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At, a muscular BBC wakes up to find himself carefully wrapped in the dungeon. The Master wastes no time in showing the prisoner his large range of toys while familiarizing himself with the captive’s large cock.

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Title of this shoot: Waking Nightmare, Part 1

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Copdar – The Policeman

By Cuffsandcops

At the beginning of June, I was contacted by a fetish site member who did not have a picture posted. The content of the profile was pretty generic, claimed to be 100% passive, into anything, and new to submitting. He messaged first and ended each message with Sir. He asked about my location and was bummed because my home city and the GPS distance didn’t match, which happens often on that site.

The next message from him was quite bold if you ask me. He said to let him know if I ever wanted to meet him halfway. He said he is a cop, new to kink, and would let me cuff him and use him however I wanted. I responded saying that sounds like fun and asking about which level of law enforcement he worked in, local, sheriff, or state. He said I would have to find out. He told me his weight when asked, he is a lot smaller than the guys I usually go for, but the thought of overpowering him put a smile on my face.

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Porn god Connor Maguire tied and tortured

At 30 Minutes of Torment, Connor Maguire gets his ass violated and tormented to the extreme


Connor Maguire steps up to the 30 Minutes of Torment challenge. Connor starts things off brutally, tied to bamboo chutes. Van works the muscled stud’s chest with some hard punches before caning his ass. With his cock hard and tied up, Connor endures more caning and nipple torment. The Pit – Strapped up with belts and balancing on pegs, Connor takes the flogging of his life as Van wields two floggers. With a dildo mounted on the platform, Connor squats on to it, enduring the ass torment as well as the stress position with another round of hard flogging mixed in. The Water Station – With Connor’s entire torso feeling the agonizing pinch of the numerous clothespins, they hit him hard with the water.

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More With Jonas – Part 5

By ty dehner

At times, the day passed quickly and at other times it passed oh so slowly. As the day went on, I wanted to be released more and more. It was getting harder for my cock to get harder, and the electro only seemed to be more intense each time. My breathing was labored in the hood, being gagged with the piss-soaked sock and the duct tape keeping it in. Even though the piss kept my mouth moist, my throat was getting scratchy because of the moaning and screaming I would do as the electro reach the high frequencies.

I was sweating in the heavy leather I was strapped into, but the hood kept my nose filled with the smell of leather. It was diabolical what Jonas had done to me. I had shot my load over and over, probably six or seven times. I lost count, just like I didn’t know the time of day or even where I was kept.

I didn’t know when Jonas or Max might return.

As I enjoyed the rest, I tried to get into things to that I could get hard and shoot another load. Another round started, and like the others before it was random and I didn’t know the extent of suffering I was going to endure. After a while I was able to get hard, as I felt the tightness of the bondage I was in. Things were building again, and as I was getting hard I started to lift my head. Quickly it was pushed down, and I felt something on the sides and top that kept my head from moving.

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