Atlanta has the hottest guys

I just got back from a business trip to Atlanta. As is my custom when I travel for work, I mixed in a little fun as well.  I met up with an online bondage buddy — a guy I have been chatting with for years but hadn’t ever met.  Turns out we hit it off quite well.  I “hog chained” him in his hiatt darbies-style four-way irons for a few hours, and then re-shackled him with his hands in front for some overnight bondage. The next day he spread-eagled me in leather restraints.

Then last night, we headed over to the Atlanta Eagle, where the Hotlanta Rubber Group was having a bar night. There were lots and lots of hot guys there, many in full rubber — including the guys shown above. I spotted a few with chains padlocked around their necks, including pup Nitro. Daddy Alan, Mr. Atlanta Eagle 2009 and 2nd Runner Up International Mr. Leather 2009, was there as well.  There was also a guy getting into a rubber hood. I had a really great time with my new bondage buddy and also at the bar.

Thanks for keeping it hot, Hotlanta rubber and bondage guys!

(Oh, and there is an interesting side note to my visit to Atlanta: Furries were holding their “Furry Weekend” at the Hilton, where I was staying! So every time I got on the elevator or walked through the lobby … there were furries everywhere! It was great fun! If you don’t know who Furries are, click here.)

Metalbond answers reader mail

Just been catching up with your site just now … really horny! And I quite agree with you regarding Serious Male Bondage! Cheers,


Yeah, I agree, they sure know how to make the restraint scenarios serious at Serious Male Bondage!



Can’t wait to hear how you get on with the Punisher. I normally am locked in a cb6000 and need it when i get into your site as it is so HOT.

—Via the Internet

Well I am sorry to say I did not fare well in the Punisher. But a friend of mine loves the device.  I do much better with other chastity devices.



Your site never fails to get me rock hard, from the pics to the stories it is always the hottest place on the web, my Irish 8s are waiting for your initiation.

—New York City

Someday, buddy, I’ll lock you in those Irish 8’s — but no complaining if your shoulders start to ache after, say, 8 hours in them!



Your web site is superb. I can only imagine the amount of content, experience, judgment and effort that goes into keeping it going for so long — all with such high quality.

—Arlington, Virginia

Thanks, Arlington, I try!



i’ve always loved your site, Sir. would love to be bound and used by you, Sir. i know my profile says not available, but i can play on the side while i serve this one dom. if i serve others, i’ll probably be locked in chastity while i do. i’m into hard bondage (steel, rubber, leather, anything), humiliation, cbt, ass toys, dog training, ws, just about everything, really…

—New York, NY

Glad to hear you are often locked in chastity, the way it should be for a sub like you!



Fucking hot post on your site about the guy wanting to be locked up — “take my cock out of the equation and turn me into a horny, hungry faggot fuckhole and cocksucker” — Damn. Got me hard and i’m not allowed to do anything about it either!


I have not heard from any of the long-distance chastity guys in a while. But I would very much love to have a fit guy locked in a device with a numbered lock, someone willing to be shown off with regular pictures here on the blog.



I have to tell you I get hard when you write about how your cage is solid, one-piece construction and totally escape-proof since you can’t disassemble it. I just imagine a very massive MasterLock on the outside with one person holding the key keeping me locked in nice and tight. And maybe he’d tease me with the key from behind mirrored sunglasses.

— Washington, DC

I’m glad you like escape-proof lockup, Mister!



I’m fascinated about a chain on the neck and no way to take it off. I had such an experience some years ago, the chain was on my neck for more than 12 months. And after some weeks it feels as a normal part of my body. Must be there. In the last months I play a little in the City Opera with naked torso, so there is no chance for such an experience. But I think my neck should be chained again after my summer holidays. (Going by airplane, so thats not so good to go to the security with a lot of metal).


Yeah, it’s too bad about airport security these days. It sort of puts a crimp into long term chain/padlock wearing.



I meant to tell you that I am currently locked in the CURVE. As i do not have a keyholder at present I send the key to myself 2nd class in mail and make sure that I deposit the envelope with key after last post collection. However, would like to have a real keyholder again and not have a known release date. Best,


That’s the best kind of chastity scenario — where the locked guy has no control over when (or if) he will be released.



