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Tickle torture sling

Here’s another VIDEO from My Friends Feet. Amone knows what it’s like to be in the sling waiting for his tickling torment to start. Amone is in the driver seat now, and AJ is acting all tough before it begins. AJ will not be so chipper by the end of his tickling ordeal today! In fact, Amone seems to really piss AJ off by tickling him and making him squirm and laugh so much. AJ’s upper body is the most ticklish, but his gorgeous feet are sensitive too. He seems to frighten Amone more and more as the action moves on!

AJ Tickled In The Sling

VIDEO at My Friends Feet

Scene Title: AJ

Scene Short Description: AJ Tickled In The Sling

male bondage tickle torture

The dominant feet of Imperial Muscle

At My Friends Feet, it’s been a long time since Dan has been under the dominant feet of ImperialMuscle, who is also known as Luigi on other sites. They met online, and since one of them lives in Florida and the other in Italy it’s hard to find time for in-person foot worship. Today they have a few minutes between travel and flights to have some foot fun. Dan sniffs and puts his face in Imperial’s socks and then his size 9 bare feet to get all of the delicious smell. Then he sucks each toe and kisses his feet before cleaning each sole with love and care.

the dominant feet of ImperialMuscle

See the VIDEO at My Friends Feet

Scene Title: Imperial

Scene Short Description: Imperial Muscle Worshiped

the dominant feet of ImperialMuscle

Chad Hammer gets tied and tickled in a sling

Rikk puts Chad Hammer into some bondage in a sling to get easy access to his hairy, ticklish body. His sexy size 10 soles are exposed and Rikk knows just how to attack them with his fingers until Chad is struggling to escape. Rikk also tickles Chad’s armpits and furry sides which makes Chad convulse with laughter. It’s Chad’s thighs that are the most ticklish, though, and Rikk hits them with full force until Chad is in hysterics.

Chad Hammer gets tied and tickled in a sling


See the video at My Friends Feet

Scene Title: Chad

Rikk puts Chad Hammer into some bondage

Joey – Part 02

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By slavebladeboi

Following a mainly sleepless night, and twenty four hours after waking on that bench, it happened that Joey returned to the park, this time on his bike, which he usually used to get him to his part time work, to help with his expenses, as well as for the exercise that helped keep him in shape. There was very little breeze to slow or cool him and he felt the urge to push himself to mitigate the inner feelings he still had. Dappled shade rapidly alternated with brilliant sun, cooling and heating his back in succession as he cycled around the track, always within view of that bench, but never getting close to it.

The bench attracted him with a force he couldn’t explain but at the same time it repelled him, the two opposing forces made him feel disturbed, almost giddy. Since his experience, waking up, remembering his tortures, finding his cock locked without knowing who or when, he was both frustrated and nervous. In truth he was angry, frustrated, frightened and anxious all at the same time. He didn’t know which way to turn mentally. He’d been used. The turmoil that this caused him was fighting the feeling somewhere, deep inside, that it was sexy, hot and just about everything that he’d dreamed about most of the time he was jerking off.

Jerking off, yeah, the thing he could no longer do, and that made him angry.

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Captain Jack and the Race to Redula – Chapter 05: Interrogation



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Unical date: 3752.563.24 (that same evening)

Sleep?  As in, spend the night like this?  Chained up on the floor?  It didn’t seem possible.  And yet, for the sake of the scene, he would try.  He’d gotten himself into these additional restraints by his own actions; he would just have to suffer the consequences.  Damn… shaking things up after an afternoon of monotony was one thing, but now that he’d done it, he wanted to undo and go back to the monotony again!

Minutes crawled by, one by one.  The screams of the distant victim, either the same one or a new unfortunate bastard, continued to make themselves heard every so often through the door, grating on his psyche.  The room was pitch black, not that there would have been anything to see anyway.  Just concrete.  Sam squirmed around, trying to find a comfortable position and once again wondering why he had chosen to do this to himself.  He tried to eroticize the bondage and that worked for a bit.  He felt his cock grow hard between his belly and the floor and (gently!) ground it into the concrete.  It helped.  He convinced himself that he would be able to endure.  It would be an ordeal, but he would master it.

There were basically three positions available for his head: left cheek down, right cheek down, or chin down.  Chin down was the position his body wanted to be in since that oriented his head in its usual forward-facing way.  But the floor forced him to bend his neck painfully backward and so he couldn’t sustain that position for long.  That left him alternating between cheeks, switching it up every few minutes each time the crick in his neck began to complain.

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