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Tober Brandt and Chad Brock in ‘Psycho Boyfriend’ at Bound Gods


Tober Brandt is the psycho boyfriend who torments Chad Brock, in this vintage shoot from Bound Gods.

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Chad Brock is trying to leave Tober Brandt, his psychotic boyfriend of five years. Tober would not have it and stuffs him in the wine barrel. Once in a while, Tober takes Chad out and tries to convince him to stay. Frustrated, Tober flogs his boyfriend into submission, shocks Chad’s nipples with electricity and stretches him on the vertical wooden rack. Tober then fucks his exhausted boyfriend hard in bondage, which makes the prisoner remember the good old days.


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Bound Gods: The Return of Rocco Steele

Locked in a dark dungeon, Adam gets his fill from hung, sadistic dom Rocco Steele.


With his new plaything wrapped in plastic and swaying from the ceiling, Rocco Steele tests the firm leather of his paddle. Mr. Steele approaches the package and tears it open, revealing Adam Ramzi. He lowers Adam and inspects the slave’s ass, wasting no time probing and tasting his hole and paddling his firm cheeks. Mr. Steele moves to Adam’s head and has the slave suck his massive cock. After a vicious paddling, Adam stands bound against a column, face covered by a leather hood. Mr. Steele mixes pleasure and pain for his slave, caressing the slave’s cock before tying it off to a long rope and pulling from across the room. Adam receives a painful edging, the orgasm interrupted by a zipper torn his from his tender nipples and torso. Mr. Steele peels Adam from the column and locks him into a stockade table.

38790_5 38790_6

Stretched out on the table, Mr. Steele plows his whole ten inches deep into the slave’s ass while coating his back in hot wax. Adam hungrily takes a messy load from his dom before taking orders to mount a sybian and jerk himself off while cropped. With his prostate rocked by the maximum vibration, Adam lets out a cum explosion before having the sybian turned up to full blast.

38790_16 38790_17

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Jessie Colter works over Jack Redmond in bondage

At Bound Gods. Held captive and edged all night in Jessie Colter’s house, Jack Redmond can’t imagine how his situation could get any more intense. Jessie can.

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Jessie binds the captive under the stairs, bent over, ass on full display. Jessie gapes Jack’s ass to the limit, jamming a fist deep into him. The fist enters Jack a little too easy for Jessie’s liking, so he adds his other hand to the hole. Jessie frees his hands for flogging with a silicone fist for Jack, leaving it far inside the captive while beating his cheeks red. Still trembling from the flogging, Jack finds himself blindfolded in Jessie’s bedroom doorway. Unsure where the next painful hit from Jessie’s crop will land next, Jack submits to the crop marks painting his pale skin before swallowing Jessie’s hard cock. After the cropping, Jack finds himself bound with leather belts, while taking a cold steel rod deep into his pisshole. Jessie finishes him off with brutal zaps and a rough fuck before coating hot cum all over his face and making him polish off every drop.


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Christian Wilde beats the obedience back into mouthy slave Brock Rustin


Brock Rustin stews in a filthy cell — gagged, bound and resentful. Christian Wilde arrives, set on reeducating the ungrateful slave. The slave still thirsts for cock, so Christian has the slave gag on his massive dick while he slaps sense back into him with a heavy leather paddle. Attitude improving, Christian suspends the slave’s arms above his head and violently tenderizes the slave’s meaty ass with a cane and flogger.

38225_1 38225_9

Whatever will remained in the slave shatters under the pain. The slave dutifully submits to his dom again. In celebration of the rediscovered gratitude, Christian fucks the bound slave and covers his back in hot candle wax before cropping it clean. The slave graciously takes a wad of Christian’s load all over his face. Now back in the good graces of the house, Christian permits the slave to cum — right onto Christian’s foot, which he promptly cleans with his tongue.

38225_11 38225_13

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TWO men get the BOUND GODS treatment at the hands of Master Avery

This is an archived live shoot from Bound Gods. Watching this live at the time, Bound Gods members were able to make requests via chat.


Jason Miller and Jeof Pierson get tied to metal bars. Master Avery rips off their clothes. The men look great covered with clothespins. They scream as Master Avery whips them off their bodies. He fucks them on the metal pipes. Both men endure the single tail whip while tied up in the metal bondage chair. Jason and Jeof scream and beg for mercy as their cocks are tormented long after they blow their loads.

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Training Week at the Campground: A Novel – Part 07

By AlphaMetal

Day 2, Late Afternoon – Pretty Boy’s Fate, Part 1

Alpha released Pretty Boy’s hands from the eye-bolt on the wall and the slave removed the four rubber restraints from the boy’s wrists and ankles. The slave handed Pretty Boy a towel and he dried himself off.

Alpha led Pretty Boy from the shower room back into the room where the intake had taken place. Pretty Boy noticed the black wooden bondage table against one wall, the medical exam chair with stirrups in a corner, and the wall with steel rings and metal restraints at various location. He was naked and there were a lot of places he could be restrained for whatever was going to happen next.

Alpha led him toward the black wooden bondage table and Pretty Boy began to wonder what would be done to him. But instead of being motioned to climb onto the table he saw a folded set of clean prison scrubs and a clean pair of white boxers. Alpha pointed to the clothes and the boy got dressed.

Alpha roughly pulled the boy’s hands behind his back and Pretty Boy felt a pair of handcuffs applied to his wrists, and then Alpha and the slave led the boy out of the intake room and into the room where he sat on the floor when he was first brought to the camp. That just yesterday, Pretty Boy reflected with in amazement.

The slave laid a pair of clean flip-flops on the floor and pointed to Pretty Boy’s feet, motioning for him to put on the flips. Pretty Boy looked at the slave with confusion; the Commander had said he was going to barefoot his whole time at the camp. The slave looked at Pretty Boy and said, “It’s to keep your feet clean as you walk outside.”

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Male BDSM porn: Tormented in tight metal bondage

Connor Patricks suffers cane and cock before receiving a mouthful of cum from Adam Herst


Connor Patricks has been locked away for days in Adam Herst’s workshop, stripped of his clothes and dignity. Adam rouses Connor from sleep in a cramped cage and face fucks the prisoner through the bars. Harder thrusts answer Connor’s pleas for release. Adam binds Connor upright, blindfolding the captive with arms outstretched to hold heavy weights. Connor’s tormentor warns him against dropping the load as he licks Connor’s torso and legs with a riding crop. Adam raises the stakes with a clothespin zipper on both sides of Connor’s body, tying the line to the weights. He puts Connor’s nerves to the limit with the threat of a cattle prod and finally sticks his plaything.

38230_8 38230_14

Gravity wins. The falling weights tear the clothespins from Connor’s body. Legs dangling overhead, Adam next traps Connor under piping, contorting the boy into an inverted spread eagle. Adam delivers a caning and foot torment before a rough fucking. He continues the fucking into the night, splitting Connor’s legs wide apart with belts on a platorform. Connor has the cum worked from his balls as Adam rams his giant cock deep into the captive’s hole. By now, Connor’s spirit has totally broken, and he accepts Adam’s cum with a willing mouthful.

38230_0 38230_7

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