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James – Part 5

By Thunder

That was Sunday night. It’s now Wednesday morning, and time has been flying by as we spent most of Monday working on my walking skills by taking a hike in the woods and around the property. To do this, he allowed me running shoes and has taught me to walk on the balls of my feet and the tops of my paws. I am much faster in this position, though I still have a lot of ground to cover to get really fast. As we would hike, he would occasionally talk to me and ask me questions about how now being a dog felt and how my mind was adjusting.

I was learning to talk better through the fitted human hood and enjoyed our talks more and more each day, even once when I was mounted on the fucking machine for hours after he said I provided an unsatisfactory fuck one day after a long walk. Tuesday was just like Monday, starting with my plugging and ending with a printed email from Alan talking about how excited he is and how the renovations on the house were going very smoothly. I had no idea what renovations he was talking about, but I smiled and hoped it was something fun because I could not wait till I saw him again to show him what I was learning for him.

At that point it hit me that I had not thought about work one single time since being hooded, and I barked at myself in a laughing tone over that because maybe I was becoming a new man, well, hybrid man.

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Cops in cuffs

Kirk Cummings gay porn

Helpless and hog-tied, Officer Kirk Cummings tries to escape, but to no avail. Scott Demarco enters the room and observes the struggling pig on the floor, a wry smile crossing his face as he imagines what he is about to do. Using a fat dildo attached to the end of a long steel handle, Scott teasingly probes the angry cop’s mouth. Becoming more aggressive, Scott pushes the dildo past Kirk’s lips. Once the dildo is wet with spit, Scott presses it into Kirk’s hole. After teasing Kirk’s tight hole for a bit, Scott returns the dildo to Kirk’s mouth, forcing him to taste himself. Pulling both of Kirk’s legs up into the air, Scott ramps up his thrusting with the dildo, giving Kirk an intense lesson in submission.

Kirk Cummings handcuffs

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Models in this shoot: Kirk Cummings, Scott Demarco

Categories: Anal, BDSM, Dildo, Restraints, Rough Play, Uniforms

Title of this shoot: Cops In Cuffs

Scott Demarco handcuffs