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Ride Along as a Prisoner – Part 2

Ride Along as a Prisoner Part 2 – On the Road

By asiancuffs

15 Aug 2017

The sound of the wagon’s engine starting brought me back to real life from my imagined prison life. The vehicle started moving from a side street to the busy streets of G. The sitting benches in the prisoner compartment were set sideways as compared to the driver’s seat. When I looked up at the window on the opposite side, I saw a blured reflected image of me on the opposite glass window. I raised my hands a bit and felt the tension of the connecting chains through my handcuffs. I stretched my legs, and I felt them restricted by the shackles. Everything is real, so real. I looked to the front, the two cops focused on driving, and as agreed with my friends they will treat me like a prisoner for the whole trip, there will be no dialogue between us except the official instructions given by them.

The vehicle hit the main roads, and traffic was really slow moving. I started to look out of the window and saw other vehicles moving slowly alongside. It is very normal that when one sees a prison wagon on the road with one guy sitting in the prisoner compartment, one will always check that out for more details. I have eye contacts with a few people in the passing by vehicles. Then I decide to take one step further. I put my cuffed hands onto the rail bar protecting the window, and in this position people in other vehicles can see I am in handcuffs. After a few observations of my “Handcuff Show,” I noticed that most people are curious to know a person in custody. If the vehicle has only the driver, he will take a few looks and then focus back onto the road. If there are other passengers, they will tell the driver or any other passenger in the vehicle about a handcuffed convict sitting in the wagon beside their vehicle. A few even use their mobile phone to take pictures of this handcuffed man. (I really want those pictures if I can find the photographers!)

cuffed in a polic van

After about 20 minutes in the city traffic, we finally reached the highway entrance and are heading to city F. The journey on the highway will take slightly more than an hour. I sat calmly in the prisoner compartment looking at my reflected inmage on the window. The trip is supposed to be simple and straightforward, but we have arranged a stop at the “service station” which is similar to a “rest area” in the US Interstate except other than the washroom, the service area also has gas station, fast food shops and convenience store. There will be a washroom break (which I don’t really need). I will be marched through the service facilities in handcuffs and shackles escorted by two uniformed police officers, where I will be just a few feet away from other people in the service area.


To be continued …

Metal would like to thank the author, asiancuffs, for this true story!


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