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More gay bondage action for Tied Up Tuesday

The orgy at KUMA’s Tied Up Tuesday bondage fetish night is in full swing, with Jay Tee and Ty Roderick ramming their raw rods into dick-hungry Asian studs Zed Sheng and Nolan Knox. The two bottoms on hands and knees are kissing and holding each other for dear life with the ass-pummeling they’re receiving. Ty flips Zed over and pries one leg high and wide to drill his raw dick in balls deep. Nolan is grinding his tight little ass into every hard thrust Jay Tee can dish out.

gay bondage action Peter Fever


When Jay Tee swings around to feed his thick cock to Zed, Ty takes his position at Nolan’s rear as Nolan plows into Zed’s juicy hole. Watching Zed chow down on Jay gives the other buddies an idea. They circle him and begin beating their stiff prongs in the horny bottom’s face. He gorges on this buffet of big cocks and each of them let their cum loads fly into his face or hot hungry mouth. Once he’s dripping cum, the other three milk their last drops into him and feed him the faceful of sperm he’s been wearing like a badge of honor. Tied Up Tuesday is done for the week, and four horny studs are drained, sticky and exhausted, at least for the night.

Gay bondage studs


Site: Peter Fever

Title: Tied Up Tuesday 7: The Final Knot

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face full of cock

Jordan and Brendan Phillips in Skuff: Rough Trade 1

Here’s more from Skuff: Rough Trade 1 from the men of Hot House.

jordan_and_brendan_phillips_skuff_rough_trade_1_01 jordan_and_brendan_phillips_skuff_rough_trade_1_02 jordan_and_brendan_phillips_skuff_rough_trade_1_03

Tattooed, ginger-haired Jordan teases Brendan Phillips with a black leather riding crop. Brendan is tied up and blindfolded, totally vulnerable to Jordan’s whims. Exposing Brendan’s ass, framed perfectly by a black leather jock, Jordan lets loose with the crop, leaving pink marks across Brendan’s left cheek. Unzipping the pouch of his leather jockstrap, Jordan reveals his massive, throbbing cock, and Jordan gets down on his knees to deliver oral service. Thrusting into Brendan’s face, Jordan’s low-hanging balls swing back and forth in the air. Brendan uses his sword-swallowing skills to deep throat Jordan’s meat, impaling his throat with the shaft, then using his tongue to spread thick saliva across Jordan’s cock. Bending Brendan over, Jordan dives tongue-first into Brendan’s hole. As sweat drips down their bodies, Jordan spits on Brendan’s ass and lubes it up. Standing up, Jordan uses the tip of his cock to tease Brendan’s hole, then slides in with dominant, assertive thrusts. Jordan’s hand grabs the back of Brendan’s jockstrap, guiding the muscular stud even deeper onto Jordan’s cock. Brendan’s perfect ass bounces with the impact of Jordan’s deep pounding. They relocate to a heavy-duty sling, and Jordan gives Brendan the ride of his life. Stroking his cock, Brendan gasps in awe of Jordan’s powerful fucking. Reaching the point of no return, Jordan pulls out and jerks off a juicy load that splashes across Brendan’s ass. As Jordan watches, Brendan strokes out his own thick, white cum.

jordan_and_brendan_phillips_skuff_rough_trade_1_04 jordan_and_brendan_phillips_skuff_rough_trade_1_05


Actors in this shoot: Jordan, Brendan Phillips

Title: Skuff: Rough Trade 1

Categories : Anal Sex, Ass Shot, Bondage, Leather Fetish, Muscle Men, Oral Sex

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Who needs a blankie when you got pounds of chain!

Check out the pictures and information below from Bind,

via Serious Male Bondage:

bind-to-sleep-2 bind-to-sleep-3

Bind writes,

I was locked in 200 feet of chain, 50 padlocks, 15 slave shackles, and then welded into the cage for the day. We made a humorous bondage video where I was put this way so that I could sleep. The funny thing about it is that there is a lot of truth to it. I sleep better confined than free. Yes, I really did fall asleep while this was being videotaped, too.

Be sure to check out the video at Serious Male Bondage

Title of this video: GETTING BIND TO SLEEP

Bind’s site is Men in Chains