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Gym buddies take it home for bondage and foot worship

Handsome Zeek caught the eye of Thom at the gym. Zeek has a fantastic body and Thom wants to see if he has sexy feet to match. Thom wants to get Zeek’s socks and toes in his mouth so bad he captures the big man and pulls his shoes and socks off. Thom should have tried asking first — it turns out Zeek would have said ‘Yes!’

Gym buddies take it home for bondage and foot worship

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Scene Title: Zeek

Scene Short Description: Zeek’s Size 12s Worshiped

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A banker gets a bondage massage

August was surprised (but not really) when his bank teller Matthew called him and booked a massage session. August had noticed the handsome man before and was even more thrilled when he asked August to tie him up during his lunch break. This is a video from My Friends Feet. The buff daddy has hot, ticklish feet and sexy armpits, and August tickles him until he’s out of breath — and very aroused…

Matthew called him and booked a massage session

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Scene Title: Matthew

Scene Short Description: Matthew Tickled & Massaged

he asked August to tie him up during his lunch break

Goodbye Leatherman

Written by ty dehner

ty dehner gay bondage authorIt’s one of those days that feels like a movie. One of those old black and white films that used to be on late at night, as the actors were so dramatic. But their characters had a passion that we don’t see today. Though many never find that passion, I have been blessed to experience a life many would dream about myself for the past year. A passion that fills my heart and my thoughts daily, each morning rising; glad to have him in my life as he displays how much he wants me in his.

Another gray day in the Emerald City of Seattle, I have brought Kane downtown because he and I are faced with a moment we didn’t want to come but was going to happen because one thing we can’t do is to stop time. The damp feeling lays upon my emotions, causing a depressing mood, feeling gray like the clouds outside as they drizzle just enough to fuck up the day’s activities.

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Joey gets tricked into being tickled

At My Friends Feet, Joey comes over for a massage. Once again he finds himself tricked into being tickled once he is on the massage table. You would think getting tied up would clue him in, but apparently not. His amazing feet seemed even more ticklish than usual. His armpits were wide open!

Joey gets tricked into being tickled

See the VIDEO at My Friends Feet

Scene Title: Joey

Scene Short Description: Joey’s Ticklish Massage

Joey gets tricked into being tickled

Florida Trap – Part 05

By Johnny Utah

I shuffled into the Receiving Building.  I was the largest building I had been inside of in weeks, and it stank of industrial disinfectant. I thought I’d have to stop and do something like fingerprints and a mugshot, but then it hit me I already had a prison ID card. I had a record here. I had no idea why I was taken from the fields into prison. Everything was going OK since we got back to the work camp. Going to pick sweet potatoes wasn’t that bad, now I was facing something else. Something unknown.

In the processing area, Sergeant Stiles was waiting for me.

“Prisoner Utah, J. 35374, you are going to be processed for entry in the Special Housing Unit, disciplinary segregation section,” he announced.

I shuffled down a hallway and turned into a big white painted room with six tall cages, each one obviously meant to hold one man. I was put in a standing cage, painted white. It was about four by four feet. There was a kind of bench to sit on. The door clanged shut and was locked.

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