Mounted Cops – Part 3

Three Mounted Police Stories

Stories Of Different Mounted Cops, Booted, In Bondage And Fucked

3 – Leather Mirror

By Alex Ironrod

Copyright 2021; All rights reserved

I groaned, my arms chained at full stretch to the walls of the stall, my uniform being cut off my struggling body. What the fuck had happened? I’d only been stationed here in the mounted detachment armory for just over a week and this was my first night duty. At six feet and 200 lbs, I can usually take care of myself. I’d been patrolling the barn, and stopped to admire myself in the full-length mirror by the door.

Yes, the dark blue uniform fitted me snugly in all the right places and the tall black leather boots hugged my thighs tightly. The spurs reflected the light as I bent down to tighten one of the straps, when he struck the first blow across my shoulders. I fell to the floor and a follow-up kick to my balls from his boot really had me writhing in agony. He had me up against the wall, and one thick cuff locked round my left wrist immediately. Then he jerked me upright and yanked on the other arm.

The cuff was waiting – solid, over an inch thick, unyielding, and I hung helpless, as he kicked my legs apart and chained each of them to metal supports in the floor. Two rapid-fire punches to my stomach and face immobilized me further, but my helmet protected my head itself.

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Mounted Cops – Part 2

Three Mounted Police Stories

Three Stories Of Different Mounted Cops, Booted, In Bondage And Fucked

2 – Trooper Greg’s Story

By Alex Ironrod

Copyright 2021; All rights reserved

A line of sleek horses passed by, their riders’ firm, tight-breeched asses rising and falling at the trot as I crouched behind the hedge, secretly watching. At the rear was a large black stallion, mounted by a tall, broad-shouldered officer in sharply creased uniform shirt and tie, tight breeches with a thin red stripe and gleaming tall black Dehner boots and spurs – the man I hungered to serve.

It was becoming an obsession. Here I was, a member of the Hunterville Police Department for three years, spying on this powerful Master Sergeant. I was desperate to join his Mounted Unit, to worship and lick the leather of those shining boots, to perform whatever sexual services he might demand. I’d found out what was needed to join the small, mounted troop. I’d had some experience with horses from my summers on my uncle’s farm as a teenager, but I knew my cowboy ways wouldn’t pass muster.

So I’d been taking riding lessons twice a week, punishing my butt on an English saddle and achieving a hard-on, just thinking about getting between Master Sergeant Alex Brand’s strong thighs.

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