James – Part 4

By Thunder

Based on a true story

“Todd, please make me Alan’s dog, I promise to be a good boy”

That is where we left off of my training story that was roughly nine years ago when I was 42 years old. Todd had just laid out ten truths for my life forward that made my mind ache but my dick hard inside its cage. I was terrified of these rules and what they would really mean for me, but deep down I knew I was getting what I asked for and I hoped that the oddness of this would pass fast so I’d have a sense of normalcy, even on fours. Todd could see this, I felt, so after we finished our talk he went to take a nap, leaving me hooded with just my head out of the cage for what felt like hours. I was never a very patient man, but I was learning that I didn’t have a lot of choice but to be a patient dog, so I sat even though I was not very happy.

It was dark outside when Todd returned with a fresh bowl of beer and some snacks. He let me out of the cage and took everything but the collar and chastity cage off of me and told me that he knew it had been a big day and that we were going to soon have dinner. He sent me on two legs to take a shower and told me when I finished I was to join him upstairs. It felt odd going into his space, a space I’ve never known while naked, but I adjusted and met him in the kitchen, where he was taking a pizza out of the oven.

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Cutieboy90 wears Clejuso Model 8 legcuffs

Check out these pictures from our friend Cutieboy90:

Clejuso Model 8 legcuffs


Cutieboy90 writes:

“These are with the oh-so-lovely Clejuso Model 8 legcuffs. I had gotten these cuffs some time before, and on this day I decided to break them (and myself) in properly. So I wore them during the day around my apartment while I did dishes, laundry and other housekeeping chores. They were a bit hobbling, but I got used it after a while and the second day was a little easier than the first.”

Thanks for the pictures, and information, Cutieboy90! And always remember, another thing you and others can do, is read stories in the Prison Library while leg cuffed or otherwise locked up!

self bondage in legcuffs


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James – Part 3

By Thunder

Based on a true story

He then sat down in that sexy chair and said, “I am about to lay out the ten basic ways you will be transformed into the perfect pet husband so play close attention…

As he said that, he stopped. He then told me to take a moment to take in my new environment and to begin to feel my submission creeping in. He said that Alan had told him I always loved the feeling of a hood, so they had the one I was now locked into custom made for my head with the idea that there might be times when I would be wearing it in excess of 24 hours. He told me to begin to find peace in this hood, and as he talked, I could feel it becoming more and more of a safe space to me. This hit a spot with me and, to this day, I crave that Alan will put me in that hood at least some point every single day.

When he knew he had relaxed me, Todd sat back down in his chair and stared at what would have been my two blue eyes looking out of darkness toward him. He said, “Alan has spent months deciding on what your new life will look like and he then asked me to weigh in on it and this is how we came up with the idea of these two weeks of immersive training. The following is a list of ten truths that will come to define you every single day of your life moving forward to some degree or another.

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Video: Captive blond Leo Edwards

male captive in the dungeon

Leo Edwards has been a captive in the dungeon for a week. He is fed and cleaned and forced to work out everyday. Otherwise he is chained in a cell, naked. Every few days, Felix Frost takes him out of his cage and tortures him. Today is one of those days. Leo, naked as always, is hung from the ceiling by his wrists, his ankles spread by chains to the wall. He is gagged. He’s been waiting for hours when Felix arrives carrying a large weight, which he ropes to Leo’s balls to force him to arch his back and present his ass for a flogging. The flogging is unrelenting, a steady barrage of hard blows that leave Leo’s back and ass covered with fresh wounds. All the captive can do is whimper and thrash about as he absorbs each blow to his lean, muscled flesh. Then Felix switches to the single-tail whip. After an hour of lashing, Leo collapses, hanging limp. Felix continues to whip the prisoner, just to watch his hot body flinch.

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Title of this shoot: Leo Edwards – Captive Blond – Part 7

Severe testicle torture