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Leather Cop Enforcement

This is an excerpt from ty dehner’s new leather kink novel, coming July 31, 2021, to Amazon Kindle and in print. This excerpt is exclusive to Metalbondnyc.com. Posted here with permission.

ty dehner book


By ty dehner

The red Dodge Ram finds a parking spot near The Barracks, the Palm Springs area premiere leather bar. There is a light drizzle falling this evening after an afternoon of thunder showers. After parking, Mateo checks that he is prepared to meet the man that has him locked in chastity, looking at his face in his rear view mirror. He smiles as his young skin is clear of any blemishes and he has freshly shaved. His black hair on his head is in a close crop that makes it cool for him when he is on the work site. Opening the door of his truck, Mateo’s boot lands in a puddle as he steps out of his truck.


He had worked hard to shine his Wesco’s just two hours ago. He steps out of the puddle, reaching behind his driver’s seat he pulls out a rag. Placing his boot up on the door rim, he wipes it down and brings back the shine he had worked so hard on. Thinking back upon their first encounter in his trailer, he knew that that KTM rider had to be a leather man. Why else did he have them meet at The Barracks. Being in leather and bondage himself, Mateo didn’t want to overdo his first meeting so he settled for his Wesco Boss boots, black leather motorcycle chaps over his black skinny Levi’s, a black t-shirt with the Mr. S logo on it and his leather vest.

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The boss gets tied up and tickled

Drake said he was going to give everybody a Christmas bonus to get everyone to work extra hours. Now it’s the new year and Drake has reneged on his promise for more money. But Drake is extremely ticklish. He is wearing his office attire and sheer socks and he looks hot. He is tied, served up and ready for his ticklish reckoning.

male bondage tickle torture

See the video at My Friends Feet

Title of this video: Ex-Boss Drake Tickled

male tickle torture

Tickle tortured on his birthday

Osiris and August want to do something different for Osiris’ birthday this year. Osiris is thinking that he wants a kinky present like getting tied up. August thinks that’s a great idea, but he takes it further. He ties Osiris up AND tickles him until he is breathless with laughter. Osiris is ticklish just about everywhere and he has a great laugh. August tickles him until he can’t take it anymore and then lets him get off while he’s still tied up. It’s a birthday to remember!

August Alexander and Osiris Blade

See the video at My Friends Feet

Title of this video: Osiris Tickled

Models in this video: August Alexander and Osiris Blade

male tickle torture

The Jacket – Part 3

By Rubrpig

My new life which began so dramatically has settled into somewhat of a routine. I still work my usual time during the day after which I head for my new gym. Sir had me switch to his gym so on occasion we can work out. This has happened several times now, usually on his days off from the store. After my workout, I am not allowed to shower at the gym but I must pack my suit and shoes into my gym bag and head to my loft. Once I get to my loft I strip, throw my sweaty gym gear into the wash, hang up my suit and quickly buff and polish my dress shoes. Once this is done, I flush myself out till the water running from my ass is clear. Only then am I allowed to have a shower.

Afterward, I put on my heavy leather collar and lock it, then check my phone for a text from Sir. If Sir texts that means I am to put on a pair of spandex shorts and head for his loft. I let myself in and strip off my shorts and wait in the living room. Here in his loft and when I am in my own loft, I am not allowed to use the furniture with the exception of my bed. The furniture is reserved for Sir’s use. I relax and wait for his return home.

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Hugh Hunter gets bound and tickled with help from Dolf Dietrich

At My Friends Feet, Hugh Hunter gets tied up and tickled with some help from Dolf Dietrich. Hugh is very ticklish – and that means everywhere from his chiseled torso down to his masculine, size 12 feet. He was already in nothing but a pair of shorts by the time they had him tied up, so no time was wasted getting to his chest, armpits, nipples and bare feet. As expected, Hugh went completely crazy, especially while getting tickled buck naked.

Hugh Hunter gets bound and tickled with help from Dolf Dietrich

Se the video at My Friends Feet

Title of this video: Hugh Hunter Bound & Tickled Naked

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Dolf Dietrich