused I can’t even imagine what they were thinking including that. And I was not fond of the dream sequence toward the end, mostly because in that scene Alex is wearing a hospital gown! I like him better shirtless.


The show is playing a limited run through January 6. I want to go see it again. The official website is here. Their Twitter feed is here.

You can get the book on Amazon, or at any bookstore, or you can read the Spark Notes page, which explains all the themes and symbolism, by clicking here. The Spark Notes include a Nadsat glossary here — worth a glance if you intend to read the book or see the show.

There are also a whole bunch of videos floating around out there. One of the most interesting is the “jail scene” from the earlier London production:


There was also a segment on Spectrum Cable’s “On Stage” program of Oct 28, in which Jonno Davies talks about his workout routine:

Mark’s Bondage Vacation – Part 01

By Mark from Serious Male Bondage

Hey guys, Mark here from Serious Male Bondage. I’m sitting on a plane waiting to take off on another bondage adventure. I’m going to visit my friend Bind at his jail in Hampton Iowa for a few weeks as a mini bondage vacation. (Check out the jail’s website here. This visit is less about shooting videos and more about getting in some quality bondage time of my own. I need some bondage down-time and brought three suitcases filled with my own gear. The idea is to ask Bind to put me in my gear and leave me for a while to I can get some good alone time in my favorite gear. At home I often play with my gear doing self-bondage, and sometimes MummyEd comes over and locks me in for a while, but I like the setting of Bind’s jail and basement as places to be tied up and left alone in a more “serious” environment.

Sometimes I will be chained up and Bind will leave me restrained all night. Bind is always in earshot, and there is more than one person in the building, so I feel pretty safe. On this visit I hope to do an all night spread eagle on the concrete floor of the basement, in my rubber suit. Since I’m visiting at the end of the year, the temperature outside is hovering around freezing, so I’ll have to lie on something to insulate myself from the cold floor.

Before I go any further, I’d like to share this picture with you guys. I took this picture last month at the new EdgeDungeon.com. This poor guy was handcuffed to the walls and hosed down with a garden hose in the shower cell. The shower cell is the same size as the other jail cells, but has a shower head with hot and cold water. The great part about this cell is that there are attachment points in the wall and floor allowing a prisoner to be collared or shackled, sitting or standing. Then, with the use of a standard garden hose which is located at the far end of the cell, with it’s own faucet, the prisoner can be hosed down and is completely unable to escape the stream of water coming from the nozzle of the hose. We all know how much fun it is to squirt water across the yard with your home garden hose, imagine being able to hose down your submissive in the same way! It’s kind of like being at the do-it-your-self car wash.

I arrived at Bind’s place around midnight with three suitcases full of bondage gear. There was light snow falling as we dragged my suitcases into the house. The picture above shows three metal collars I brought with me that would allow me to have on different thicknesses of hoods and still fit a collar around my neck. The only problem with bringing all this gear is the extra baggage charges. You gotta be pretty hardcore to bring this much bondage gear on a vacation. BTW – I borrowed the collars from the handcuff collector Yossie Silverman.

The next morning we got up and I helped Bind shoot a few segments for his bondage video series “Mind Trap.” Bind has a cool Gibbet cage that his friend welded together for him. We put him in a leather straitjacket and then into the cage and hoisted it off the floor for the video.

The second scene in the video was hoisting Bind upside-down in an arms-down leather straitjacket. I swear, Bind gets more bondage than 10 of us put together! Check out his “Mind Trap” video series on MenInChains.com.

My first bondage scene since my arrival was to be shackled spread-eagle on the floor of the basement. As I said, it was freezing outside and although the basement wasn’t that cold, it was chilly. So I laid on a foam mat and with the StudioGum heavy latex suit, leather boots and a Mr S latex surf-suit on underneath, I was mostly OK. I had ordered a “Texas Catheter” set from Amazon, and had the bag strapped to my right calf under the heavy rubber suit. It has a condom with medical adhesive that allows the condom to stick to your cock once it’s rolled on, then a small hose connects the condom to the bag.

With this setup I didn’t have to worry about stopping the scene because I had to go pee. This is the first time I had ever tried this, and it worked out really great. I wish I would have thought about this a long time ago. During my 2-plus hours on the floor I peed twice and my urine was captured flawlessly in the bag. Fantastic! I will try this scene again in the next few days and go much longer.

Finally, in the evening we gathered in Bind’s living room to watch TV, and I ended up putting a StudioGum thick rubber hood on Bind, and the biggest metal collar over his neck. I had the hood buckled too tight so Bind didn’t last very long. I want to try this hood while chained to the wall in the jail cell, which I will do tomorrow. Stay tuned!

To be continued …


Metal would like to thank Mark from Serious Male Bondage for this true story!