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Hard Up Straight Guys: A site where desperate straight men will do anything

At Hard Up Straight Guys, Danny’s most intimate secret is exposed, and he loses his pride and dignity in order to make some extra money to pay the bills. He’s a 28-year-old straight guy who works nights stocking grocery store shelves and he’s in a financial bind. He develops an embarrassing erection, but that’s not even his secret.

Hard Up Straight Guys

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Title of this shoot: Dirty Secret Exposed – Part 1

male bdsm and humil

The Drool Bucket – Part 2

By submittor

The Drool Bucket male bdsmi’m just the drool bucket for the Beast.

Staring up at Him, mouth forced open, drool overflowing from my bucket of a mouth. He’s growling now, animalistic grunting, straining, bearing it, enduring the suffering, seems to be thriving on the challenge, sweat from his brow flowing onto my face and the drool is never ending. The voices grow louder, our captors returning. i can’t see them but hear them approach, three sets of footsteps. They start to stroke the Beast, he shudders at their touch.

‘Hows it going big fella? Five hours, reckon you deserve a break’

i’m ignored, just his bucket after all, as they start to release him from the brutal hogtie, unclip his tits from the clamps connecting us. i can only imagining the pain as his limbs are released, the pain in his back finally relieved, stretching. They spit into his open mouth, slap him a couple times to make him focus. Still gagged, he grunts angrily, stares at them, defiant.

i notice for the first time that his cock is in chastity, must be agony. i can’t help wonder how long it has been locked like that, how much has he endured. My own pathetic cock still stands proud and purple, not locked but tied, just as helpless, unreachable.

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The Drool Bucket – Part 1

By submittor

The Drool Bucket male bdsmDrip…another lump of slime falls into my open mouth hole with an audible plop. i’ve no idea how long we’ve been tied like this. All i can do is stare up at the handsome beast above me. Tough looking, masculine, muscled, handsome. Drip…when i’d been dragged in i’d instantly got hard at the sight of him…naked…hogtied…gagged….sweating…struggling….drooling. He was dirty, a few bruises, looked like he’d been in a fight maybe. Wide leather straps secured him into the vicious hogtie, muscles straining. His grunts and groans the only thing breaking the silence. He looked angry, aggressive, scary….fuckin hot. A Beast.

Drip…Drip…But i didn’t have long to admire his manliness. Rough hands dragged me and threw me on the dirt in front of him, a few swift, brutal kicks got me into position, lying directly under him. Inches from this fuckin God….beneath…lower than him in all ways.

Drip…Drip…Drip…its fuckin gushing now! filling me, drowning me. Next they’d wrapped lengths of leather hide round my body….tight! Everything bound tight together…painfully tight so i couldn’t move an inch. My balls also wrapped in tight leather hide. My cock sticking up purple and horny…not allowed to cum in a month.

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Holden Phillips wants to be used and humiliated to the extreme

Holden Phillips gets handcuffed, tased, gang fucked and pissed on as he services a bathroom full of cock

gay bondage

In a crowded bathroom, a group of horny men await as pain pig Holden Phillips is brought in to service the crowd. Everyone takes their turn groping the captive as he’s passed around. On his knees he starts putting his mouth to work, finding every cock he can and making sure it’s rock hard. The guys each take him into a stall for their own personal use, beating his ass red before bending him over for a hard fucking. They hold him down and pull on his balls till he screams for mercy, but there’s no mercy, they give his cock and balls a taste of the taser to teach him a lesson. The crowd then breaks off a toilet seat and turns Holden into a human self-servicing toilet. With the seat around his head the guys each fuck both his holes and douse him with cum and piss like the toilet whore he is.

gay bondage 31359_19

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Kirk Cummings gay bondage

Pictures and video: Gabriel is kidnapped and tortured

College stud Gabriel is face-down on the rack. Anthony whips the super-sensitive soles of his feet, then stretches and whips him some more, over and over.

bondage torture twinks

Gabriel is in a state of emotional shock, whimpering. Anthony finds such sobbing both contemptuous and a turn-on – a sign of weakness but also success, proof that he has crushed his prisoner’s spirit. He mocks Gabriel, demanding that he say “please” when begging to go home, then makes him feel the throbbing hard-on under his leather thong. Gabriel is face-down on the rack, completely naked. Anthony strokes and squeezes every inch of the helpless captive’s body, then smacks his feet with a crop – a series of sharp blows that make Gabriel squeal in pain. He had no idea the soles of his feet were so sensitive. Every few minutes Anthony stretches the bondage stud a little more and then goes back to torturing his feet. He’s being tortured for no other reason then he happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time.

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Title of this shoot: Gabriel Cruz – Taken for Torture – Chapter 7

Dream Boy Bondage