Island Paradise – Part 2: Chapter 02

By Joshua Ryan

Chapter 2: Quaint Local Customs

You don’t need to be on St. Bevons very long before you know they have all different races there.  So Patrick was some kind of Asian and the other one–Dobie, like it said on his shirt–was white.  Not surprising.  And they have their own accent or dialect or whatever.  I mean you hear it but not from the ones that have any money, lol!  Patrick had it, but underneath you could tell that he had to be an American.  Same for the other one.  You knew it by how they said things.  Like when Dobie said, “Yeh, we be outta you way soon sir.”  These guys on the island, like cooks and so on, always said “waaaay,” like it might go on forever, and when they got to something like “sir,” it was “sirrrr.”

But these two guys didn’t sound like that.  They sounded like I sounded when Dan took me to his room and gave me a beer (thanks, Dan–finally!) and I did my imitation of islan’ talk till he told me I was drunk and I should knock it off.  So you can learn to talk that way, but you might not be perfect.  Anyhow, Dobie and Patrick pulled off the bedclothes and brought in some new sheets and fluffed up the pillows and went in the bathroom and scrubbed and flushed and mopped and sprayed, and all the time they were chattering away in islan’ but the way they cranked their shoulders and slung their butts was totally USA.

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The Long Weekend

By VANS fag

VANS fag author thumbnail MetalbondNYC

Author’s Note: The BOSS has controlled, micro-managed, chastized, tattooed and humiliated VANS fag since August 2008 in a TPE (total power exchange) relationship. VANS fag is an alpha male publicly but a permanently chastised dildofag in the playroom and kink world.


I worked hard organizing a good long weekend escape. Plane tickets to Montreal, limos to and from the airport, three nights at a queer, kink-friendly B&B in the gay neighbourhood and tickets to a popular fetish party on Saturday night. I knew the BOSS and Mike, his latest boyfriend, would enjoy the trip but I wasn’t sure what would happen to me. The Boss would only say mysteriously, “Don’t worry. I haven’t forgotten you.”

Thursday after work the BOSS threw a bag of clothes at my feet. “Mike and I made a special trip to Goodwill to pick up some clothes just for you. Now strip and get dressed. You have a bus to catch.”

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Shot entirely in the sun-splashed outdoors, Trespass delivers everything you’ve come to love about Titan: Scorchingly hot men, stellar production, top-notch camerawork and a passion level that’s absolutely phenomenal. With 13 men and 4 hours of grade-A hardcore action, it’s too daunting a task to try to describe everything that happens in this film. Suffice it to say that every scene is a bona fide winner.

Trespass Titan

This version contains additional footage, including fisting and watersports sequences.

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