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Cock in a vise

At Bound Gods, Adam Herst ties up and fucks cocky businessman Alex Adams in the metal shop


Alex Adams strolls into the metal shop as Adam Herst finishes up with his order of bondage devices. When Alex bites off more than he can chew, he finds himself bound and gagged, with his balls caught in a vise. As Alex screams from the pain, Adam shuts him up with a hard cock deep down his throat before the muscled stud is given a flogging. Trapped in his own bondage device, Alex has his hands and feet cuffed together as Adam eats the muscled stud’s ass. Adam then whips out his big hard cock and plows it into Alex’s tight hole. After a vigorous fuck from behind, Adam flips his captive over and gives him a face full of cum.

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Adam Herst gay bondage top

Morgan Black takes Tony Hunter to his limits

In this vintage update over at Bound Gods, Tony Hunter is strewn up alone in Morgan Black’s playroom and ready for abuse. Morgan torments the captive’s nipples until his dick gets hard and then pulls him off the wall by his balls.


After a good flogging leaves Tony’s ass nice and red, Morgan shoves his cock down the prisoner’s throat while the tight bondage keeps his ass hook firmly in his hole. Tony’s endurance is pushed when he’s made to bite down on a rope connected to a bowling ball and his own zipper while Morgan crops the stud until he screams. Still hard, Tony is bound to the tilting fuck table and gets his throat and hole filled by Morgan’s cock. A hard fuck earns Tony a load on his face and the chance to lick his own load off of Morgan’s boot. The captive is left alone in the playroom, awaiting his Master’s return.

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The Creepy Handyman ties his new victim up and fucks him senseless


Micky Mackenzie showers in the locker room before Adam Herst sneaks up from behind and takes him captive. Micky struggles to get free, but the rope around his body is bound too tight for any chance of escape. Mr. Herst sucks on the stud captive’s hard cock before working him over with the riding crop. A flogging is next. Later, tied down on the bed, Micky is tormented even more with a caning as he bites down on the rope gag in his mouth. Mr. Herst plunges his big hard cock deep in the captive’s ass until leaving him with a face full of cum.

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Adam Knox gets caught in a cum fest

At Bound Gods, Adam Knox gets used and cum all over his face from a crowd of horny men


Super stud Adam Knox is tied up to the metal rack for the horny crowd to use. Adam is helpless with metal bondage around his neck as the public gropes and strips him naked. Christian Wilde gets his cock hard when he flogs the hell out of Adam in front of everyone. He and Cole Streets suspend Adam upside down and the crowd spits and throws drinks at the poor guy. Everyone crowds around Adam for a good old fashioned gang bang. Adam receives load after load of hot cum

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Helpless and caged like an animal

At Bound Gods, Adam Herst cages Colt Rivers as his captive and fucks him like an animal.


Colt Rivers is helplessly bound in a confined cage, his mouth duct taped shut as twisted pervert Adam Herst approaches. He pulls out Colt’s cock and sucks it till it’s nice and hard before shoving his hard cock in his mouth. In his cage, Colt is flipped over face down, ass up for Mr. Herst to have his way with him. After a rough ass fucking, the helpless stud is strung up while struggling on electrified balance blocks. Colt endures a relentless flogging while his feet are tormented by the electricity. Adam has his captive bound in metal bondage for a final fuck before covering the helpless prisoner in cum.

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The Adventures of Pete and Gunner – Part 1

By pwnedpuppy

This is a sequel to Truckbound

It’s been a while since i’ve had a story to tell since “Truckbound”, but i wanted to catch everyone up on how things have been going with Pete and i.

In case you forgot, i’m Jeremy… well, “Gunner” is what Pete calls me – these days it’s whether we’re in a scene or not.  Still five foot seven, still about 160 pounds of lean muscle. i still work IT, although the job market isn’t what it once was.  Laidback bro out in public, putty-in-your-hands sub with a pup streak in the playroom.

Pete still towers over me at six foot two.  He’s till working construction (although He owns His own business now). He’s bulked up a little – still all muscle, but has taken a bit of an interest in some amateur powerlifting.  Still drives a big pickup, still plays a little rec hockey now and then, and still in to totally owning my ass when i come to visit on weekends.

i’ve been Pete’s pup for two years now.  About six months ago, He collared me full-time with a gorgeous piece of stainless steel chain and a matching padlock.  A little liquid weld went into the keyhole of the lock, so the only way this is coming off is with a bolt cutter.  It’s been a great turning point in our relationship.

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The Onyx Converter – The Onyx vs The Redz Series

At Bound Gods, The Redz, Lucas Knight, falls prey to the Onyx Converter


Redz member Lucas Knight has his hands and feet chained to the wall as his Onyx captor, Jaxton Wheeler, approaches with flogger in hand. Jaxton works the hung stud over with the flogger before pulling him down and making him suck Jaxton’s rock hard cock. Bound in the Onyx Converter, Lucas has an electric butt plug shoved up his ass as he is shocked and tormented. To complete his transformation, Lucas is made to worship Jaxton’s feet before receiving his hot load of cum all over his face and sucking off every drop.

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gay rubber bondage

Adam Herst takes his real life partner, Dylan Strokes, to his limit and rewards him with a face full of cum

This vintage update from Bound Gods is called: “Adam and Dylan – Real Life Couple Series

Adam Herst rents a dungeon and brings in his real-life partner, Dylan Strokes. They’ve played around with BDSM before, but tonight Adam aims to take his partner to his limit. Adam lets his Dylan know, “I’m going to beat you good, and you’re gonna love it.”

Dylan’s response: “Yes, Sir.”

Adam has his partner strip and introduces him to the crop. Dylan winces at the sting but still keeps his cock hard. Adam then gives the captive a nice red ass while having his boots polished by Dylan’s tongue.

In a one-legged suspension, Dylan gets Adam’s cock down his throat and endures a hard flogging. Finally with his hole spread wide on the bed, Dylan gets hot wax all over his chest, abs and balls. Adam fucks the cum out of his partner and rewards him with a load of his own.

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