Island Paradise – Part 1: Chapter 10

By Joshua Ryan

Chapter 10: Another Tour Has Been Arranged for You

I hadn’t been given anything to eat or drink, unless you think St. Bevons Mineral Water is a drink.  I guess the idea was to make me easier to break down under questioning—though pretty soon I realized that the “questions” were just accusations that I would not be permitted to deny.  It all showed that I was getting off pretty easy with a nolo contendere.

So that was over, and things were looking up, because just when I realized that I was famished, a man in a white uniform unlocked the door of the room where they were keeping me and handed me some food.  It was a ham sandwich and a glass of mixed juice.  I wondered if these were products of Dominion Fields.

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My adventures With Billy – Part 02

By Robmacz

‘Just go along with what I tell you, but don’t let anyone know that you know me, okay?’

‘Sure,’ I said.

He parked the car and stepped out, walked around to the back, and opened the rear door to get me out. He took me by the arm and helped to lift me past the door.  ‘Mind your head.’ Once I was on solid ground he led me by the arm to a door where he used another code and let us in. There was a desk ahead with a grille on it and some seats to the side with a guy sitting down handcuffed to a rail in front of him. Billy told me to turn around and he unlocked one of my cuffs.  Then he told me to take a seat and cuffed me to the rail next to the other guy. He walked into the back office and I sat there for what seemed like ages. All the while my dick was throbbing.

The other guy cuffed to the rail was younger than me, good looking, but a bit out of sorts. He said nothing and after a few minutes another cop came out and uncuffed him from the rail, then cuffed his hands behind his back and led him through the door where Billy had gone through a few minutes before.

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Island Paradise – Part 1: Chapter 09

By Joshua Ryan

Chapter 9:  A Slight Change of Plans

While I was at breakfast—very early, very light–the hotel slaps came to my room and picked up my bags.  I didn’t need to do anything to get them from there to the back of the limo.  The only things I had to carry were the real estate leaflets I’d picked up from the concierge.  There were lots of glossy pictures of “elegant Wellingtons” and “baroque Bee hives,” each with “intimate facilities for family, grand space for entertainment, and bountiful St. Bevons gardens.  Barracks for 5-10 staff.”  The prices were not unreasonable, especially considering the current exchange rate.

When the airport slap opened the door of the limo, I had nothing to do except walk through security; the slappies would see that my bags got through.  It all happened so smoothly, I didn’t think about the backpack until I got to the boarding area.  I guess that’s where you usually remember stuff you forgot.  It would be ridiculous to go back to the hotel to turn the thing in—and who cared about it anyway?  Besides, I didn’t really know where it was.  Probably the hotel slappies had found it in the room and shipped it to the airport along with the other bags.  It was silly, but I had that uneasy feeling I got whenever I thought I’d lost something.  The item might not be important, but loss of control was always disturbing.  It was a tendency I’d been trying to conquer.  The only thing to do was just ignore the “problem.”  I sat near my gate, reading about St, Bevons properties and ignoring the stupid backpack.

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Video: Frat hazing

Devin Franco, Nic Sahara, Zak Bishop, Colton Reece, Trevor Miller

On the night of the Final hazing ceremony at the fraternity, ‘The Pledge’ has been made. Whoever gets through the ceremony will be initiated into the brotherhood. The ceremony starts after Devin Franco reveals the ultimate betrayal from one of the brothers that puts Trevor Miller into a submissive position. The rest of the fraternity goes along with the turn of events, and soon the group is naked and going wild with blowjobs shared all around the room. As the initiation continues, the cock sucking quickly turns into rimming and bareback fucking. After all five frat studs have their way inside Trevor’s tight body, the guys are ready to finish the hazing. Colton is the first to blow his load all over Trevor’s face and chest. One-by-one, each of the guys cover Trevor with jizz as Devin keeps pounding a raw rhythm to his ass. After all the guys blow their loads, Devin pulls out to deliver the last shot, leaving Trevor dripping with cum. After the humiliating power play by Devin, will Trevor be allowed to stay in the fraternity, or will the renewed bonding of a frat orgy be enough to save his position in the brotherhood?

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Title of this shoot: The Pledge

Actors: Devin Franco, Nic Sahara, Zak Bishop, Colton Reece, Trevor Miller

Categories: Anal Sex, Bareback, Double Oral, Foreskin, Group Sex, Kissing

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