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Metalbond as home page

Hey bondage fanatics, prisoners, guards, trustees, Masters, porn addicts, chastity slaves, wankers and lurkers (you know which one you are),

I was just wondering if any of you guys have Metalbond set as your home page in your web browser?

MetalbondNYCIf you do set Metalbond as your home page, you should have it set to this URL:


which is the “daily thread” here, usually updated twice a day and sometimes more.

Show me your chain and padlock collar

Big Dog Stainless Steel Collar Hard muscled, big dicked subs need their collars too. The weight on this thick gauge stainless steel chain collar leaves no doubt in his mind — he is Yours. A click of the finely polished Master lock reinforces the message. You own him. All the other guys at the bar are going to know it too. They won’t miss the Big Dog collar around his neck. Be prepared to be asked permission before they even think about touching Your man.

I’ve got one just like this – and I wore it for a whole week out at Fire Island one summer, leaving the keys back at my apartment in NYC!

Metalbond in chain collar

Click for Big Dog Collar

Also available: Raw Dog Stainless Steel Collar

All collars from Mr S here