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Gay bondage: Trenton Ducati, Nick Capra and Jacob Durham at Bound In Public

It’s Folsom Street Fair 2014, and the Bound In Public crew torment captives with floggings, electro play and a vicious zipper before hitting the streets. Trenton Ducati and Nick Capra pull Jacob Durham out of the crowd, finding out it’s his first time at Folsom Street Fair, so they tie him up and give him the full treatment. After amusing the crowd, Jacob is taken off to Dore Alley, where he gets gang fucked one cock after another before taking a bukkake to the face.


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Male BDSM porn: Ricky Sinz ties up a cum whore


It’s been a long-time fantasy of Holden Phillips to be humiliated and used in a bathroom, and Ricky Sinz is just sadistic enough to make his dreams come true.


Holden is tied to his own fuck mattress and drags it around the bathroom while he sniffs crotch and sucks cock. The horny men rip off their belts and beat Holden’s ass until it’s bright red then tie him to the urinals and piss all over him while he takes the cattle prod. He gets suspended still tied to the mattress while the guys take turns fucking him til he screams for mercy. In the glory hole stall Holden wears the dildo mask and goes face deep fucking a couple guys’ asses. With the dental gag fixed tight all the guys blow their loads in the exhausted captive’s mouth.

19856_p_02 19856_p_10

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Male bondage action: Eli Hunter is tied up in the woods

Deep in the woods of Northern California, a couple horny locals cruise along the windy road until they find a hot stud walking all by himself. They try to pick Eli Hunter up, but when he refuses they veer off to the side of the road and jump him from behind.

male bdsm

Eli is taken back to their campsite where more of their horny friends await. Out of fear, Eli pisses his pants before the gang of men tear away his clothes and shove their cocks in his holes. Bound helplessly to a log, Eli’s viciously beaten with the flogger as the guys eat his beautiful ass from behind. They then fuck Eli from both ends as he’s suspended from the log like a pig roast before dragging him to the dirt and covering his face with all their hot loads.

36196_5 36196_7

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Male BDSM at Dore Alley

At Bound In Public, a stud gets publicly beaten and gang fucked for the crowd’s amusement at Up Your Alley


It’s Dore Alley 2014, and the Bound In Public crew is out in full force for Up Your Alley. The flogging session at the KinkMen booth draws a nice crowd, so they pull Kip Johnson out of the crowd to pop his Dore Alley cherry. They clip clothespins all over Kip’s chest while he is in full bondage with a blindfold over his eyes. He screams for the crowd when they crop each clothespin off his body one by one. They then march him through the crowd on the way to fuck his ass while he’s humiliated by all of the onlookers snapping photos of his vulnerable cock. Strangers lay hands all over him as they fuck Kip right in front of them. They fill all of his holes while the Dore crowd chants “Fuck that hole!” then cover the pig in cum.

36222_10 36222_11

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Training Week at the Campground: A Novel – Part 08

By AlphaMetal

Day 2, Evening – Pretty Boy’s Fate, Part 2

Pretty Boy stood before the Master inside the trailer with his hands still cuffed behind his back.

The Master looked at his boy and said, “You fucked up, boy.”

Pretty Boy looked sad and said, “I know, Sir,”

They looked at each other for a long moment and then the Master gave the handcuffed boy a warm and supportive hug. “Let me take those cuffs off, son,” the Master said, and he removed the handcuffs.

“Are you scared, son?” the Master asked.

“Very much,” Pretty Boy replied honestly.

“I know. It’s OK. Don’t worry, boy. Sit down.”

“I have spoken with the Commander and you won’t be hurt,” the Master said.

Pretty Boy was so overwhelmed with relief that it flooded through him like tears. The boy was so grateful he didn’t know what to say so he just kneeled in front of his Master and opened his mouth slightly.

“Thank you, boy, but sit down. We will do that later. I have missed that but we need to chat.”

“Yes, Sir,” the boy said.

“First of all, this is your one pass this week. If you hesitate or disobey again I have given them permission to punish you, and you will not get to see me or talk to me before it happens. Do you understand, boy?”

“Yes, Sir.”

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Gay bondage: A go-go boy gets tied up

Here’s an archived shoot from the Bound In Public vault:


Sexy southerner Jacob Durham dances at a strip joint. It’s Friday night and the place is packed with rowdy men. Things get out of hand and horny dudes take Jacob down. The poor stripper is made to suck cocks and feet. Mike Martin shoves the electric butt-plug up Jacob’s ass and the fun begins. Everyone takes turns fucking the exhausted captive. Jacob receives cum all over his face and many drinks toss on him to add insult to injury.

17870_p_04 17870_p_07

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