A Left Turn at Albuquerque – Part 11

By Hunter Perez

The cell was around eight or nine feet in both length and width, with an unusually high ceiling, but it seemed cramped due to the presence of an oversized bed placed up against a wall in the middle of the space. The bedframe was crudely carved out of wood and its mattress was thin. A ratty brown blanket was crumpled at the head of the bed, which was covered in a dirty stained sheet.

The bed was obviously custom made – if not very well made – for the XL-sized occupant of the cell. Merrifield sat at the right edge of the bed and stared into the bars that kept him imprisoned. I guessed he would be either six-foot-five or six-foot-six if he were to stand up.

He sat slightly slouched over in a motionless manner. I had to stare very hard to notice the slightest clues of life when he betrayed an occasional eyelid blink and when his upper chest rose and fell in micrometers while breathing.

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Drake Jaden delivers a bondage fuck to Dirk Caber

Interrogator Drake has finally given in to his primal needs now that his cock has been sucked by his captive soldier! He’s never unleashed his dick on a subject like this before, but with the muscular man roped up tight and hanging and with his own meat dripping wet he can’t resist. He fucks the man’s tight hole and rams him deep, eager to get satisfaction if he can’t get answers. The cum gushing over soldier Dirk’s face is the ultimate in humiliation!

Drake Jaden delivers a bondage fuck to Dirk Caber

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Models: Drake Jaden and Dirk Caber

Title: Tied & Tormented – Part 8

VIDEO at Daddys Bondage Boys

Interrogation Game: Chapter 6 – Reversal

By BondageChallengeGames

The plan, as Andrew had explained to me, had been this:

Tom would see me all trussed up and hopefully let his guard down. Andrew was going to further lower Tom’s defenses with sex, and then the moment was right, I was going to grab whatever part of him I could reach and hopefully overwhelm him enough that Andrew could tie him up.

To do this, Andrew unlocked my wrist cuffs. Because my chest and neck were still locked to the wall – with padlocks whose keys were far out of reach – I was still very much restrained and unable to turn on Andrew. I let my arms fall limp to my side, finally getting rest after being tied above, behind, and beside me.

“I’m going to attach cuffs where your wrists had been, but they’ll be loose enough you can slip in and out.” Andrew said, “I’m also going to be nice and ungag you – give your jaw a bit of a rest in case I need it later. But know that if you scream, or mouth off, or try to get free, I’ll tie you to that wall in the most uncomfortable way imaginable, and spend the whole time waiting for hubby to arrive by torturing you. Understand?”

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Straight hunk Johnny Torque’s first time bound

Here is another vintage shoot from Men On Edge. In this shoot, straight stud Johnny Torque gets bound for the first time as they milk a gigantic load from his cock:

gay bondage

Sexy straight stud Johnny Torque is brand new to Men on Edge and he’s very excited about his first session. Johnny says he’s never been tied up or edged before but he’s ready for the surprises they have in store. With the help of Sebastian’s teasing tongue, it doesn’t take this stud long before his cock is rock hard.

gay bondage 30806_8 30806_10 30806_11

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