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Michael gets tied up, edged and whipped

Hooded top man Jared flips his slave around and ropes him tight against the wall, facing out, totally naked. He edges the captive for hours, keeping him hard, then flogs his torso and keeps him hard some more. Michael doesn’t know up from down, but he sure does he look good, roped with miles of hemp, naked and alone, rock hard as he’s edged and whipped by the young, fully clothed sadist Jared. Then Jared ropes the prisoner’s cock and balls for some new fun.

MICHAEL DEL RAY Dream Boy Bondage

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Title of this video:

MICHAEL DEL RAY – Deviant No More – Chapter 7

male BDSM Dream Boy Bondage

Bullet gets locked in the stocks for tickle torture

Meanwhile at Ticklish Chubs, Matt knows various interesting ways to make a chubby captive squirm and giggle while trapped in the ankle stocks. He starts out innocently enough, tormenting masked and bound Bullet with his fingers, but with his captive’s socks off and his toes secured, he breaks out his electric toothbrushes to show just how much tickle torture he can deliver. The poor guy’s bare soles take so much attention, but it wouldn’t be a thorough tickling without some armpit, nipple and cock bulge play, too.

Bullet gets locked in the stocks for tickle torture

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Models in this video: Bullet and Matt

Title of this video: Electric Toothbrush Torment

See the VIDEO at Ticklish Chubs

Zapped, Beaten & Fucked! Lazy Shop Worker Takes His Punishment

At Bound Gods, horny shop worker Troy Sparks gets in over his head as Jay Rising fucks and beats him into submission.

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Working hard in the metal shop, Troy Sparks decides to take a break from his duties and is craving some playtime with his co-worker, Jay Rising. As Troy tries to work over Jay’s big dick, he decides to give Troy a different kind of playtime and turns Troy’s world upside down. Tormented with the zapper, the lazy shop worker is bound to the dolly as a tight ball gag muffles his screams. As if having his balls shocked wasn’t bad enough, to make things more interesting, Jay adds a few painful clover clamps to his sub’s balls before making him gag on every inch of his big dick. More clover clamps are added to Troy’s shoulders as he’s made to fuck a giant bad dragon dildo, all while suffering under the sting of Jay’s flog. Suspended in the air and locked in chastity, Troy eats ass and swallows cock before taking a machine up his ass. But it’s not until Jay plunges his eight-inch cock deep in the captive’s hole before leaving him with a face full of cum.

MetalbondNYC_gay_male_bondage_01 MetalbondNYC_gay_male_bondage_02 MetalbondNYC_gay_male_bondage_03

Models in this shoot: Jay Rising, Troy Sparks

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gay male bondage