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Joseph ties up Axel and attempts to break him with the whip

At Dream Boy Bondage, Joseph Mathews has Axel Johnson right where he wants him: Strung-up, spread-eagle, arms stretched wide just above his head, legs spread into a vee by an ankle spreader. “Payback time,” Joseph tells the naked stud, then he lays into his back and ass with a single-tail whip. “Fuck you!” Axel barks after ten good lashes. He looks great, young and fit, his body flexing and squirming under the lash, as he pulls himself up on his toes. “Please,” he begs after a while, gasping between screams of agony, his back and ass laced with whip marks, but he doesn’t ask for it to stop. Levi’s blows get harder, until the stud is almost delirious. Then Levi sprays raw alcohol on the wounds, turning Axel into a writhing, whimpering slave, at his limit of endurance. In this contest being able to absorb pain is as important as being able to deliver it.

whipping at Dream Boy Bondage

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Title of this video: AXEL – The Contest I – Chapter 4

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