The whip crashes into his abs and chest

Izzy Danger has been alone, blindfolded, spreadeagled against a wall, naked but for his tiny briefs, for hours, his torso scarred from his first flogging. Izzy is a classic fantasy boy, his lean body nearly hairless but for the pubes peaking above his briefs. The flogging resumes, now even harder. The prisoner whimpers and flexes as the whip crashes into his abs and chest – and his genitals. He knew he would suffer but not like this. Yet, to his credit, he allows the fantasy to continue. To drop out now would be unthinkable; he’d be shunned and impoverished. Then the man rips off the briefs and grabs Izzy’s cock and balls, squeezing them painfully before whipping him again.

Dream Boy Bondage

VIDEO SERIES at Dream Boy Bondage


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Title: IZZY DANGER: Fantasy Boy – Chapter 2

Dream Boy Bondage

VIDEO SERIES at Dream Boy Bondage

Power Exchange

FROCK THE WORLD presents Master R. and Alex El Pup in POWER EXCHANGE, a BDSM scene that starts sweet and tender; but ends rough and tumble.

FROCK THE WORLD presents Master R. and Alex El Pup in POWER EXCHANGE


Master R. has two very distinct sides to his personality. His natural disposition is dominant and aggressive, but he can’t help letting his sensual side occasionally take over. