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Punishment Cell at the Citadel Correctional Boot Camp – Part 02

By Jockboy

“Front leaning rest NOW, shithead!” said my still unseen captor, giving me level #2 jolt from the shock collar around my neck to emphasize his point.

He’d just told me the shock collar level went to level #10. Level #1 and his talk of the punishment regimen to come had caused an unauthorized hard-on and an unauthorized pre-cum leak onto the concrete cellblock floor in front of the punishment cell.

I was in deep shit.

My conduct had earned me a trip to the basement dungeon where five of his buddies were waiting. I’d been promised an indoctrination punishment workout, a severe beating, and a hogtie in a cage.

And I hadn’t even been in-processed, shaved, strip-searched, disinfected, and issued my uniform yet. I was in a correctional boot camp whose purpose was behavior modification and instilling discipline and obedience.

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Mike is tied and humiliated while strapped for cash

forced male bondage

Still hogtied, Mike is made to suck on a dildo. He gags and is told he’s going to learn how to suck a dick right. By now, he’s very uncomfortable with the bondage as he struggles to cope with the rubber cock in his throat. Then, kneeling with his hands tied behind his back, he gets his virgin hole fingered as he struggles, grunts and moans in shame.

male forced action

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Title of this shoot: Mike – Part 2

male bdsm and humil

gay for pay male bondage

Bind and spank

After taking his manhood with a vicious dildo fucking, the masked man now takes him OTK for a humiliating spanking like the ones he got long ago from his dad. Preppy looks gorgeous OTK, with his firm muscular legs and bubble butt laid out submissively on his attacker’s lap. Using a wooden paddle and bath brush, the man soon has him kicking those beautiful legs as he twists and squirms, moaning and groaning in pain, acting like a little bitch. The proud young man has been humiliated, in the end just cowering on the floor in total defeat.

male bondage spanking

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Title of this shoot: Country Club Preppy – Part 6

male bdsm

Training Week at the Campground: A Novel – Part 06

By AlphaMetal

Day 2, Afternoon – Pretty Boy is Prepared

The Commander, Alpha, and the slaveboy stood over the cot where Pretty Boy lay shackled and the Commander said to the slave, “Get him ready.”

“Yes, Sir,” replied the slave, and the Commander and Alpha began to walk away.

When the men were gone Pretty Boy looked up the the slave and whispered quietly, “help me.”

The slave looked into the boy’s eyes and walked away.

A minute later the slave returned holding a set of four restraints made of rubber and attached one to Pretty Boy’s left wrist. As the slave began attaching the next restraint to Pretty Boy’s other wrist the boy said to the slave, “Help me. Please.” The slave looked deep into Pretty Boy’s eyes, paused, and quietly said to him, “All you need to do here to be treated well is obey. I learned that lesson. And so will you.” The slave attached the rubber ankle restraints to Pretty Boy’s feet and went to tell Alpha that it had been done.

Alpha returned and released Pretty Boy’s wrists from the metal shackles and handcuffed them together while his legs were still shackled to the cot. Then Alpha opened the cuffs on his ankles and gestured with his head that Pretty Boy should stand up. Pretty Boy stood up and Alpha put his massive hand on the back of his neck. Alpha was not holding his neck gently, the way he had when he guided him to the chair for his buzz cut; at that point Pretty Boy still had a choice between Alpha’s carrot and his stick but he gave that up when he defied the Commander’s order to strip for his flogging. Alpha grabbed him roughly by the neck and shoved him out of the dormitory and into the shower room.

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Naked humiliation and bondage for a construction worker

Poor Mike is a 26-year-old, sexy, unemployed construction laborer in desperate need of cash. He kneels and humbly states his need, then gets stripped and gets his cock and balls squeezed and twisted while he flinches in pain. He then gets hogtied as he writhes in pain and humiliation.

forced male nudity

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Title of this shoot: “Mike – Part 1”

male bdsm

male bondage hogtied

Hard Up Straight Guys: A site where desperate straight men will do anything

At Hard Up Straight Guys, Danny’s most intimate secret is exposed, and he loses his pride and dignity in order to make some extra money to pay the bills. He’s a 28-year-old straight guy who works nights stocking grocery store shelves and he’s in a financial bind. He develops an embarrassing erection, but that’s not even his secret.

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Title of this shoot: Dirty Secret Exposed – Part 1

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