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Florida Trap – Part 06

By Johnny Utah

Based on a suggestion by MetalbondNYC

I drove like a little old lady back towards Jacksonville. The speed people were going was really fucking crazy.  I got to my hotel by a combination of memory and luck. It wasn’t too far from the highway so I could see it before I had to turn off. I pulled into the parking lot.

On the passenger seat was a printout of my reservation. I guess Sgt. Stiles had made it for me. I wondered what he was doing right now.

I parked and went to check in. One thing hit me right away. It was hard to walk. I was taking short steps waiting for the chain on my leg irons to stop me. I had to stop. I took a deep breath and tried to walk like a free man. It was hard to do.

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Probation – Part 01

By Johnny Utah

I’ve been through that intersection about a million times. Out on Maddox Road there are two stop signs about 30 feet from each other. If you’re going straight ahead, no one stops for the second one. No one. I should have stopped. I didn’t see the Maryland State Police SUV until he hit his lights. He was right on top of me in a second, right on my ass. I managed to pull over to the side of the road on a wide strip of gravel next to a drainage ditch. Early on a Sunday morning, no other traffic around so I’m not worried about anybody I know seeing me. I looked at my rear-view mirror and then my wing mirror and out struts a uniformed stud.

The first thing that hit me was just the mass of him, the space he took up. His chest was big, and his shoulders sloped up to his neck. He had a tight-fitting shirt with an obvious bullet resistant vest underneath. A walking column of muscle. He had a red, white, and black State of Maryland flag patch at his left shoulder. His biceps bulged out of the tight short sleeves, halfway down each short sleeve were three gold stripes of a sergeant.

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Bad Cop: Scene 3 with Hunter Marx and Damien Stone

bcop_scene03_Damien_Stone_001 bcop_scene03_Hunter_Marx_001

From TitanMen, here are shots from Scene 3 of Bad Cop. TitanMen Exclusive Hunter Marx and Damien Stone meet in the locker room after a long shift. Both are horny and hungry for each other. Hunter is soon swallowing all of Damien, before getting the favor returned. This locker room scene quickly heats up from here, and ends up in a flip-fucking good time!

bcop_scene03_Marx_Stone_003 bcop_scene03_Marx_Stone_004

A trailer for Bad Cop: Scene 3 with Hunter Marx and Damien Stone is available here

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Leather Cop Enforcement – Excerpt 2

This is an exclusive excerpt from the new leather kink novel by ty dehner

ty dehner male bdsm authorSergeant Kieran Moore is the second in command of The Jackals, a dedicated squad of law enforcement in California’s high desert that has built a dark world of leather and kink while executing their own form of legal justice. The Jackals enjoy service from the submissive men who worship their boots and conform to their powers of control and ownership.

A happenstance meeting while riding dirt bikes brings the Leather Cop in contact with Mateo Hernandez, a blue-collar laborer from the Coachella Valley. This chance meeting leads to both entering a leather power exchange relationship that both men have always wanted in their lives. Over time, both their lives change dramatically, causing them to question the reality they are facing and wonder if they truly can deal with the future they are racing towards.

Leather Cop Enforcement is the second leather kink novel by ty dehner. This epic story has intense BDSM experiences with leather, uniforms, and more. These two men end up finding out more about their emotions, their lust, and how important power dynamics are in their life as well as the need to have each other in their hearts.

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A few hours pass as the two have been lazy, never releasing their touch.  The shadows are getting longer as the sun is moving towards evening.  Cop Boss squeezes his boy’s tits, making him moan in pain.

“We gotta get ready, boy. Tonight is an important night,” the Cop whispers into Mateo’s ear as he cuddles his boy’s head in his gloved hands.

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The Bear Trap – Part 03

By FirefighterSIR

The slave suddenly realized that it must be about 2 a.m.

The slave could hear the Captain laughing and talking with some of the truckers gathered around the massive dirty Chevy truck and smell the beer breath and cigarette smoke. The truck stop bar must have just closed for the night.

The slave was bound in the truck bed, his arms stretched and shackled to the sides, his booted legs spread wide and chained as well, his ass exposed as he laid chest down on the rough saw horse set in the pickup. On either side huge semi’s rumbled in the hot night sheltering the depraved scene from the rest of the truck stop.

The slave spit to get the cold cum and piss out of his mouth and panted and moaned as he heard another burly trucker climb up into the lifted pickup and unzip his jeans. The trucker’s rough, heavy hands cupped the slave’s face and pushed his thick dirty cock toward the slave’s exhausted mouth. The slave began to tongue and suck the thick meat as he felt another man grab the slave’s abused ass and finger and grope his tortured hole.

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Gay prison porn: Abusing the captive behind bars

In this video from Bound Gods, Officer Connor Maguire beats and fucks Alexander Gustavo. Bent over the desk, Alexander is stripped naked for a full inspection before he is made to swallow Connor’s hard cock. The title of this video is “Officer Maguire beats and fucks a stud for littering.”


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Leather Cop Enforcement – Excerpt 1

This is an excerpt from ty dehner’s new leather kink novel, coming July 31, 2021, to Amazon Kindle and in print. This excerpt is exclusive to Metalbondnyc.com. Posted here with permission.

ty dehner book


By ty dehner

The red Dodge Ram finds a parking spot near The Barracks, the Palm Springs area premiere leather bar. There is a light drizzle falling this evening after an afternoon of thunder showers. After parking, Mateo checks that he is prepared to meet the man that has him locked in chastity, looking at his face in his rear view mirror. He smiles as his young skin is clear of any blemishes and he has freshly shaved. His black hair on his head is in a close crop that makes it cool for him when he is on the work site. Opening the door of his truck, Mateo’s boot lands in a puddle as he steps out of his truck.


He had worked hard to shine his Wesco’s just two hours ago. He steps out of the puddle, reaching behind his driver’s seat he pulls out a rag. Placing his boot up on the door rim, he wipes it down and brings back the shine he had worked so hard on. Thinking back upon their first encounter in his trailer, he knew that that KTM rider had to be a leather man. Why else did he have them meet at The Barracks. Being in leather and bondage himself, Mateo didn’t want to overdo his first meeting so he settled for his Wesco Boss boots, black leather motorcycle chaps over his black skinny Levi’s, a black t-shirt with the Mr. S logo on it and his leather vest.

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