Jonathan Agassi and Edji Da Silva get into bondage and piss play

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gay bondage

Jonathan Agassi is piss-soaked and hanged suspended after sunset. His captor is Edji Da Silva, who releases Jonathan after he’s finished pissing on himself through his shorts. Edji takes Jonathan inside, where they both get even more soaked together: their bodies are glistening in fluid, making them two of the biggest sex pigs ever seen on Lucas Raunch. Jonathan sucks Edji’s dick and gets his hole eaten out before the Arab top fucks Jonathan in his own filth, bending him over and throwing him onto his back, pounding his hole fast and with fury. But the guys take debauchery to a new level when they play around with their nutritional needs: Edji stuffs a banana up into Jonathan’s ass and sodomizes him with it. How it stays together is anyone’s guess!

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Jace Chambers is bound and relentlessly edged for the very first time

gay bondage

Hot muscled hunk Jace Chambers comes to Men on Edge for his first edging session. On his back they tie his hands and legs down and start teasing his cock. As his cock grows they blindfold his eyes to let his imagination run wild. Pre-cum begins to ooze out of his cock once they surprise him with a couple of vibrators massaging his cockhead. Bound in the center of the room, Jace has his cock edged even more while feeling the flogger on his body. Then Jace is suspended in the air with his cock dangling to the ground as Sebastian teases him with his tongue. They bend Jace over to play with his ass as more pre-cum drips from his cock as they milk his prostate. Jace is flipped over on his back where he’s finally made to cum after relentless edging. They shove his load back into his mouth before finishing Jace off with some post-orgasmic torment.

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New York 1985

By thatsonesickpuppy

i was 24, living in Manhattan and having a lot of fun. It was winter, and i was in a bar in the Village with a small backroom, i’d just come out from the back and sat down, having a beer, having a cigarette and relaxing, looking hot in my first pair of leathers.

He walked in, and i spotted him straight away, and i guess he saw my interest. Unlike everyone else he was wearing a three piece suit, tie and over coat,  just like he’d stepped out of a GQ spread.

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