Long-distance 48-hour lockup

MarklnorthLong-distance 48-hour lockup

An illustrated adventure by Marknorth

A blogger buddy and I have been emailing for a long time (and a few phone calls) – and we discussed the idea of some long-distance lock-ups and were finally able to make it happen. About a week and a half ago he mailed me a box that I was not to open until he told me to.  The plan was to hook up on live video (yahoo messenger) and take it from there.

We set last Friday as the date and he sent me an email beforehand telling me that he wanted me in my orange prisoner uniform, black boots, leather ankle cuffs (locked on and with a short chain locked between them) when I logged on.  At that time I would open the box and see where it went from there.

As I was getting ready, I was excited and nervous – I had no idea what was in the box – it wasn’t very big, but it was heavy.  I was thinking some heavy handcuffs or something.

When we logged in, it was a one way video chat.  I could hear him, but not see him (on purpose – he wanted me to be under surveillance, not being able to see my captor).

He made me show him that I was dressed as directed and that the ankle cuffs were locked on.  Once he was satisfied, he told me to open the box – I had to do it so he could see that it had not already been opened.

It was a heavy, short chain and a large brass combination lock (4 digits).  He ordered me to place the chain around my neck and set the links so that it was tight (no way to pull it up over my head) – then he ordered me to close the lock.  I did it immediately – really without thinking – and I was fucked.  It was a heavy chain and lock – would have been a bitch to cut off.  And I just locked it on myself without the combination – by a guy that I really didn’t know and who was a thousand miles away!

I was locked up in the chain at about 8:30 pm on Friday.

He gave me a set of tasks that I had to complete to earn the digits to the combination.  Each successful task would earn one digit.  I needed to be free by the end of Sunday so I was really worried that I wouldn’t get them done – or that he would fuck me over and not give me the combo.

At first I thought it wouldn’t be that bad – but I was wrong.  I thought that I would be able to just unlock the chain between the ankle cuffs – but he had thought of that.  Randomly throughout the entire weekend he did “cell checks.”  I received an email from him with orders to write something on a piece of paper, take a pic showing the ankle restraints and chain, and email it to him within 10 minutes.  Sounds like a lot of time, but it isn’t – especially if you don’t catch the email right away.  I was basically chained to my computer the whole weekend.  If I didn’t get the pic to him in time – additional time would be added to the collar being locked-on or I was given some other punishment.

MarklnorthMarklnorthThe damn chain was really heavy and started to make my neck sore early Saturday.  By Sunday morning it really was starting to hurt.  I was scared by late Saturday that he had some worse crap in mind, so I offered to accept something more restrictive so that I would ensure that he would give me the combo on Sunday night.  Of course he took me up on that – and added locking wrist restraints, locked to the collar chain by another short chain.  The added weight and movement of my arms made the collar even worse.

MarklnorthMarklnorthBy noon on Sunday I had earned the combination – although I wasn’t going to get it emailed until later – which I already knew.  He gave me reprieve from the rest of the restraints at 2:00 – the collar still locked on.  BUT the final set of instructions came regarding the release.

I had to go out in public and take my picture – with the collar and padlock visible – at a landmark in town.  It is a small town – so I was scared shitless that I would be seen.  I did it in front of the post office sign, but had to scramble back in my truck twice as people stopped to get their mail (the PO boxes are accessible 24/7).


Finally I got the pics to him and he was satisfied.  I got the combination at the 48-hour point and was able to remove the damn collar.  My neck was sore for several days – but my dick is still hard.

What a ride!  I can’t believe that I did that to myself – I was truly imprisoned in my house and to the computer.  It was, however, exhilarating.

Metal would like to thank Marknorth for sharing this latest adventure!

The 10 Commandments of Handcuffs

You know, fellas, sometimes I tend to go a little crazy on this blog with entries about how hot and exciting it is to see a man in handcuffs. But let’s get serious for a moment. Listen, no matter how turned on we all get about this stuff, it is always best to remember this: safety comes first. When not used properly, handcuffs can actually cause real physical damage. Especially if you are using inadequate equipment or if you do not know what you are doing.

