Bondage ass play

Petr Zuska is in the dungeon, shackled and gagged, straining to free himself. Naked too, his cock flops as he tries to release himself. Then Borek Sokol arrives, whip in hand, and gets to work on that hot, slim body, with Petr moaning all the while. Borek plays with the nipples as well, which gets Petr moaning even more. Then Borek works on Petr’s cock as well, using the whip intermittently as well. He releases Petr, bending him over and getting to work on his ass. A toy slips, easily, into Petr’s hot hole and fucks him nice and deep. Petr moans, as the rubber dick works in that hot ass then we get a close-up look at the well-used hole. On his back, legs up, Petr feels his hole being fingered by Borek before the dildo is shoved back inside it. That ass is stretched wide and fucked hard as Petr keeps up with the moaning. When he has had that ass fucked for a good long time Petr sits up and wanks his cock until he shoots his sticky cum for Borek.

Title of this shoot: Petr Zuska – Hot Ass

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Chronicles of a Slave Trader – Chapter 04

By PredicamentBondage

Stevie (from Chapter 1), now renamed “piss-slit,” is hanging from his wrists, as had shit-head before him.

Shit-head is back in its pod, now programmed on a 50-minute rest, 10-minute sprint cycle. This ensures the slave’s slumber is continually interrupted, keeping it sleep deprived and on edge at all times.

Piss-slit has just endured the same treatment as shit-head before him. There were several significant differences between piss-slit’s performance and that of shit-head. Firstly, piss-slit didn’t pass out when it orgasmed. It also took longer to break and now has a total of 21 pounds weighing its balls down. It was a low-hanger to start with, but the stretch is now an impressive 10 inches. It managed to piss itself three times and shit itself once during the ordeal, whereas shit-head stayed dry. No problem, because the factory area is designed for easy clean up.

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Chronicles of a Slave Trader – Chapter 03

By PredicamentBondage

Thirty minutes later, I walk back into the factory area where shit-head is still hanging, periodical swaying in time with twitching muscles. Its arms seem longer somehow. Its head hangs forward with its chin on its chest as if sleeping, but I know that sleep will not have come yet. It’s probably trying to cope with the pain.

There’s a damp pool forming on the bare concrete under the slave where it’s been perspiring over the last few hours. A seductive sheen covers every inch of its body, begging to be caressed.

Its cock is still rigidly pointing to its bellybutton. That must be painful in itself after being hard as iron for so long. Once again I place my stool between its painfully outstretched legs, sit down and touch my tongue to the tip of the cock. The sweet taste of pre-cum seeps over my taste buds. The cock instantly reacts by twitching violently and oozing pre-cum that bubbles up from the depths of the slave’s cock to lather the shiny helmet skin.

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