Tony Rodrigue of BDG Sales has died

It is with sadness that I learned recently that Tony Rodrigue has passed away.


Tony, pictured at right with his late partner, Dick, ran the web site They were both members of Delta.

“They specialized in electrical stimulation gear and supplies,” wrote Jim, a member of Delta, in an email. “Walking into the booth at events like IML and MAL was like walking into a kinky Radio Shack. They carried all of the hard-to-find wires and connections for your favorite play things. They also were known for their bondage furniture.”

Profiles of Dick and Tony are available here.

Up Your Alley – Part 4

By ty dehner

After a long ride out of the city, Boss stops on the side of the highway and drops the shield in the helmet that blocks my vision. I figure we must be getting close to home, but we must ride for another hour before I realize we are pulling into the garage and he is leading me off the bike and down into the only room I’ve been in since meeting him.

He attaches the chain that is connected to my collar to a point on the ceiling lifting me up to my tiptoes and creating harder breathing as the collar chokes me. He punches my enclosed balls with is gloved fist and leaves me to moan in pain, dangling from the chain.

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