Latter Jacket – a re-imagined version of Jacketed

By Mark

Part One

I don’t know exactly all the details to how the conversation started with Brig, but I can certainly tell you where it led. It started on a Tuesday night. More or less every week, my dorm residential advisor Brigham, whom I’ve known since LDS Sunday school, came around at night, sometimes just to chat or watch a movie. Over the years, we’d become really close and thought we understood each other well. He was now a grad student, twenty-three years old, and had a body I could never catch up to no matter how much I tried at the gym.

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Pictures from IML

One of the more impressive displays in the vendor mart at IML — year in and year out — is that of Mr S, and these guys were kind enough to post literally HUNDREDS OF PICTURES from in and around their booth this year. These pictures include the likes of Ruff, Van Darkholme of Bound Gods, Richard Hunter, guys in Carrara chastity belts, and much more.

Here are some of the shots I found especially interesting:

01_web web-3 web-6 web-7 web-8 web-9 web-13 web-14 web-15 web-16

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Chuck is subjected to chain gang style labor

Inmate Chuck spent a few days at the infamous BlackSteel Correctional Facility run by Yossie, where he was required to sleep in a cold cement jail cell at night and shovel rock and fill pot holes during the day — all while wearing a set of heavy steel “five-way” shackles (neck, wrists, ankles), which were RIVITED-ON.

Much more pictures of this, plus video, are available at Serious Male Bondage.