Story: ‘Seeing it Through’

For those who are into male chastity, be sure to visit LockedMEN — a website dedicated to male-on-male penis lockup!

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The site requires you to register, but it’s free to register and well worth it, if you ask me! The guy who runs the site is a longtime kinkster and author, and you can contribute to his site’s upkeep once you’re in.

There are thousands of users, profiles with pictures, a live chat, and an active forum that includes a whole ton of stories! One of the newer stories is “Seeing it Through” by Cutieboy90.

To read it and lots more, go to LockedMEN

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The ritualistic torment of Brody Fox

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KinkMen is the daddy site for Bound Gods

Here are some of the more recent videos at KinkMen:

What the Devil Does: Gunnar Stone’s Ritualistic Torment of Brody Fox

Gunnar Stone gay porn

Gunnar Stone is back and performs a ritual to the Devil on Brody Fox. Brody is bound and splayed out on a pentagram where Gunnar crops his victim, pours hot wax on him, flogs him, and more.

Lucca’s Gimp: Lucca Mazzi Torments His Gimp Bitch Dillon Diaz

Lucca Mazzi gay leather gimp

Dillon Diaz is a submissive gimp awaiting his fate in the dungeon. Master Lucca Mazzi loves to test his gimp’s limits, and subjects him to flogging, electro-play, and a ruthless fucking.

Welcome To Production

Brian Bondage gay porn

Brian Bonds is a terrible production assistant. Micah decides hes going to teach Brian a lesson about the business he will never forget. Corporal Punishment and getting his ass railed will fix him.


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The Submission of BJ Adia

Here’s another recent shoot from Bound Gods. In this one, defiance turns to utter submission for BJ Adia at the hands of Trenton Ducati


Chained to the skeleton of an old mattress, BJ Adia pulls on his restraints, struggling in vain at what awaits him — Trenton Ducati. Mr. Ducati arrives and gropes the captive with a smirk and rough hands. Today all BJ will do is submit to his dom. Mr. Ducati strips the prisoner and pummels his toned abs and thighs before inspecting BJ’s hard cock. Looking for total submission from him, Trenton tenderizes BJ with a flogging before making BJ gag on his huge cock. Trenton brings BJ into the center of the room and suspends his body horizontal to the ground with only leg for support. Facing the flogger yet again on only one leg, BJ breaks and hungrily accepts Trenton into his mouth and ass. Now this BJ’s asshole is warmed up, Trenton binds his captive to a rusty bed, legs spread wide. He fixes chained clover clamps from BJ’s balls to his ankles, making him hold still as he takes an onslaught of sharp electric stings. BJ somehow manages to keep the clamps in place, but Trenton tears them away regardless before reaming BJ’s hole again. As Trenton plows his massive dick into BJ, he milks a hot load from the bound stud and smears the sticky mess all over his face. Trenton then straddles BJ to coat his chest and face in more jizz. BJ is left panting and cum drunk as Trenton struts away, back into the shadows.

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Models in this shoot: BJ Adia, Trenton Ducati

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Story: ‘Happy Locktober’

Did you know that it’s never too early to start planning for Locktober?! TieMeEdgeMe — author of “Orgasm Denial Therapy” and “Charlie and the Kink Factory” which have appeared in the Prison Library as well as on the Gay Spiral site — also has posted a bunch of stories at Gay Demon, including one called “Happy Locktober”!

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His Gay Spriral stories are available here

He’s also on Twitter