Three Slaves – Part 05

By Practicerestraint

The screen went blank and 502 stared at it dumbly.

“Over here, 502.”

The slave whipped around and saw a man standing at the entrance to his cell.  The tall man was marked as a staff member: he wore a buckled leather cuff around his right wrist and a heavy, stainless steel chronograph on his left wrist.  The name tag on his navy polo shirt read “Chris.”  Khaki cargo pants tucked into Corcoran boots were held up with a wide black belt that had various items hanging from it.  Chris’s muscular build, dark hair and goatee make 502 think of a dominant porn star ready to pounce on a submissive who would become his victim.

Chris pointed to the floor immediately in front of him.  Moving quickly, 502 walked over and knelt in front of him.

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A well-built prisoner is about to endure extreme torture

Jesse Stone is a 22-year-old college student, handsome and well-built, with a natural charisma that draws other students to him. He is arrested and sentenced to “extreme physical punishment.” Now he is handcuffed in a small cage, still dressed in the skinny jeans and tight shirt he was wearing when arrested. Under the law, he must be told every torture he will endure: flogging, whipping, electric shock to his genitals, anal penetration, crucifixion and racking. His tormentor is professional sadist Axel Johnson, who has some additional fun planned for this extraordinarily hot captive.

A well-built prisoner is about to endure extreme torture

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JESSE STONE – Political Prisoner – Chapter 1

professional sadist Axel Johnson

The Awakening – Part 01

By BikerSubSlave

Tim had developed an interest in leather during his early years, mainly through seeing the odd leather clad biker passing through the small town he grew up in. Being a teenager in the pre internet years meant there was little information or support for Tim to access about being gay, especially as the cruelty of Section 28 imposed by the Thatcher government meant it had never been discussed in his school years.

Those adolescent years were a confusing time, not really understanding what it was to be gay, let alone understanding that being aroused by men in leather was totally normal. As was having desires that went beyond run of the mill sex that others seemed totally preoccupied with.

The struggle of working out who he was and balancing it with family life meant Tim hunkered down and realised his escape from the parental control and stifling nature of small-town life could come by going to university. The combination of wanting to go far enough away from home to have freedom to find out who he was and also have a vibrant gay scene meant London was the obvious choice.

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Bondage gear: Ultimate Psyche Ward Arm Binders

Visually stunning and terrifying in any medical-theme bondage scene, the Sinvention Ultimate Psyche Ward Arm Binders are almost 16 inches tall and are constructed using heavy English Bridle leather.

high quality leather bondage restraints

Use these to attach arms together, to the wearer or to something else. Features 12 welded D’s and 5 lockable 1-inch roller buckles on each arm. Fits a wide range of sizes. Very sexy and functional for all bondage scenes.

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