Captured by BreederFuckers


Cocky young Shamus comes poking his nose around the BreederFuckers lair. As a representative for the landlord, he feels entitled to stick his nose where it doesn’t belong so it’s only fair to let him know what happens to prying straight guys. His arms and legs are bound and his clothes are cut off from his body. Subjected to breath control, his dick, bollocks and ass are fondled and flogged.

gay bondage 009

An anal hook is inserted up his tight rectum. His body is covered in pegs. They are pulled off in one fell swoop while his ass is give a hard whack.


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Amazon Agony – Part 1

By Captive Punisher & Musclejock1 of Chained Muscle

The barge lazily floating down the Amazon River could barely be seen through the thick haze. It was night. The journey had begun earlier that afternoon, but the humidity had increased to an almost unbearable degree. The barge was surrounded by murky water, which had become steamy as night descended on the jungle with its dense tropical growth. There was an eerie silence surrounding the barge as it continued down the river.

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Tim the Bondage Slave – Part 5

By Mister-X / Spartan

Tim was tied up in his back yard.  They had been playing cowboys and Indians.  As usual, Tim was the Indian, and he was captured and had his hands tied behind him, as well as his ankles tied.  But this time, he also had a noose pulled up tightly around his neck, and was standing on a piece of firewood set upright, sweating and nervous.  The cowboys were going to be ‘hanging this injun varmit who had been harassing the settlers’.

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