Weekend at Garrett’s – Part 08

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…mostly because you’re in tight leather and boots, already sweating, and it’s 90-something degrees outside. Fuck.

“Here, lemme help you with those.”

A man younger than you, heavier than you, and taller than you starts to take the cradled bottles out of your arms and carry them to the available register. But not before uttering “Fuck off, you little shits” just loud enough for the little shits to hear. They step around us, drop their bottles of soda and bag of chips at “your” register and push through the doors and go out onto the street. You’re afraid to look at him.

“Are you OK?”

“Yes. Thank you.”

He scans the five bottles of water, pays for them, double bags them, picks up the bag, and nods toward the door with his head. You follow him out the door. You scan the street up and down for the two boys, still shaken from the experience you’ve just had.

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The ElectroPebble

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Robert Axel endures The Wall, The Pit and water torture

Muscled God Robert Axel takes the challenge at 30 Minutes of Torment:


Robert Axel begins his challenge chained to the wall as Van tears away his jock and gets his cock hard. It doesn’t take long before Robert’s skin turns beat red from the impact of Van’s fists. Pulling on the bound stud’s cock, Van beats him with the flogger as Robert screams in pain. Robert is made to balance on a dildo shoved up his ass as clothespins are attached across his entire torso. As each one is cropped off Robert pushes with all his might through the pain. Van breaks out the big flogger and mercilessly beats Robert before calling in the gimp. Robert is then bound on his back with his feet in the air for the Gimp to plow his hole. He endures shocks from the zapper before water is sprayed all over his face and the gimp’s cum all over his balls. After three intense challenges, Robert must finally blow his load.

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