New York 1985

By thatsonesickpuppy

i was 24, living in Manhattan and having a lot of fun. It was winter, and i was in a bar in the Village with a small backroom, i’d just come out from the back and sat down, having a beer, having a cigarette and relaxing, looking hot in my first pair of leathers.

He walked in, and i spotted him straight away, and i guess he saw my interest. Unlike everyone else he was wearing a three piece suit, tie and over coat,  just like he’d stepped out of a GQ spread.

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Bound and ready to be skullfucked

Looks like this guy could be in for a serious throat pounding:

gay bondage

Today’s image is from Tom Isern.

Of course I always prefer for the cocksucker to be RESTRAINED when he is servicing. Makes it much more interesting, in my opinion, whether I am the suck-fag or the “top” for the session.

Oh, if you guys want top get a leather restraint similar to the one shown above, I recommend this shoulder strap version available from Mr S.

Bondage Fantasy World – Part 2

By Mister –X / Spartan

During the night I got very little sleep.  My shoulders were in constant pain from the position they were in.  Periodically guards would come to one of the cells, either to leave a prisoner off, then padlock his ankle cuffs, or to pick one up, removing the padlock so he could be marched away with that foot long chain attached to his ankle cuffs.  Some who were being taken away were not pleased at the prospect, so I figured they were being taken for punishment.  But some appeared to look forward to what they were going to get, so I didn’t know what was in store for them.  And all the time it was very hot.

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