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Josh West, Cameron Adams, Nick Moretti at Bound In Public


A slutty back-talker gets used and abused in front of a crowd at Steamworks bathhouse


This is a vintage shoot from Bound In Public. Cameron Adams goes to Steamworks at Berkeley for some R and R. Not long before horny Josh West and Nick Moretti jump on the unsuspecting dude and take him down in front of everyone. Fighting hard against it, Cameron is made to suck cock and lick feet. The guys make him crawl around the bathhouse for cocks. He gets a hard flogging at the hot tub and the back-talker finally gives in. Everyone drags Cameron into an empty room and fucks the daylights out of him. He receives load after load of cum.


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Two hairy sluts get abused in a bar full of horny strangers


Not everyone can handle the crazy sex, abuse and humiliation of Bound In Pubic. Kyle Derring is put in a stockade and taken to a bar full of men during the day. They go to work on his hairy body right away and it’s all too much for him to handle. Adam Port, another hairy stud, wants to take his place and the party begins. After Adam endures a heavy beating, he is made to crawl around on top of the bar begging to service cock. All good whores come with an air mattress. Adam blows one up, and he is made to beg the bar patrons to fuck his hairy hole.

This is a vintage shoot from Bound in Public.

kyle_derring_gay_bondage_02 kyle_derring_gay_bondage_03 kyle_derring_gay_bondage_04

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Noah Brooks is dragged through the streets, bound, beaten and pissed on


The streets of San Francisco are filled with thousands of people. Master Avery ties up Derek Pain in the middle of the street and a huge crowd gathers. Noah Brooks is an innocent bystander in the crowd. Master Avery calls to the crowd for volunteers to get tied up and he happens to pick Noah. Everybody is shocked when he gets his clothes cut off, gets his ass beaten and then gets pissed on. Avery drags him through the streets completely naked throughout the day. Later at a private party they make Noah service everyone there. They fuck him in front of the windows, and the people in the streets go wild.

This is a vintage shoot from Bound In Public.

master_avery_marc_dylan_noah_brooks_02 master_avery_marc_dylan_noah_brooks_03

male bdsm video Master Avery

Models in this shoot: Van Darkholme, Master Avery, Derek Pain, Noah Brooks.


Muscle stud Dylan Roberts uses and abuses Tony Hunter

Dylan_Roberts_and_Tony_Hunter_01 Dylan_Roberts_and_Tony_Hunter_02 Dylan_Roberts_and_Tony_Hunter_03 Dylan_Roberts_and_Tony_Hunter_04 Dylan_Roberts_and_Tony_Hunter_05 Dylan_Roberts_and_Tony_Hunter_06

Muscle stud Dylan Roberts takes Tony Hunter into a crowded restaurant during lunch hour. The horny men grope the captive and make him suck cocks. Dylan walks Tony around and beats his ass for everyone’s enjoyment. Tony endures drinks thrown on him, the zipper, humiliation of licking cum off the dirty floor. They gang fuck the stud make him clean up by scrubbing the floor with his own body.


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Seven things to do to a long-haired punk

Ever see a hot dude but he has long hair and you just want to smack him around a bit and show him who’s boss? A guy like Dylan Deap, shown here. Here is a list of 7 things to do to a punk like this:

  1. Tie him up:



  1. Make him lick boots:






  1. Make him suck cock:



  1. Shoot loads into his mouth:



  1. Gag him with a ball gag and apply clamps to his chest:



  1. Gang fuck him up the ass and turn him into a bitch:



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Bondage and hot man sex at Helios Resort in Palm Springs

Trent Diesel gets tied up, beaten and gang-banged at Helios Resort


The winter sun has fallen behind the mountains and men are out to play at Helios Resort in Palm Springs. Trent Diesel is tied up and blindfolded with his hard cock out for all to see. Spencer Reed takes the stud cruising around the resort in the dark. After having sex in the rooms, Spencer beats the hell out of Trent as the crowd watches. The horny patrons grope, lick and suck Trent. They take him over to the hot tub for more flogging. Christian Wilde gives the slutty sub a hard fucking in the hot tub. As if that’s not enough, Trent gets gangbanged in a sling and receives load after load of cum

gay_bondage_spencer_reed_02 gay_bondage_spencer_reed_03 gay_bondage_spencer_reed_04 gay_bondage_spencer_reed_05

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Hard bondage cocks

KinkMen is the “daddy site” of Men On Edge, plus Bound Gods, Bound In Public, Butt Machine Boys, 30 Minutes of Torment, and Naked Kombat gay wrestling:

The daddy site of Men on Edge


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KinkMen is the “daddy site” of Men On Edge

KinkMen is the “daddy site” of Men On Edge

Perverted Punishment: Ethan Hudson

A pervert coach tries to seduce an innocent and is caught by police who teach him a lesson by humiliating and fucking him in front of the neighbors.

ethan_hudson_metalbondnyc_02 ethan_hudson_metalbondnyc_03

After meeting online, married football coach Ethan Hudson shows up at Matthew’s house for what he thinks will be an afternoon of raunchy fun. What Ethan doesn’t know is that Matthew is actually an actor and they have set up hidden cameras to catch the sexual predator in action. Ethan catches on to the set-up and tries to escape, but an entire police squad takes him down hard and drags him back into the house to administer their own form of justice and teach the perv a lesson he won’t soon forget.

ethan_hudson_metalbondnyc_03 ethan_hudson_metalbondnyc_04

The nasty coach is stripped down, face-fucked, bound and made to endure shocks from the zapper all over his body in front of a bunch of onlooking neighbors. The officers carry him to the living room where he must service them by licking their boots clean and sucks their dicks while wearing a rat tail butt plug. After an intense flogging, the perv is dragged to the bedroom where he’s tied to the bed and gang fucked by many huge cocks. The officers finish up their lesson by cumming all over the coach’s face and subjecting him to cum denial as they repeatedly push him to the edge.

ethan_hudson_metalbondnyc_05 ethan_hudson_metalbondnyc_06

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