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At Dream Boy Bondage, Jared not only looks magnificent hanging on the wood, he is bull-whipped while crucified:


At Roped Studs, Perry gets roped spread-eagled on his master’s bed.


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Roped Studs

Connor Halsted is the new Onyx recruit in The Onyx & The Redz Series at Bound Gods

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Onyx recruit Connor Halsted awaits on his knees as Jaxton Wheeler enters with crop in hand. Painful clover clamps clamp down tight on Connor’s nipples, squeezing harder the more he jerks from the crop beating against his flesh. After receiving a flogging, the recruit finds himself strapped down on the table as Jaxton shoves his hard cock down his throat. Connor is then bent over, his hands and feet locked in chains, as Jaxton rams him from behind. On his backside, with bit gag tightly in his mouth, Connor receives a final fuck before Jaxton blows his hot load all over the recruit’s face.

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