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Squirt Studios is an adult male site for REAL MEN fucking with big dicks, hairy hungry assholes, and more cum than all of them can guzzle. This is for those into real cruising, backroom action, and hook up sex, featuring orgies, daddies, muscle studs, and more!

Squirt Studios is an adult male site for REAL MEN fucking with big dicks

In this video, titled Bathhouse Cruising, Sage Roux is waiting in a bathhouse sling ready to get fucked while Jordan Jameson enjoys the view. In this bathhouse butt fuck, Jordan pounds some tight twink hole. But before pumping it deep, Jordan needs to wrap his lips around Sage’s huge hard cock. He loves the taste of every drop of precum almost as much as Sage loves basking in Jordan’s cocksucking skills. Soon Jordan is savoring the experience of eating Sage’s smooth hole.

Squirt Studios is an adult male site for REAL MEN fucking with big dicks

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Site: SquirtStudios

Squirt Studios is an adult male site for REAL MEN fucking with big dicks

A soldier gets captured and edged in the woods

At Men On Edge, Van and Sebastian have captured all of the Russian rebels, but one remains at large. They search high and low, deep in the forest before ganging up on Valentin Petrov and quickly tying him up between two trees.


They remove his clothes and tease his uncut cock till it’s standing at attention. Despite his resistance, Valentin can’t help but get his cock to the edge as they tease him with the vibrating hitachi’s. It doesn’t take long before the bound stud is begging to cum. Next, he’s suspended in a circle of trees as a dildo is shoved up his tight hole. While driving the toy deep into the russian’s ass, the American soldiers milk a huge load out of Valentin’s uncut cock, before finishing him off with post-orgasmic torment.

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Male bondage slumber party

Three studs are edged and chat with members during this archived live show at Men On Edge. When you subscribe to KinkMen you get all the archived content like this no matter how far back it is from!


It’s the first-ever live Men on Edge slumber party, with Christian Wilde as the main attraction. Dylan Knight is in the neighborhood gets invited over to join in on the fun. Christian is tied down to the bed then Dylan and Sebastian suck on Christian’s tender nipples while Van brings his cock right to the edge of orgasm. With a finger shoved up his ass, they milk a load out of Christian’s cock and surprise him with some post-orgasmic torment. Since Dylan is joining in, he gets tied up next for everyone’s pleasure. Dual hitachi’s press against the stud’s cockhead as he begs and begs to cum. Dylan is then suspended in the air as they get the fucking machine ready for his ass, pounding away on his hole as Christian milks a load out of him.

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Give me that bondage load

Drop dead handsome Atticus Cole gets edged, and this straight dude appears for the first time on video. At Men On Edge. Check him out:


For his first time with another man and first time on video, Men On Edge welcomes straight hunk Atticus Cole. He’s a little nervous as they get started, so they calm his nerves with a blindfold around his eyes before they start teasing his cock. He gets nice and hard. Atticus is then tied down in the chair, moaning with pleasure as they jack his dick off with the fleshjack. Sebastian goes right for Atticus’ toes to drive him wild as he begs to cum. On the bed, they shove a dildo up the bound stud’s ass while sucking on his cock from behind. As a machine pounds away on his hole, Atticus finally blows his load all over his stomach before receiving post-orgasmic torment.

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KnottyNY: Safe male-on-male bondage exploration in New York City

This Saturday, July 20, 2024, in New York City, you can break out your trunks and tanks for a summery session of KnottyNY! No, they don’t have a pool, but you can still dress for the beach.

new york bondage club


Attend KnottyNY if you want to learn some rope skills, or simply connect with other like-minded guys. If you are just starting your rope journey, they have a 101 section teaching the basics.

Click for KnottyNY

Rope bondage social for gay men in NYC