By Marknorth

I laughed the first time someone called them aquariums.  I had always thought of them as display cases but, since the occupants were alive, I guess “aquarium” fit better.  I wouldn’t have argued too much anyway, I never wanted to offend any of my clientele – especially in the VIP rooms.

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Caged – a true story

By Paul

Hi Metal, I thought I’d share this with ya, something you might enjoy. I’ve recently just came home from a vacation in Los Angeles and while there I got to experience some cage time. Not much, granted, but some.

The first was at the Rough Trade store, they have a cage at the bottom of the stairs on the ground floor, and I was able to sit into this. WOW!! What a rush!! Once the door was closed over (it wasn’t locked), and I could take in the whole environment, I found it a very thrilling and very arousing experience.

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James Bondage

I heard today the sad news that Jim Boyd of New Jersey, aka “James Bond” / “James Bondage” has passed away.



Jim was one of the first men to ever tie me up. The year was 1992, and I was a young kid who had just moved to New York City to explore his interest in bondage and kink. That naturally led me to the New York Bondage Club, which met Friday nights at J’s Hangout at the time. On my very first visit, I met Bob Wingate, editor and publisher of Bound and Gagged magazine, and “James Bond,” who was a photographer for Bound and Gagged. Having been a longtime reader (and beater offer) of Bound and Gagged when I lived in much smaller towns Michigan and Texas, I was thrilled to meet these two bondage celebrities in person.

When Jim and Bob asked me if I wanted to be tied up, I thought I had died and gone to heaven! They proceeded to rope me down to a floating bondage board, and they kept me tied down for the next two or three hours. It was a fantastic initiation to the Bondage Club! It’s no surprise, after that hot experience, that I became a regular at the Bondage Club, attending almost every Friday night for years.

At the start of each meeting, Jim would gather all the men in a large circle around the pool table, and he would get everyone to introduce himself and tell the group what he was into and what he was looking for that night. Then, every single week, after everyone had said something, Jim would utter his immortal phrase, “OK men, it’s time to pair off and sniff armpits” … and then the fun would begin.


To read even more about Jim and see some of his pictures, keep an eye on Bob Wingate’s Blog.


Metal would like to thank Max Cita for the picture above.