A hitchhiker gets taken and violated in the woods by the creepy janitor


In this vintage shoot at Bound Gods:

It’s summertime, and creepy janitor Brenn Wyson is vacationing in the woods of Naughty Pines. Campers are enjoying Northern California outdoors and they have no idea that the creepy janitor is lurking in the bushes. Brenn overpowers hitchhiker Adam Port and drags him into the woods. Adam endures humiliating bondage sex, a hard flogging while being tied to the trees, and a face full of cum.

Brenn_Wyson_Adam_Port_02 Brenn_Wyson_Adam_Port_03 Brenn_Wyson_Adam_Port_04 Brenn_Wyson_Adam_Port_05


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Models in this shoot: Brenn Wyson, Adam Port

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Trenton Ducati treats Kyler Ash like a piece of meat


In this shoot from Bound Gods:

Kyler Ash awakens to find himself tied to a meat hook in Trenton Ducati’s lair. Trenton comes toward his new sex slave to see what kind of meat he’s packing. Trenton lets loose Kyler’s thick cock and slides it down his throat. Kyler sways in the air, begging to cum. Trenton instead takes Kyler off the meathook and slams him onto a pile of meat. Trenton pulls out his throbbing dick, and rams it up Kyler’s tight hole. Trenton leaves his mew meat locked in a cage for a while, before taking him out for a quick walk using a chain leash and zapper as incentive. Trenton leads his pet over to the meat cleansing station, where he makes Kyler lick his cock clean before chaining him to the ceiling and brutally flogging him. Trenton’s flogger freshly tenderizes Kyler. Kyler is packed in a Max Cita sleep sack, while electricity is sent through his cock and nipples. The electric current hardens Kyler’s cock while the rest of his body tingles with anticipation. Trenton decides it is time to open up Kyler’s asshole, and sticks an electrified butt plug in to soften the little hole up. Kyler’s ass is finally ready for Trenton’s big cock. Trenton fucks the cum out of Kyler, and then pulls out his cock, and showers his hot load all over Kyler’s face.

Trenton_Ducati_Kyler_Ash_02 Trenton_Ducati_Kyler_Ash_03


Models in this shoot: Kyler Ash, Trenton Ducati

Title: Perverted Butcher torments and abuses his handsome captive

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Trenton_Ducati_Kyler_Ash_04 Trenton_Ducati_Kyler_Ash_05


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Dom for hire

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Christian_Wilde_Jackson_Fillmore_01 Christian_Wilde_Jackson_Fillmore_02 Christian_Wilde_Jackson_Fillmore_03 Christian_Wilde_Jackson_Fillmore_04


In this shoot from Bound Gods:

Jackson Fillmore impatiently sits in a cage, wondering why the dom he hired, Christian Wilde, hasn’t started yet. Mr. Wilde finally gets up to silence the ungrateful bitch, barking at him to remove his clothes. He inspects every inch of Jackson, reducing him to only pieces of flesh. When Jackson thinks he can order Mr. Wilde around, Mr. Wilde responds with his hard leather paddle all over Jackson’s feet and ass. Jackson learns to follow orders and show gratitude as Mr. Wilde turns his body lobster-red with a belt. After choking all over Mr. Wilde’s massive dick, Jackson has whatever remaining noncompliance flogged out of him. Jackson accepts his nothingness, swinging over the ground in ropes while Mr. Wilde continues to take his time. He finally approaches Jackson and fucks his ass relentlessly before coating his face in hot cum. He unties Jackson and commands him to crawl to his throne over the sharp iron bars of the cage and lay his body at his master’s feet. Jackson complies with Christian’s order to cum, finally grateful for his master’s treatment. As Jackson gasps in relief from his orgasm, Mr. Wilde stomps on his tender cock.

Christian_Wilde_Jackson_Fillmore_05 Christian_Wilde_Jackson_Fillmore_06 Christian_Wilde_Jackson_Fillmore_07


Models in this shoot: Christian Wilde, Jackson Fillmore

Title: Mr. Wilde Shows Cocky Executive Who’s the Boss

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The start of a three-day chastity regimen

Metalbond reader tiemeupchgo sent the information and pictures below. He writes,

Dear Metal,

I have read your blog for years. I have always been interested in chastity. Well, I met a guy at bondage camp (Imperium2000) and we had a great time. I have also always been interested in a long-term bondage scene. He is going to give it to me. It starts on Friday, when I fly to North Carolina. But he wanted control of me earlier. So, I contacted the Dom down the street (MascHorndog), who has been dying to put me in chastity. I suggested that he put me in chastity for the guy in NC, and he agreed to. I wanted my first chastity experience to be 24 hours. He insisted it be 72. So I am leaving on Friday for my first two-day total bondage, captivity experience — some sort of bondage the entire 2 days. I am an experienced player, and played with some of the best, but this is new and something I have been really wanting to try for year and been too afraid of — real captivity for longer than a few hours.


