Video: Bryan Cole gets roped to a cage and whipped

At Roped Studs, Bryan Cole is roped face-first to the cage, his hard abs pressed tight against a wooden platform pressed tight against the cage. Rope man Anthony’s simple, elegant ties at Bryan’s wrists and ankles hold him perfectly, allowing him just enough movement to flex and show off his amazing muscles. Rope man J.J. has first dibs on the stud, grabbing his rock-hard ass cheeks, then getting out his horse whip. Soon Bryan’s V-shaped back is crisscrossed with gorgeous, red stripes.


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Full Fetish

Titan Men male bdsm porn

Got gear? Titan Media brings you the latest twisted kink title, FULL FETISH: The Men of RECON. TitanMen exclusives David Anthony and Aymeric Deville lead hot and horny gear gods Spencer Reed, Alessio Romero, Lance Navarro, Wilfried Knight and Shay Michaels in over 180 minutes of piss-spraying, ass-pounding, cum-flying action. Bodybuilder Spencer Reed and the handsome, scruffy Lance Navarro take dark and hairy Alessio Romero through the paces, coating him with piss then taking turns fucking his ass with their impressive tools. Then Alessio gets his revenge, teaming up on Lance with Spencer for some fucking and fisting you’ve got to see to believe. Sultry, hairy-chested Wilfried Knight soaks the shaved-head of Aymeric Deville before fucking his smooth tight ass against a St. Andrew’s Cross, opening him up enough for a massive dildo. Muscle man Shay Michaels submits to ripped David Anthony and his huge cock, in an intense sweat-dripping scene of piss, cum, ass-plowing, and sounding.

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Aymeric Deville

Object Permanence – Chapter 01

By BootDeputy


The pull of a zipper against my body wasn’t just sound, it was a sensation. A consistent vibration encompassing my body. A strong thrum in my chest and filling my ears like I was in a tight echoing chamber. Though I guess in a way I was.

The rubber hood was first realized at my ears. Adhering to each curve and contour. And then my eyes that were shrouded in darkness. Thick rubber covering the edges of the eye socket. Then the stretch of my mandible. My jaw attempting to open in remark. And while failing to do so tasting rubber while also failing to close in its resting position. More rubber filling all the negative space in my mouth. My tongue, partially suspended and contained just beneath my soft palate.

I groaned.

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Bradley pumps out a load before his torment continues

After being edged for hours, Bradley is ordered to cum. The prisoner does not disappoint, squeezing out a huge load of cum from his gorgeous, uncut cock. The camera pans his lean swimmer’s body, showing every shaved hair, every wound from the clothespins, every vein and muscle. Even after he cums, Bradley’s big cock juts out from his body, still hard. He is the perfect slave, firm and fit. Jared roughly manhandles his wounds before flipping him around and roping him against the wall face-first, exposing his broad, creamy back and perfect, round ass. The athlete flexes against his binds, showing off his lean muscles, from shoulders to calves. Then that beautiful flesh is brutally flogged.

Bradley pumps out a load before his torment continues

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Title of this video:

BRADLEY – Master’s Pet – Chapter 3

Bradley is ordered to cum