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Jarret’s tickling hookup

August hooks up with Jarret and persuades him to get tied up. The military man is much more ticklish than August even hoped for, and he has a blast tormenting the hunk. Jarret erupts into laughter when August touches his feet — especially when his toes get worship-tickled! After tickling his armpits until his captive is breathless, August finally lets Jarret cum since his cock has been hard the entire time.

male bondage tickling

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Title of this shoot: Jarret’s Tickling Hookup

male tickle fetish

The Birthday

By ty dehner

ty dehner bdsm authorTrey and I have been friends for quite a while now. We’ve played a few times, but mostly we’ve developed a great friendship. We were going to the movies today, the first time we’ve hooked up in a couple of weeks. When I arrived at his apartment, he was fiddling on his computer. I made myself comfortable on the sofa as he finished up his stuff. We had plenty of time before the movie started. After he finished, he came and sat in the chair next to the sofa. We talked about what we both had been up too in the last couple of weeks. While we talk online a lot, we still always have something to talk about in person. Trey looked pretty hot in his 14-hole black boots and matching black t-shirt with bold white letters spelling out “Skinhead.” There was a shine to his shaved head reflecting the sun coming through the blinds of his small apartment.

We were talking and laughing like guys do when I found my hand touching his shoulder. It was just a brief touch, but it sure felt good to touch him, again. He must have liked it, because he gently brushed me on the arm. Then it started the touching and slight tickling. He knows my sensitive spots. Our booted feet were playing with each other, hands on the legs, stroking.

Before long, he had my Ben Sherman shirt undone and his hands were tweaking at my tits. He was saying how they should be pierced because that would give him something to work with. I shuttered a little bit, not liking the thought of the needle going through my tits.   I worked my shirt off and felt his hands against my skin. They were warm and rough from the construction work he does. He has shown me, rather intimately, the leather gloves he wears for work, but his hands were still rough. I worked my hands around his body and we took each other in a warm tender hug.

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Bondage and tickling at the auto repair shop

At My Friends Feet, Manuel storms into Ryan’s Auto Repair pissed off that his car has broken down twice since Ryan worked on it. Manuel isn’t taking any more crap from his rough-trade mechanic after being stranded on the highway. He is going to take matters into his own ticking hands and turn that smug grin on Ryan’s face into uncontrollable laughter:

gay porn Bondage and tickling at the auto repair shop

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Scene Title: Ryan Bones

Scene Short Description: Mechanic Ryan Bones Tickled

muscle bondage tickling

Male bondage and tickling with Leo Forte and August Alexander

At My Friends Feet, August Alexander is far from ordinary in his sexual tastes. He loves tickling guys and sucking on their toes. He has an appetite for the unusually sensual things in life, like being tied up and helpless at the hands of his boyfriend Leo Forte. Leo ties August up (the footage of him doing the rope work is at the end of this video) and teases him for a while. He licks his toes and tickles him until August is squirming around, making his own cock hard. Once the ropes come off Leo explores August’s body and feet more until he shoots his load on August’s toes.

Leo Forte and August Alexander

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Scene Title: August

Scene Short Description: Leo Tickles & Worships August

gay porn Leo Forte and August Alexander

Journal to Hell – Part 03

By rts

male bondage storiesBut although he succeeds in opening the snaps on the fly of my leather jeans, he is frustrated and unable to reach my cock and balls as they are tightly contained by my piss-soaked leather jock. He moans, his body suddenly jerks with another shock, and bites down hard on my encased package. As I grunt with the sudden pain, the skinhead re-enters the cell, laughing at the sight. “Great to see two helpless leather faggots trying to eat cock.”

He walks over, straddling Jake and sitting down hard on him, pinning his head tight into my crotch. He shoves a water bottle into my mouth and squeezes, forcing me to gulp down the entire contents. Holding the empty bottle tight into my mouth, he pinches closed the nose holes of my hood, and I struggle for air while Jake is desperately reacting to multiple shocks and his inability to breathe with my wet jock rammed into his face.

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