So now, I am sitting here locked in a chastity device, and I will not be in NC until Friday. While it is a tag vs. a metal lock, I will not cut it. So my first time in chastity is now 72 hours. I am a bit freaked out, but, well, it is done. I figured you would want to hear about it, as you love this stuff.

I can’t wait for my long-term experience, but I cannot believe I am locked in chastity until then.


The next morning, tiemeupchgo sent an update and more pictures. He writes,

Dear Metal,

Well, night one is over. I awoke at 4:45. It wasn’t the shaft that was hurting during my AM wood, it was that the ring seemed to be digging in as my dick tried to pull away from my body. Once the erection went down, I was fine again. Granted, it was too close to wake up time, so I was up.

Getting dressed was a trip — i tried on two pairs of pants. I am sure it is really only visible to me, but I am convinced others will see it. I eventually went with the dark pants. Tying my shoes was a trip, as maneuvering around with this thing on, is not quite the same.

Well, we will see how work goes — Friday cannot come soon enough. I would rather be bound tightly and unable to move, than have this on.

One pic is at 4:45am straining. The other one after my shower — and more comfortable.

MetalbondNYC_gay_chastity_02 MetalbondNYC_gay_chastity_03



Thanks for the pictures and information, tiemeupchgo! Fucking hot if you ask me! Please send an update and let me know how your two-day bondage ordeal plays out.



The Convict – Part 03

By Joshua Ryan

The executive lounge is on the top floor of the Freer Building. It’s very comfortable. There’s even a deck outside where you can catch a few rays or look at the stars if you’re working late. It was a good view, but not many people stepped outside to enjoy it. Like Peter said, how much ass can you scope in an industrial park? And at breaks, everybody sort of expected you to keep with your group. There was one guy who stayed in his cube and read, and he was regarded as totally antisocial. I didn’t have enough guts to do that. But I was tired of Peter and his stupid jokes. So I started using the deck.

I knew he’d be watching out of the corner of his eye, so at first I just strolled around, glancing over the railing at this and that. But then I looked for what I really wanted to see. Down below, at the edge of Phase Two, the convicts were moving closer. Already the pile of rocks had come about a third of the way along the fence. The cons in the harnesses pulled the bin across the field, and the cons on the chain pulled out the rocks and laid them in line. Then you could see what looked like guys with hammers, going after the rocks to get them in shape.

“Making little ones out of big ones,” Peter said, on the one day when he surprised me by leaving the group and coming out on the deck. “Same thing that an old queer does when he’s naked.”

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Riley spends the night in a tiny cell

In the morning he is bolted to an X-cross and bullwhipped. At Dream Boy Bondage.


Instead of being freed after sucking off his captor, Riley is chained in a tiny prison cell for the night, naked and completely alone. In the morning, Jared appears and bolts his prize to an X-cross. Riley’s smooth body retains the scars from his numerous beatings. Little does he know that those earlier whippings were a mere preview. Jared will now lash him with a six-foot bullwhip, up and down his chest and stomach, leaving the prisoner gasping and sputtering in pain, his pink, hairless torso covered with lash marks.

Dream_Boy_Bondage_Riley_03 Dream_Boy_Bondage_Riley_04 Dream_Boy_Bondage_Riley_05

Here is a free video preview:


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Busman’s Holiday – Part 05

By lthr_jock

Clark drove home, his persistently hard cock a distraction as he drove. As he drove, his free hand wandered down to caress his cock and he could feel it leaking, and the need to cum became more and more urgent. He pulled over into a handy layby and nipped out of the car into the bushes. Pulling his cock out, he only had to jerk it 3 or 4 times before exploding all over the leaves of the bush. Blushing furiously, he tucked his cock away and returned to his car for the drive home.

Once back, he quickly grabbed a shower and changed into some sweats, then logged onto his computer. The first thing he did was send Vickers a message. “Hey, great bit of kit again. Thanks. Hope to see those pics soon.”   He then started to browse some of the sites he had found previously and soon found himself stroking his cock again.

After a couple of days, Vickers sent him an email. “Pics have been posted on my site. I have a ton more here, but too large to send by email.” He had added a URL and Clark clicked on it. Vickers’ site was all to sell his bespoke metal bondage gear. He checked around it, and under the heading “Yoke” he found a set of pictures in an album entitled “Samuel.” Vickers had photo-shopped a generic looking head onto Clarks shoulders and then blurred it slightly. He had also photo-shopped several backgrounds in. The photos looked amazing, and Clark tried to make copies but the site wouldn’t let him. He snarled in frustration and fired an email off to Vickers about it.

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