TWO men get the BOUND GODS treatment at the hands of Master Avery

This is a vintage live shoot from Bound Gods. Watching this live at the time, Bound Gods members were able to make requests via chat.


Jason Miller and Jeof Pierson get tied to metal bars. Master Avery rips off their clothes. The men look great covered with clothespins. They scream as Master Avery whips them off their bodies. He fucks them on the metal pipes. Both men endure the single tail whip while tied up in the metal bondage chair. Jason and Jeof scream and beg for mercy as their cocks are tormented long after they blow their loads.


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Bad boy criminal Wolf Hudson torments the officer who brought him in


Officer Eli brings in hard criminal Wolf Hudson to lock up. The tables turn when he gets fooled into letting him out. Wolf goes crazy on him, by fucking him on his desk with his own baton. He plays with his ass some more and then straps him to his cell wall while fucking him with a machine. Finally Wolf zaps him while Eli is bound in stocks with his pretty little ass at full access. His ass is pounded, and he’s left covered in cum.

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Cass Bolton gets the edging of his life

At Men On Edge. Cass Bolton is hungry pain slut who begs for release. What will he have to go through to deserve it?


Men on Edge brought in Cass Bolton for a hot and heavy edging session. Sebastian and Jessie get straight on work on the jock, tying him tight to the windows and having his massive cock and balls bulge from silicone rings. Jessie’s mouth and a double hitachi treatment gets Cass moaning for an orgasm, but the two won’t let him cum that easy. The captors flip Cass around and fuck his ass with an electrostim vibe and give the pain slut a little taste of the flogger.

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Next, Cass is bound to a chair, a rope from the floor squeezing his balls. The tormentors worship his feet before moving their attention back to his crotch. Jessie provides some CBT while Sebastian teases Cass with the vibrating sheath. At long last, Sebastian and Jessie feel generous enough to let Cass cum, but not without a cruel post-orgasmic torment and flogging

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Video: Prisoner is allowed to cum, but his bondage ordeal does not end

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At Iron Lockup. Standing like a mighty tree, the prisoner’s cock remains hard enough to pop. Sir teases the tip, which is already over-stimulated, and then he begins to reinsert the dong into the prisoner’s ass, making him move against his restraints. Sir’s hand goes full force on the prisoner’s cock till it becomes too much, and showers of cum flood out and drench his thighs.

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New Years Resolution – Part 10

By lthr_jock

Jay walked up behind Paul as he stared into the mirror. Meeting Paul’s reflected gaze, he grinned.

“Thinking about a change of look?” Paul was amazed how Jay always seemed to know what he was thinking and nodded. “Well … I think I know just the person for you.” As he spoke he rubbed his hands over the rubber covered globes of Paul’s arse. “Would you like me to give you their address?”

Paul nodded gratefully and Jay moved around to stand between him and his reflection. Producing a business card, he unzipped one of the pockets in the rubber jeans and slid the card inside. As Paul felt his hand rubbing at his muscle through the rubber, Paul could feel himself getting hard. “Just head around there – they’ll look after you.”

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