Warren Blindfolded and Bound

This video is from Straight Fraternity. Warren knows the drill. He confidently strips naked and lets his captor tape up his wrists, wrap his ankles to the chair and blindfold him. He splatters his big load all over the floor, but he stays hard. He plays with his asshole a little, but will he be able to go over the edge a second time?

Warren Blindfolded and Bound

Warren Blindfolded and Bound

Warren Blindfolded and Bound


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Straight Fraternity

Warren Blindfolded and Bound

My Trip to Paris – Chapter 02

By Joshua Ryan

Chapter 2:  We’ll Take a Cup of Kindness

We met at La Bête Bleue, which was a couple miles from my house.  He lived in Paris, but he didn’t mind traveling.  And after all, he was my guest; I’d be paying.  I was sure he knew that Bête Bleue wasn’t in the price range of a prison employee.

I got there early and had started on my cocktail when he arrived.  The sound of his ass hitting the booth made it clear that he was heavier than I’d remembered him.  More pounds, but apparently they’d all gone to muscle.  Unlike my extra pounds.  Bête Bleue is dark, but I still had to do my best, keeping my spare tire out of sight . . . .

The big smile—that was new.  Not his bashful college smile—something more interesting.  When you’re in business—when you’re successful in business, anyway—you’re alert to smiles that have had to be learned.  So good for him, he learned it.  And I can’t deny it was attractive.

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A hard dose of discipline for a straight fucker

At BreederFuckers, handsome hetero stud Kasper’s toned muscular body displays the marks beautifully. The fucker needs to be roped onto a mattress and spread on display because he still doesn’t understand that he’s now a fuck toy for men.


His curvaceous arse is pointed in the air and his nuts and todger are pinned between his powerful thighs. His captors play a wicked game on that bum, spanking and caning him till it blazes scarlet. He’s flipped over on his front so that precious mouth and anus can be used. With Dave’s big hard cock shoved in Kasper’s face he whips his head from side to side at the thought of sucking man meat. But the erection is rammed down his throat till he splutters and moans. Kasper is so overwhelmed by the dick being slid down his throat he doesn’t realize what’s happening to arse till he feels his sphincter being viciously stretched open. His hole is widened to make room for a massive dildo on a power tool. Kasper is penetrated at both ends so vigorously the tough bastard will never forget this. Pounded till he can barely breathe, he’s ordered to open his gob to receive his reward of a fresh load of spunk. The sticky cum coats his tongue and back of his throat. He swallows his medicine.

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My Trip to Paris – Chapter 01

By Joshua Ryan

This story is for adults and about adults only.  It is also fiction.  Any connection to real entities is purely coincidental.

To BUCK, with deep gratitude for his inspiration.

Chapter 1: Should Old Acquaintance Be Forgot?

I was 34 years old and I was already retired.  That’s what it felt like, anyway.  You’re probably thinking, “Great! Way to go!”  But if so, you may be wrong.

I’d been running the family business—it’s real estate—ever since I got out of college.  It was failing; I made it a success.  And if you think that running a real estate firm is a tiresome office job, you’re definitely mistaken.  As I found!  In fact, my work was risky and exciting.  It kept me going all the time, and I liked it a lot.  Just beating the bigger guys out of the market, hearing them whine about “aggressive tactics”—you can’t top that for entertainment.

Lately, though, I wasn’t liking what I saw when I looked at myself in the metaphorical mirror.  Cash flow great, staff pretty good, kid brother running most of the day-to-days. . . .  Fine.  But no problems, no challenges.  Whatever came up, my listless eyes had seen it all before.  In the mirror—a jaded businessman.

An attractive portrait?  No.  The picture in the actual mirror wasn’t exciting either, if I looked closely enough.  I was 34, but people still called me “the new kid”—for good reason.  Great hair, great clothes, and that million dollar smile . . . .  You can’t beat first impressions.  But I knew what was under the trendy tie and the slightly edgy dress shirt and the soft, gray, reassuring slacks.  I’d put on plenty of weight in the past few years.  And now I was doing what people do when they don’t really have to work—drinking more and more, getting up later and later, looking harder for friends to dine with . . . .

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