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Strip, asshole

forced to strip by guards

This cocky pretty boy irritates these humourless frustrated guards. When he is slow to respond to them as they order him to undress and reveal his entire body, the officers have no trouble in extending his naked humiliation and giving him physically taxing orders like making him yank back his foreskin as much possible. They seem to enjoy teaching this hard-bodied, mean criminal a firm lesson about submitting to their authority and learning to do exactly as he is told!

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show me your cuffs

Muscle bondage with a very small chastity cage

Derek Dillon and Derek Kage are not fooling around, with Derek cuffed to a hanging bar, ball gag keeping his mouth open. When Dillion yanks down Derek’s black shorts, he humiliates his bottom about the cage over his dickhead. He spits in Derek’s face. “Want this fuckin’ dick!? Before you get mine, I’m gonna torture this little one!” and he buzzes Derek’s crotch with a black vibe. “Didn’t know they even MADE chastities this small,” he says. He snaps a leather cuff over Derek’s balls and yanks the attached chains. Derek cries out from the sharp sensation. Dillon frees him from the bar, then unsnaps his harness. Derek kneels in submission before his Master, revels in a hot hard stream of piss into his face and down his muscled chest. “Ohh, thank you Sir!” he repeats gratefully, cowering.

Muscle bondage with a very small chastity cage

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Site: FetishMen

Title of this shoot: Dillon’s Double D Dungeon

gay porn with chastity

Handcuffed naked in front of fully clothed men

handcuffed naked

At CMNM.net, as soon as this lazy scally fucker thought he was going to lose his precious benefits he agreed to take any work going. But he’s been led through a serious of increasingly humiliating exercises until he’s in over his head and stark naked. With the proof to incriminate this wicked miscreant, they can now order this egotistical bastard to do anything and serve in every humiliating way possible.

male forced nudity



Island Paradise – Part 2: Chapter 18

By Joshua Ryan

Chapter 18: Where Nice Guys Finish Up

When you’re standing in a slapholder, everybody on the street can see you, which I guess is supposed to be very shameful and humiliating.  A lot of people looked at me and laughed, but I didn’t mind that much.  In fact, I thought I was lookin pretty good in my new browns.  Also, you can see stuff when you’re hangin in one of those things, which was great because I’d seen practically nothing of the city before, and lots of it was really beautiful, especially the part we were going to, which turned out to be an ultra-rich part of town.  It was like one palace after another.

When we slowed down, I saw one that had “Alcazar” on the gate, but we were just slappies so we didn’t go in there.  We had to go down and around to the back.  Then they let me off the truck and hustled me into this big ugly brick building that you could tell was just for the servants, and right away I was standing in front of a boss slap with NAT on his shirt.  “My Name is Nat, How May I Serve You?”  But he was actually wearing long sleeves, and pants rather than shorts!  All brown, of course, but I was beginning to get the impression that this was a place that was tryin to be, like, over the top when it came to luxury items.

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