Just Go With It – Part 3

By ty dehner

I am awakened to piss flowing down the tube into the gag that fills my mouth. I remember the confinement I am in and have been for what has to be over 2 days now. I feel the weight of the person that filled me with piss climb off me and the bed and in the distance, hear some moaning. Hell, they must have another guy here and are fucking his brains out. The intense shocking starts again and it seems to be at a level higher than before. I scream into the gag over and over as the shocks are fast and furious. As I am shocked the as punching me in my stomach and chest. I have a feeling if my balls were in the steel cage they would take great pleasure in abusing them with their fists!

It all stops and it seems both the cops are laying on the bed on both sides of me.

“Devil dog, we wanted to release you so you could get a bathroom break but we over slept and the train is much too busy to expose you. We will arrive in Chicago later today so we will just let you rest.”

The other cops speaks “One rule to remember, everything that has happened to you on this trip is between us and you. You will never speak of any of this.”

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Trenton Ducati dominates Steven Roman in a muscle bondage fuck session

Old habits die hard when Trenton Ducati finds naked muscled hunk Steven Roman at his disposal. This is part of the Creepy Handyman Series at Bound Gods.

Creepy Handyman Trenton Ducati has been trying to fight his sexual addictions, but some habits die hard. As he’s working on Steven Roman’s pipes, he hears a giant crash. To his surprise, the naked, muscled body of Steven lies on the shower floor, passed out from slipping on the wet ground. As much as he resists, Trenton’s sexual demons are too much to overpower, so he drags the naked hunk off for some play. Steven awakens with a hood covering his sight and sound, as he struggles in bondage. The creepy handyman wails on the hairy stud with a riding crop and pulling on his aching bulls. Dangling from the ceiling, Steven begs for mercy, but the only thing he receives is a mouthful of Trenton’s hard cock, prying deep down his throat. The creepy handyman then mashes Steven’s hard cock with his feet before prying his toes in the hunks hairy hole. Ready at attention, Trenton plunges his giant cock deep inside Steven, pounding away as the bound hunk bites down on the bit gag placed in his mouth. Trenton then removes the bit gag and blasts a load of cum in Steven’s face and making him suck off every drop.

Models in this shoot: Steven Roman, Trenton Ducati

Title: Old Habits Die Hard – Creepy Handyman Series

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Just Go With It – Part 2

By ty dehner

After we had arrived at the Amtrak station and parked the single rider had left his bike and came to me, reminding me to do as I was told. He tapped his weapon on my helmet and nodded. I agreed and nodded back. The other uncuffed my hands and we both dismounted the bike. They stood on both sides of me and each grabbed my elbow with their gloved hands. We started walking towards the train that was in the station.

Were they going to put me on a train, in full gear like this. What will people think of a biker or a group of bikers on the train?! I can’t go on a long trip as I have work and commitments. But I don’t think these guys care. I hesitate a bit and one moves his hand to my neck and squeezes. I realize that even if I did run I was locked in all this gear and couldn’t even make a noise to anyone. And fuck my cock was pressing against the little spikes in the cock cage.

We approach the back of the train and one of the conductors meets us. One of the cops gives him an envelope and we climb into the train. There is no one else on the train but us. They lead me down the aisle and into another car that has the rooms. After a couple of doors, I am pushed in a room. The room is very small but there is a bunk and on the white sheets is a leather sleep sack. I look at them through their helmeted heads and shake my head no, trying to stay something through the gag. They firmly grab me and move me closer to the bed. I can’t go in that, I can’t go anywhere. I don’t know these guys I don’t know where we’re going.

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Spencer Reed makes Emanuel take it all


At the hands of Spencer Reed, Emanuel endures intense humiliation, groping by a horny crowd, the zipper, sucking feet, ass caning, ass fucking, metal bondage and huge toys up his ass. This is a vintage shoot from Bound in Public.

spencer_reed_gay_bondage_02 spencer_reed_gay_bondage_03 spencer_reed_gay_bondage_04 spencer_reed_gay_bondage_05


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If you are in town for Fleet Week and want to get tied up

Are there any Metalbond readers who are active duty military in NYC this weekend for Fleet Week? The New York Bondage Club is holding its annual Fleet Week / Memorial Weekend Sunday Play Party!

NYBC says: “We welcome the many visitors to the city this weekend to our party. This year we offer FREE entry to those men actively serving in the military with current ID. Lots of rope, toys and more. Free massages, a sling, and a backroom for hard action. Explore your fantasies and make them happen. Join us for a fun party and just say YES SIR!

New York Bondage Club website here