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Lock up your dick in a pink chastity cage!

This chastity device now comes in a brilliant new Fusion Pink color! It is lightweight and perfect for long-term wear. The accuracy of the 3D printing process removes any possible pinch points, so you’ll almost forget you have it on.

Lock up your dick in a pink chastity cage


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Bondage / BDSM gear

Lock up your dick in a pink chastity cage

Don’t do the crime if you can’t do the time

gay_bondage_Strip_Search_Hell_01 gay_bondage_Strip_Search_Hell_02

This is definately one of life’s losers. He keeps making the wrong decisions. Which dealers wear undies with WEED emblazened on them!? Bet he didn’t think anyone would see them. Now he’s getting his precious undies and everything else taken from him. He doesn’t realise that these nasty warders have the say over his body from now on. It would probably be a good idea to get on their side. Instead he gives them the evil eye. Idiot.


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He gets locked into a chastity cage as punishment

Meanwhile over at BrutalTops, soccer hooligans Derek and Toby are in their element. Marching a rival supporter back to the Tops lair, hand gagged and in an arm lock, this dirty cunt is under their complete control.

Brutal Tops MetalbondNYCTied to chair, the Masters first use its mouth for some beer-spitting target practice before moving on to getting their sweaty armpits and dirty arse cracks cleaned by it’s slutty mouth and tongue.

012 013 014 017


Given a boner by his Master it’s now Ben’s turn to get them hard. Even with some encouragement he does a shit job and receives a good caning. Derek puts the useless cunt’s tiny flaccid penis into a chastity cage as punishment.

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Wearing the slut cap

Tyler Sweet gets taken down and dragged off to a classroom by two perverts for relentless edging and ass-play.

34001_7 34001_11 34001_12

In this vintage shoot at Men On Edge, Van and Sebastian have disguised themselves as janitors at a nearby university when a hot stud, Tyler Sweet, walks into the bathroom. The two perverts quickly pounce on him and tie him up back in the classroom. Tyler’s eyes are blindfolded as the two tear away his clothes and tease his cock with the hitachi’s. When Tyler starts to get mouthy he’s gagged with an apple as he’s helplessly bound. Folded in half and suspended in mid-air, Tyler’s ass spreads wide open as the pervs shove a dildo in his hole. Suckers are attached to his nipples as Sebastian plays with Tyler’s cock, bringing him to the edge before the suckers are ripped off Tyler’s sensitive nips. Bent over the desk, Tyler gets fucked with the vibrator before he’s turned over for more cockteasing. Once the prostate massager is shoved up his ass, Tyler is made to cum all over himself before he’s finished off with some post-orgasmic torment.


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His body is on display as he is tied into the stirrups

Adrian is embarrassed that after some stroking his dick is aching hard. Those big balls of his are bursting full and notice the gooey line of precum oozing from his cock. Adrian spunks all over himself while his arsehole is fully exposed, still gaping from when they widened his sphincter. They tempt Adrian to lick his spunk, but this proud hetero is having none of it!

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He will do anything to keep his job

At CMNM.net, crafty businessman Joe has always schemed his way into being top dog, but now faced with disgrace and unemployment he’s desperate to do anything to keep his job! Right in the middle of a busy office, he’s been turned into a lowly pup groveling on the floor and using his tongue to shine the office manager’s shoes. And it’s not enough that he’s buffing his shoes against Joe’s big weighty package; he wants to get his mates in on this upstart’s humiliation too!

gay shoe licking

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