How Yohan treats his friends

In this video, Yohan puts a captive in a rubber suit, a red leather straitjacket, a rubber hood, and gasmask. Then he gets stored in Yohan’s padded cell with a chain locked to his collar, and another that restrains his ankles. Both chains are secured to the floor of the padded cell, so he’s not going anywhere. Yohan straddles and torments his captive with talk about giving up control and relaxing into his helpless situation. Clearly, Yohan knows how to take care of his friends!

padded cell with a chain locked to his collar

padded cell with a chain locked to his collar


VIDEO at Serious Male Bondage

Title of this update: GERMANY IN SEPTEMBER PART-7

Yohan puts a captive in a rubber suit, a red leather straitjacket, a rubber hood, and gasmask

Yohan puts a captive in a rubber suit, a red leather straitjacket, a rubber hood, and gasmask

Male chastity devices

Lock your cock up in HolyTrainer’s latest and greatest iteration of their world-renowned chastity cage. V4 is pictured but they now have the V5.

Male chastity device

Available from Mr S, the Holy Trainer comes with a thicker, wider base ring that increases long-term comfort, and the entire device has been modified to be even more ergonomic than previous HolyTrainer designs.

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Mr S Bondage Gear

Bodybuilder Derek Pain is subjected to chair, pit and water torture

Check out this vintage shoot from 30 Minutes Of Torment, featuring bodybuilder Derek Pain:


Derek Pain begins his challenge bound in the chair as Van punches him in the chest and beats him with the crop. Clothespins are clamped across his chest and all across his balls as Derek screams at the top of his longs when each one is ripped from his flesh. The bound body builder then struggles to balance on stilts while enduring a flogging. After he’s warmed up, Derek endures the biggest flogger Van possesses before he’s taken off to the water chamber. There, Derek hangs, suspended over a giant water tank, as he’s dropped and plunges in face first. Clover clamps then pinch down his torso to keep him afloat before he’s dunked back into the water. After three intense challenges, Van milks Derek’s rock hard cock till he blasts his cum all over.

34611_7 34611_8 34611_10

Free video preview of Derek Pain at 30 Minutes Of Torment available here

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A Left Turn at Albuquerque – Part 02

By Hunter Perez

I opted not to block Nicky on social media. Instead, I responded that I would contact him once I had more details on my Albuquerque trip. I quietly resolved not to engage him in further conversation – while I had no bad feelings to him, I was also not eager to pick up where we left off ten years earlier.

The next morning, there was a message from Nicky on my social media page. “Good morning!” he wrote. “I hope today will be a happy and productive day for you. Take care of yourself! Nicky.” He added a couple of smiley emojis at the end of the message. I did not respond.

The following morning, there was another message. “Good morning! It will be a good day for you, enjoy it! Nicky.” A few more smiley emojis were part of that message. Again, I did not respond.

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Group male-on-male bondage action

Check out Cameron Kincade at KinkMen:

gay bondage

Cameron Kincade has been fantasizing that a group of horny men use him like a dirty bathroom slut. In a glory hole stall, Cameron is strung up from the ceiling ready to be used. The men take turns shoving their cocks through the glory holes and fucking him from both ends.

gay bondage cameron kinkaid

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gay bondage porn

Cameron Kincade at Folsom Street 2013

The KINK MEN crew gave Cameron Kincade the special treatment for his first Folsom Street Fair back in 2013, beating him and fucking him out in public


The crew is front and center on the Kink stage at San Francisco’s 30th Annual Folsom Street Fair. In front of thousands of people, the guys hold Sebastian down as Master Avery warms his backside up with the flogger. Van takes over from there, beating Sebastian down anyway he can as the crowd cheers: “HIT HIM HARDER!” The main attraction, Cameron Kincade, crawls onto the stage for his first Folsom Street fair, gazing upon the colossal size of the crowd. His head is shoved into Sebastian’s ass as he endures the flogger, screaming sounds of pleasure rather than pain, or else he’s beaten even harder. The guys get so horned up on stage that they drag Cameron to a nearby sex shop and quickly whore him out. They drag him around sucking cock before taking turns ramming their cocks up his ass. Jessie Colter breaks out the double ended dildo and starts dual fucking Cameron as the crowd chants ASS TO ASS! They finish Cameron off by hosing his face down with cum before taking him out back for some more Folsom fun!


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Holden Phillips wants to be used and humiliated to the extreme

Holden Phillips gets handcuffed, tased, gang fucked and pissed on as he services a bathroom full of cock

gay bondage

In a crowded bathroom, a group of horny men await as pain pig Holden Phillips is brought in to service the crowd. Everyone takes their turn groping the captive as he’s passed around. On his knees he starts putting his mouth to work, finding every cock he can and making sure it’s rock hard. The guys each take him into a stall for their own personal use, beating his ass red before bending him over for a hard fucking. They hold him down and pull on his balls till he screams for mercy, but there’s no mercy, they give his cock and balls a taste of the taser to teach him a lesson. The crowd then breaks off a toilet seat and turns Holden into a human self-servicing toilet. With the seat around his head the guys each fuck both his holes and douse him with cum and piss like the toilet whore he is.

gay bondage 31359_19

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Kirk Cummings gay bondage

A Left Turn at Albuquerque – Part 01

By Hunter Perez

I work in commercial real estate and I am frequently sent around the country to broker property sales and leasing. I am usually sent to the same cities over and over – New York, Chicago, Atlanta, Los Angeles – but one assignment required that I go to Albuquerque to coordinate the sale of an apartment complex. I had never been to Albuquerque and knew nothing about it except that it was a jokey reference in several Bugs Bunny cartoons.

My initial online research into the city turned up nothing that piqued my interest – I am not one for museums and historic sites, so I feared that my distraction options were limited. I wondered if any of my connections on social media could offer better ideas on possible free time adventures in Albuquerque, so I posted an inquiry on my page for suggestions to keep me amused during the leisure time portion of the trip.

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