So — in keeping with the Top 10 List theme — I thought it might be a good idea to share some basic safety information about steel bondage. At the recommendation of my friend David Stein, I asked none other than Harold Cox (who has kept me in handcuffs longer than any other man I have ever played with) for an article called “The Ten Commandments of Steel Bondage.” It was originally written by Harold and published in Dungeonmaster Magazine in 1981. It was subsequently used in a presentation by Harold and david at GMSMA in New York.

Harold has graciously updated the article, and it is presented here:


The Ten Commandments of Handcuffs

Revised and updated by Harold Cox 11 October 2009

For those who like realism in bondage, there is no substitute for steel — handcuffs and leg irons. Leather and rope can be cut, or be insecure, and/or dangerously tight. Unfortunately, many tops who use handcuffs are not familiar with their use, which can cause damage to their prisoners. If followed, the rules below will allow players to enjoy their scenes more under safer conditions.


Most cheap cuffs can be easily broken or forced open. A good pair of handcuffs bought in a police supply store or ordered from a reputable specialty internet supplier will cost little more than junk cuffs sold in porn shops. For modern-style U.S.-made cuffs, Smith and Wesson is recommended, with Peerless as second-choice.


A good pair bought over the internet from a police supply house will cost little more than junk cuffs sold in porn shops. Smith & Wesson #1900 leg irons can be purchased from the Handcuff Warehouse for $40.99. The identical leg irons are sold by internet toy shops for $79.95. Caveat emptor.

I have had no problems with Warehouse’s service. A pair of S&W leg irons purchased about a year ago had a slight defect. They were replaced immediately upon complaint and the Warehouse paid the cost of return postage. I have reservations about Warehouse’s house brand – Chicago handcuffs – some of which could cause an accident in rough-house play.


Usually the set-lock is closed by inserting the pointed tip of the handcuff key into a small hole on the top of the lock case of the cuffs. The set-lock is released by turning the key backward in the keyhole. To lock the cuffs Smith & Wesson uses a pin accessed through the side of the lock case, which has the advantage of being accessible from either face of the cuff when locking.


Cuffs that have not been double-locked can tighten on the wrists if the prisoner struggles or changes position and thereby cause damage to the nerves. Do not buy handcuffs with lever double-locks. These can be accidentally unlocked in a rough scene allowing the cuff to be tightened, or allow the cuffs to be unlocked by the prisoner, facilitating a possible escape.


The point of steel bondage is that it doesn’t have to be tight to be secure. Don’t tighten cuffs more than necessary. As long as the cuff won’t slip off, it’s tight enough. It should still be easy to move the cuff on your prisoner’s wrist after it has been locked and set. Assuming that no tension is applied to the fastening point, the cuff bows should not press into the skin at any point. A quick safety check can be made by the captor by attempting to slip his little finger between the cuff and the flat surface of the captive’s wrist. If no part of the end of the finger can enter the space, the cuff is too tight.


This can cause severe nerve damage. Suspending the arms above the head with steel cuffs, even with feet or body primly planted on the floor, can cause damage if the tension is great or the position is held for more than a few minutes.


You can break someone’s wrist or arm that way. The outer edge of the cuff should just touch the wrist as you apply it. A short downward snap will swing the bow up through the locking part of the cuff and then back down and around the wrist. Practice snapping cuffs onto yourself until you get the technique down right. If it hurts you, it is going to hurt the prisoner. Practicing on your wrist is a slow process since you will have to unlock it after every attempt. You can eliminate this problem by holding two fingers together and snapping the cuffs over the fingers.


Unless secured otherwise, cuffs attached in front can be a dangerous weapon. For s/m scenes where high security is less important than minimizing unnecessary damage to the bottom, it is better to fasten handcuffs behind the back so the palms are facing each other, making any tension on the cuffs affect only the less-vulnerable outer sides of the wrists. Palms-out behind the back provide better security but is riskier and less comfortable.


