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My Instagram account got shut down

Instagram has suspended my account!

Metalbond on social media


Out of all the social media platforms, I abhor Instagram the most. I did however use it to IM with a few others, including the Permanent Restraints guys and the escape artist Andrew Basso. It’s possible they might reinstate me.

Meanwhile, at least for now, I remain active on X (formerly Twitter). I still also have a Tumblr feed, but I can’t figure out how to message others there.

Keep in mind that THIS website, where you are now, will not go away!!!

Update on the New York Bondage Club

Sadly, it appears that the New York Bondage Club is gone. They shut down at the beginning of the pandemic, and that apparently was it. The club’s website has been down for some time now, and emails and IMs I have sent to the guys who used to run the club have gone unanswered.

New York Bondage Club


This makes me very sad, because in my view bondage clubs — where you can play in a safe space with other people present, or just watch — are a great place to learn and explore, especially for newbies in the scene.

New York Bondage Club


I had so many great times at the New York Bondage Club over the years. When I moved to NYC in 1992 it was the very first place I went! And my very first time there, I met and got tied up by none other than Bob Wingate and James Bond themselves, of Bound & Gagged magazine! I became a regular there, going almost every Friday night for years on end, starting at J’s Hangout, then various places in Chelsea including most recently Paddles.

New York Bondage Club

Here on the Metalbond site, I will leave the many postings about the New York Bondage Club up, but I am removing the links to their website that no longer exists.

Meanwhile, for those of you who live in other cities that still have bondage clubs, I encourage you to patronize them!

The Southern California Bondage Club in North Hollywood is active!

Coming to the Prison Library

Hey fellow prisoners! I hope you are enjoying the male bondage fiction that is being added almost every day to the Metalbond Prison Library! In the coming days and weeks, there will be new chapters of ongoing stories by Kinkytwinkboy, AlphaMetal and Practicerestraint. There are more chapters yet to appear of A Game of Chance by Robmacz. There will be a new and twisted Halloween-themed story from Nephilim, and Aenyse will update us on the continuing adventures of Liam and Isaac!

There will also be a brand new, sci-fi themed bondage story by POW. It’s called Captain Jack, and it’s going to be presented in 11 chapters, many of which are quite long and hot, so plan accordingly. It takes place on a spaceship equipped with a virtual reality sim space. I for one have been beating off all week thinking about what happens in this story. This one is going to be an exciting ride, quite literally, so get ready!

As always, remember that for best results, it’s recommended that readers be locked in some form of bondage or chastity, or have someone else locked, to help set the mood for male BDSM smut reading, and to help enhance the overall experience!

male bondage stories Metalbond Prison Library

Update from Metal: Lots more bondage stories and male BDSM porn coming!

Hey there fellow prisoners,

An update: I’ve been totally swamped with life in general these past few weeks, as I am in the middle of switching day jobs and this has taken up much of my time. As soon as I can come up for air, I will be posting lots more content.

There is brand new fiction coming from Kinkytwinkboy, Practicerestraint, ty dehher and others. There will also be a big announcement coming about the “10 Days in Detention” series!

There’s also a brand-new website that just launched — called Bound Twinks — so watch for some scene previews in the coming days and weeks, featured here on Metalbond!

kinky twinks

Here I am chained up to work on the Metalbond site

Last night Nitro had me put on a prisoner jumpsuit and then lock myself up in leg irons, wrist manacles and a chain and padlock around my neck, which I wore for three hours as I worked on the Metalbond site:

Metalbon in chains


Thanks, Nitro, for instigating this!

You can read Nitro’s many stories in the Prison Library by clicking here.

Also be sure to check out Nitro’s impressive Just For Fans page, where he has lots of hot male BDSM action and where he also reads his bondage stories aloud!