And Then It Woke Up

By GratDelay

Ken Keavey dropped his keys on the table and his duffle on the floor. He was tired but he felt great. He was back from his friend Dmitri’s house and one of the most intense bondage scenes he’d ever experienced. He felt like he had plumbed new depths of subspace. Even now, thinking back on it brought his hand to his crotch. The total immobilization in The Chair, the sensory deprivation and overload, the control of all his most sensitive areas… he was practically ready to do it all again.

But after such an intense experience, what he really wanted to do was to chill. He decided he’d clean off his gear and put it away later and headed into his living room to watch some |||

With a satisfied sigh, Keavey folded up his polishing cloth and set it down. His catsuit was hanging in the shower with a mirror-like shine. All the rest of his gear was cleaned up and properly stowed. After a job well done, he felt ready to chill. He decided to grab a snack before checking out the porn on his Twitter |||

Keavey nudged the last bit of cereal down the drain, turned off the disposal and shut off the tap. Another job well done. He looked into his pantry for something to snack on, but stuff seems to be missing. What happened to his Wheaty Snax or that half-finished bag of cookies from Merchant Pete’s? He felt simultaneous pangs of hunger and dissatisfaction with himself, like he did every night. He’d been meaning to make changes to his diet for some time now, since he’d put on some unwanted pounds; but every night the craving for something sugary caused him to put off his self-discipline for another day.

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Video: Dylan gets tickle tortured

Check out this video from the men of Tickled Hard. Franco straps Dylan down and starts tickling him gently with different feathers on his sides and nipples. Dylan twitches and moans with pleasure under Franco’s tickling touch. The expert tickling continues, and Dylan moans loudly with pleasure, almost as though he’s going to cum. It gets even louder when Franco switches to the feathers’ tips and a big, nubby brush on his slender size 10 feet. It’s obvious Dylan loves it when Daddy climbs on top and tickles him. Franco plays with Dylan’s leaking cock, but he’s not going to give Dylan any release. He goes right back to tickling with his fingers, then makes him wait for the ultimate — a headless electric toothbrush on pulsate, all over Dylan’s sweet bare feet and in between his sexy toes!


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Video: Marcus gets impaled on a steel dildo

Master Alex impales his prisoner on a steel dildo, clamps his nipples with two nasty clips then face fucks him. Scroll down for a free video clip!

Marcus gets impaled on a steel dildo

Alex drags his slave into an adjacent room. His eyes widen when he sees a ladder-backed chair in the middle of the room, a wooden block with a steel spike topped with a steel ball sitting on top of it. “Get up there,” Alex tells the captive, guiding him to the seat. Marcus kneels, his ankles strapped to either side of the wood block. Alex pushes him backward and cuffs his wrists behind the ladder-back. Marcus can feel the cold, steel ball touching his anus. “It’s too big!” he says as his Master gradually pushes him down on the thing. The poor stud whimpers as he is penetrated, stuck like a bug on a pin. Alex is still not satisfied. He attaches two nasty clips to his captive’s nipples and rubs his lean, well-muscled body with oil. A minute later Alex is standing on two risers, straddling the chair, shoving his erect cock deep down his impaled slave’s throat.

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Title of this shoot: Marcus Rivers – Young Cock Torture – Chapter 5

Dream Boy Bondage

A Pitcher and His Catcher

By Cutieboy90

Cutieboy90 handcuffsSam and I go way back, we’ve been buddies since grade school. Played baseball since little league, and since high school I’ve been a pitcher and he’s been my catcher. Yup it’s a cliche, go ahead and make all the pitcher/catcher jokes you want. I’ve heard them all, and I’ll admit there’s something special about our relationship. Sure, we’re good bros off the field. No homo though, we’re both straight. On the field though, is where the magic really happens. We share a mind, and think the same. Sam doesn’t even have to give me signs, just a look, and whatever pitch I throw is always right. When we’re playing, the games are quick, and victory is usually ours. Well, it depends on if our team can hit the damn ball, but at least the bullpen is always solid.

Like I said, Sam and I are both straight. I’ve enjoyed the girls I’ve dated very much. That said, I could definitely turn gay for him. Girls get clingy and whiny, and I know I’m more of a man’s man. Sam, being my buddy and all, I could spend my life with him playing baseball, camping, etc. There was a stretch in college when I was sidelined because I’d thrown my arm out. Watching him catch for another pitcher… I got so damn envious. My first game back, we proved just how good we were together. The game went by, every batter would come up to the plate. Sam flashed a smile, and flipped me the bird. I shook my head once. He stuck his tongue out. Fucker. I gave him a fastball.

“Strike!” The umpire called. The batter headed away from the plate, muttering to himself dejectedly.

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I thought you would live forever, Andrew

Andrew Harwin died today.

Andrew Harwin RIP


Andrew was a wise and spiritual man who was generous with his time and attention. He had many friends.

He was one of the organizers of the popular Folsom Street East block party and fund-raiser here in NYC. He was a member of Inferno and of Delta.

I got to know Andrew many years back when we served together on the board of GMSMA (Gay Male S/M Activists). I knew him as hard-working, kind, friendly and thoughtful.

Andrew was a longtime survivor of the HIV/AIDS epidemic. He bravely battled so many health crises over the years that I thought he would outlive us all.

He is going to be missed.

The adventures of Barron and Cody

Eater of Soles, aka @Sidetrakcbr on Twitter, has just published a book that explores various kinks, including puppy play, chastity, fetish gear and more. The story, which is 13 chapters in all, is about Barron and Cody, who are partners. Together, they begin to explore some of their fantasies.

Discovery book by Derrick Andrew Richter


It took me several days to read the whole story — mostly because I had to stop and beat off several times — but it was well worth it! The author might let me post some or all on the Metalbond site at some point, but meanwhile you can order now on Amazon!

It’s available for kindle or in paperback!

The cover artwork is by Conor Sathre.

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