The Boxer’s Gloves: Two Points of View

By slavebladeboi

Part 1: The Boxer

It was only as I was passing the table in the hallway on my way down to the dungeon that I glanced down and noticed them. The slave was in the habit of buying me little presents from what remained of his allowance for running the Fireblade at the end of the month and on this occasion it had been a pair of black leather sparring gloves. I picked them up and looked at them. They had arrived in the post the previous morning and I often mused as to whether the postman wondered about the anonymous parcels that we received on a regular basis.

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Looking for some long lost gay bondage stories

From time to time I get emails from Metalbond readers looking for some long lost story they read ages ago, that they lost. Like the email I got below:


Dear Metal,

There was a yahoo group some years back (before yahoo started to ‘clean up’ some of the groups) that was dedicated to handcuffing stories. One had several chapters and was about a University of Wyoming football player who was kidnapped and held captive by a guy who kept the football player dressed in full football uniform and locked in cuffs/shackles. This was a really hot story, and I regret that I didn’t save it and have since not been able to find it posted anywhere else. This group had many postings of short scenes from contributors talking about their experiences with cuffs as well, including one military scene where they were practicing their cuffing skills and when it was lunch time they left their buddy locked up in cuffs while they took off. If anyone has these saved and would like to share them, I’d love to re-read these.

And this one:

Dear Metal,

The original story I was looking for was about a guy who was a worker at a ‘clinic’ where they kept men in bondage, put them through forced workouts and punishments etc., and one day the guy goes to town on a prisoner and abuses his power, fucks the prisoner and then gets caught by the other clinic staff and has to be ‘cleaned’ and then punished. It was a pretty hot story!


Does anyone know where to find these stories?