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Captured Copper by lthr_jock

By lthr_jock

PC Paul White got out of the patrol car, picked up his paperwork and then checked his phone for the details of the call.  It was a warm day, so he didn’t put on his hi-viz jacket, but he grabbed his cap before heading up to the front door of the four storey building and trying to find the right bell.  Pressing it, he heard a click from the door and he pushed it open.

Inside, the gloom of the hall contrasted with the bright light outside and he peered around.

“Hello?  Mr .. Contenzio?”

Paul wasn’t particularly worried and not expecting any trouble.  He’d been in the police three years, having come straight from university.  He’d got his wrestling blues there and had been weightlifting ever since.  As a result, his 6ft frame was loaded with muscle and he was confident that he could deal with any situation.  He took his cap off and made sure his expensively styled hair was in place, before shouting again.

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What ya gonna do when they cum for you?

Handsome muscle dream guy Duncan is in the HQ gym, strips down naked in the locker room and pulls on shorts and tank. Hen notices the studly cop and loses his concentration on the bench press. Duncan to the rescue: “You look like you need some help, and down there too!” he gestures toward Hen’s stiffening crotch. Just a minute after Duncan dresses for his workout but already he’s stripping back off to get naughty in the gym. Hen sucks in his cheeks and slurps Duncan’s piece like he was born to eat dick, giving his nipple a little tongue flick as well. Tough guy Duncan pulls Hen close and guides his head down onto the thick hard prick.

top cops


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Title: Top Cops, Scene 1

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Bondage in 2020 Cell Without Bars – Part 13

By felon

Dwight and I had been left alone in the new “Party Room” next to my small apartment in West Virginia. The room had been undergoing some renovations. I could hear work being done in the evenings. The party/gathering to be held was upon us. I expected many of the men that we encountered at the farm gathering would be present. From what I could discern those men were mature tops — many in law enforcement or with security jobs, from West Virginia, Pennsylvania, and Maryland.

The location of the building is in the rear of a strip shopping plaza, with plenty of parking for cars as the security gates keep others out unless they had a key. For this even a security guard would be posted at the gate to allow invited guests to park in the secure area. Since I live in the building I do have a key, to exit when I am permitted to leave the property. There are also cameras scattered around the area for extra security.

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Locked up for an intense edging



In this shoot from Men On Edge:

Officer Keys caught Max Woods jerking his cock in public, and he takes the pervert back to the precinct. Disgusted by Max’s protests, Sebastian leaps over his desk and manhandles Max. He promises to edge Max so much that he’ll never dream of jerking off in public again. The sexual deviant only gets harder under the torment. Max shakes and moans gagged pleas for orgasm. Officer Keys only responds with more edging. He takes Max to the holding cells and fashions a cockring out handcuffs, pulling Max’s rod through a hole in the metal cage. Max is bound in place, drooling for cum as Keys sucks his cock and almost makes it explode with a fleshjack. Knowing that criminal rehabilitation is a long process, Keys throws Max into a dark interrogation room and bolts him to an examination table, leaving his legs spread open for a vibrating dildo. Just as Max is about to blow his load, Officer Keys interrupts with a vicious tickling. Keys finally gives the deviant what he wants, and milks a thick load from his aching balls. But Max is still under arrest — Officer Keys keeps him secured to the table for processing.

Max_Woods_gay_bondage_02 Max_Woods_gay_bondage_03 Max_Woods_gay_bondage_04

Model in this shoot: Max Woods

Title: Officer Keys torments sexy cock convict

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Dirty cop caught in a trap!

This is a vintage bondage porn shoot from Bound Gods. Will Wolf Hudson’s thirst for dirty cops ever be quenched? Think again!

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Wolf_Hudson_Jett_Jax_02 Wolf_Hudson_Jett_Jax_03 Wolf_Hudson_Jett_Jax_04 Wolf_Hudson_Jett_Jax_05

Back at it again, sexy Wolf Hudson has captured himself another dirty cop, Officer Jett Jax, after catching him abusing his authority. To give Jett a dose of his own medicine, Wolf has him cuffed with painful clover clamps tormenting his chest and aching balls, all while he’s made to swallow uncut cock. Down in the sewer, Officer Jax gets a mean flogging on his backside before enduring the sting of the cane. Wolf plunges his big, thick cock into the officer’s hole as his screams grow louder and louder. Finally, Wolf shoots a hot load all over the bound officer and makes him clean off every drop.

Wolf_Hudson_Jett_Jax_06 Wolf_Hudson_Jett_Jax_07

Models in this shoot: Wolf Hudson, Jett Jax

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Wolf_Hudson_Jett_Jax_11 Wolf_Hudson_Jett_Jax_12

Package: An arresting three-way with Officer Dirk Caber

Officer Dirk Caber

It’s hiding a surprise, waiting for you to bust it out. And a doorbell ring with a special delivery is all it takes. Matthew Bosch and Hunter Marx as initiate a scorching chain of events when they show off their Package. Deliveryman Matthew Bosch has more than one gift for horndog Hunter Marx, who gives the wannabe porn star an instant audition he’ll never forget. Cop Dirk Caber sniffs the fresh smell sex off husband Matthew Bosch’s bod, so he shows him who’s boss by fucking the hell out of his holes. A spit-dripping oral encounter between Hunter Marx and Max Sargent is interrupted by alpha officer Dirk Caber, who throws his dick in the mix in an arresting three-way.

Cop Dirk Caber sniffs the fresh smell sex off husband Matthew Bosch

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Strip, asshole

forced to strip by guards

This cocky pretty boy irritates these humourless frustrated guards. When he is slow to respond to them as they order him to undress and reveal his entire body, the officers have no trouble in extending his naked humiliation and giving him physically taxing orders like making him yank back his foreskin as much possible. They seem to enjoy teaching this hard-bodied, mean criminal a firm lesson about submitting to their authority and learning to do exactly as he is told!

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