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Desperate for cash

Brett is a 27-year-old, straight construction worker who desperately needs money for a new apartment. He shows up after work in his boots and work clothes looking very masculine and sexy. He winds up tied to a bench and tickled until he is laughing uncontrollably, struggling and thrashing about, breathlessly begging for it to stop.

Hard Up Straight Guys

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Title of this shoot: Hard Up Construction Worker – Part 1

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male bondage and tickling

Male BDSM: Stripped, fully exposed and humiliated


Gary is retired with an eye for sexy young men and time on his hands, and he’s taken an interest in Kevin, who is desperate for cash. Two men make him strip down with his briefs on his head and bend over a stool so they can examine his asshole. Then Gary whips his tender asshole with a stick, making him squirm, twitch and squeal.

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Title of this shoot: Kevin Abused for Money – Part 1

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A blue-collar guy is hard up for cash and gets tied up

male bondage handcuffs

Derek is a 30-year-old, blue-collar kind of guy, 5-foot-11 and 200 pounds of muscle and straight macho who needs to make some quick cash. He’s very self-conscious and nervous. He has a smooth, muscular body, a long thick cock and a tight virgin hole. He gets tied up, gets his balls leashed, and to his great embarrassment he pops a woody. What more humiliating experience for a straight guy than to beg an old gay man to spare his precious balls.

male bdsm and humil

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Title of this shoot: “Derek – Part 1”

gay for pay bondage

Video: The jail toilet

Bind is chained next to the toilet in a jail cell — but that does not stop the guards from coming in to take a piss! Check out what happens:


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What a horse’s ass

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Mike’s torment continues at Hard Up Straight Guys. He is still tied up as he deep throats a dildo, gagging and choking. Then he gets fucked in his ass with two dildos while he moans and grunts, kicking his long, sexy legs, so dejected and degraded with his face in his tormentor’s crotch. He ends up with horse’s tail butt plug in his ass.

gay for pay bondage

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Title of this shoot: Bound, Fucked and Cum Fed – Part 2

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The Rules of the Game – Chapter 04

By Jackson Amacher

Colton was a cross-country runner. Colton grew up in a small town in Alabama, where the only exercise facilities available to young boys were a football field and a couple of miles of unpaved roads, so Colton took to the roads. He liked running, and didn’t mind the flat stomach and lean body it gave him.

Colton liked guys. But Colton was raised to be modest. He’d see other guys running shirtless, but he wouldn’t do that himself. It was indecent, Colton was taught. Colton never let anyone see his body, not his chest and certainly not what he kept under his underwear. At the Academy some guys would walk back from the showers wearing towels; Colton would wear a bathrobe over t-shirt and underwear.

Now, Colton was forced to wear just a jock strap in front of most of his class. He could feel everyone’s eyes on his bare skin. He couldn’t stop thinking about how small and undeveloped his body looked, compared to these muscular, shredded guys.

Jock straps weren’t new to him. When Colton was twelve, he went running with a new pair of running shorts his mom had bought him, shorts that had a built-in liner so that you didn’t need to wear underwear. It felt uncomfortable; his dick was too free, like a third leg. A few people smiled when Colton ran past them like that. Colton’s dad saw what they were seeing, stopped Colton immediately, and sent him home. “You’re flopping,” his dad had said, and Colton didn’t know what he meant. But Colton’s mom bought him jock straps after that. And Colton would wear them, with his normal underwear over them, and then his shorts. It felt much better.

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The Rules of the Game – Chapter 02

By Jackson Amacher

[Earlier that day…]

At Dawson Military Academy, before graduation seniors take part in a massive wargame. What it involves, no one knows. Only that it is an honor to be picked.

There are three teams, each led by three cadets with the three highest scores on an exam. Those cadets pick the other players. Less than half the senior class is selected. Anyone who makes it through gets a silver medal on their graduation uniform. Anyone on the winning team, gets gold.

One cold morning the senior class reported to duty, as instructed, in the school’s parking lot.

They all wanted gold.

Good friends Dylan and Mark laughed and nervously chatted with each other.

“I can’t believe you didn’t make the cut for captain. So unfair,” Mark told Dylan.

“Yeah, it sucks. No prize for fourth place, though,” Dylan said.

The lists of students on each team were posted.

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Male BDSM: Bound, Fucked and Cum Fed

Mike is 26, a former high school baseball and football player with a nice toned body, but he seems very shy and nervous. After he gets tied up for cash, he’s forced to suck a dildo on the wall as if it were a glory hole.

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Title of this shoot: “Bound, Fucked and Cum Fed – Part 1”

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