Leg irons don’t have to be tight to stay on. If they are, the bottom won’t be able to walk, and the pressure could damage the Achilles tendon or bruise the ankles. Leg irons over boots are best if the prisoner will have to move around in them. Smith & Wesson leg irons are recommended because of their oval design. Leg irons should not be tightened more than two clicks when being applied. This will be sufficient to keep the iron from popping open accidentally. Probably the most comfortable way to use leg irons is to have the prisoner wear high-top shoes so that the leg irons can rest on the top of shoe. Pulling down the pants of the prisoner between the leg and the iron will also help to cushion the leg.


Nothing can ruin a scene quicker than trying to remove the bottom’s restraints (or those you have put on yourself) and finding that you can’t locate the keys.

The chastity predicament of Rbbrstorage

Check out the pictures and information that Rbbrstorage recently sent:



Hi Metal:

I hope things are going well for you. I thought you might appreciate an update on something that you played a significant role in inspiring (and feel free to use this on your site if you want):

I have now spent just over eight months in chastity, enforced by my boyfriend. Nearly all of it has been spent in a CB-6000s with a slightly modified KSD-G3 add-on to prevent pullout, and no extra spacers (which means a tight fit for the smallest of the devices). We tried the Birdlocked early on, but I turned out to have an allergic reaction to the material it’s made from. I’ve gotten surprisingly used to it, and am usually not even aware of it. My cock seems to have adjusted. It doesn’t struggle so much in the middle of the night to get hard, and my boyfriend is convinced that it’s actually shrunk in size (he likes the pic, below, showing the size comparison).




I’d love to claim that it has never come off, but real life interferes with chastity on occasion, and it has been removed for things like doctor’s appointments and the occasional abrasion that needs time to heal. I’m not sure how anyone could do chastity without breaks for things like doctor’s appointments, but am curious if others have managed to make that work. Even with these breaks, I’ve probably spent 90% of my time with the device locked in place over the past 8 1/2 months.

I thought some of your readers who are into chastity might appreciate a few tips on making long-term wear possible. Here’s what I’ve learned from my experience:

A balance of lubrication and cleanliness is important. Some sites say to keep everything dry, but that led to abrasions whenever my cock would try to grow, which meant having to remove the device to let it heal. I clean inside with soap on a Q-tip while in the shower every morning, and then apply vegetable oil with a Q-tip so that it can move comfortably without chafing. So far, that has worked great and hasn’t caused me any problems.

The right underwear is key. The first few weeks were painful because I was wearing boxers. I’ve learned that I have to wear something like a jockstrap that completely covers my balls inside the pouch to avoid pinching and chafing.

Shaving around the ring helps a lot, since otherwise the hairs can catch in the device and cause little painful moments.

Getting the ring size right makes a huge difference, since a ring that is just a size too small can cause a lot of pain in the middle of the night when the cock is trying to expand. If it hurts enough to wake you up at 4 a.m., the ring is probably too small.

How does it feel? Well, I have to admit it’s a turn-on. I like the feeling of being that controlled, and I guess humiliated, though it’s something that stays between the two of us (well, except for when he walked me around the last Anvil party in a sleepsack with legs, with the cb-6000s sticking out). My BF is actually very generous with the orgasms, about twice a week. He seems to enjoy edging me. And, there are studies that show a higher risk of prostate cancer for men who don’t come quite regularly, so … he’s very nice to me about that. But, of course, the cage comes off right before he edges me, and goes on right after. I have to be in bondage to come, and I have to have his cum inside me first. So, I guess I have to earn it. Just picture me in my leather sleepsack, hooded and gagged, sometimes with a couple tens patches on my ass, maybe a plug in there, with a Fun brand vibrating masturbator over my cock – an awesome machine – being edged for up to an hour before coming. Lots of fun.

Yes, the bondage/cum inside me rules make it a lot hotter for me. I found early on in the process that if we went many days without feeling sexual, the chastity device lost any feeling of sexual turn-on for me, and just become this hunk of plastic that was getting in the way and that I would start to resent. But we quickly got past that, and the device is an integral part of our sex life. I think my BF really likes that I don’t even get to see my cock get hard when he lets me cum. I can just imagine it through the hood. And I have to admit that I really like that, too.

Anyway, thanks for inspiring my journey into chastity a few years back, and keep it up with the great site.

— Rbbrstorage


Metal would like to thank Rbbrstorage and his boyfriend for sharing the information above and the pictures.

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