I just saw this blog with TENTACLE torture. I used to fantasize about being captured by an octopus, as it had twice the limbs I had and could control me and still maneuver, whereas I was totally lost to it’s unfeeling control as it dragged me deeper. I also used to fantasize about a boa constrictor working its way into my jockstrap and grabbing hold of my junk, then going to work on me, and me having no way to loosen its coils as it slowly but irreversibly squeezed everything in my jockstrap.

—Via the Internet

Dude! I had the same fantasy of the boa constrictor! Hey, you will definitely want to check out the new story by Cicero. He graciously dedicated this story to me.



I agree with you: Mr. Meloni is very talented and HOT! Some nudity doesn’t hurt an actor’s career these days.

—Vancouver, British Columbia

I forgot to mention on this blog that this past winter, the actor Christopher Meloni was on my very block in Manhattan filming an episode of Law and Order — and saw him twice on two different days. He was shorter in real life than I expected, but 10 times as hot.



There is something so basic about being chained up … like manacles with a long chain, fastened to some point. I like metal helmets too, but they can be quite much after while, as they can slowly dig into the flesh … much like heavy metal collars (which are very nice) … I still like being strapped down in a box … or “trapped” in something like a cravat … or other type of rigid metal fetter … I would like to inspire you …

—Washington state

Wow, man, you are speaking my language!



I just read Master Qualification. Brave guy to subject himself to whatever is coming! I really must try and write a new story incorporating all my favourite gear and humiliations! Trouble is, I tend to try and keep it as realistic as possible rather than unrealistic even though I enjoy reading such tales.


I agree, I like stories that are based in reality … but someone definitely has to get restrained. Please definitely send me your stories!



I would love to spend the rest of my life chastised, bound and caged in your cage!

—Tel Aviv, Israel

And I would love to do it to you … if only I could! But someday you will want out for real, and the neighbors will call the cops when they hear you screaming. And then we’ll both be on CNN … and I will end up going to prison!



You know, some of those stories on that studsinstone site are actually pretty hot!


I agree! I’ll continue to share more story sites when I find them.



I was intrigued with your web site so I took a look. And then I read the line: “That means once you hear the ‘click’ of the padlock, you’re done for” and my cock jumped. I think I’m going to like it here.


Hey guy, I am glad you like to hear the click of the padlock — that’s what it’s all about here — getting you restrained so you can’t escape! Fuck yeah!


Dream Boy Bondage

A site dedicated to the physically restrained male

Hey guys … this blog is now one year old!


Here are some stats from the web traffic counter:

There have been 600,000 page views (is that the same as “hits”?)

Visitors have come to this site from 136 different countries.

The Stories and the Videos are the most clicked-on categories, followed by Metalbond’s Prisoners, Chastity and Porn I Beat Off To.

I am pretty sure I managed to post at least one new thing here every day. There will of course be lots more coming, so please continue to visit as often as you can … but never, ever from work!


I must give a big nod of thanks to EVERYBODY who sent me stories, pictures and emails that have allowed me to keep this blog going. I am most grateful to guys like Catdude, RTS, Richard Hunter, Tommy Guns, Herodotus, david stein, Harold Cox, the anonymous author of the popular Waiting for Ross stories, and countless others. Please, by all means definitely keep the stories and pictures coming — so I can share them!

Thanks also to all the fellow bloggers and kinksters who have helped me and from whom I draw inspiration — men like Ruff, Masc Dude Writer, Ben, Dave Mason, THORN at Instigator magazine, and especially RH of Mencomix, who just sent me this fantastic new artwork in honor of the occasion:


Thanks, RH! I always wanted to be chained up by you!

And extra SPECIAL thanks to Kristofer Weston. He knows why.


The (Bike) Test


Part 1

Sandro awoke with a start. He opened his eyes but all was black; he could not see anything and for a moment he wondered where he was. But the sound of a motor engine and the feeling of motion soon brought him to his senses. He was seated on a metal chair, wearing his motorcycle leathers with his wrists strapped tightly to the chair’s arms, his ankles to its legs and his chest strapped firmly to its back. His hands were locked into tight leather mitts and his head was covered in a tight spandex hood obscuring his vision. Try as he might, he could not move as the restraints kept him firmly secured.

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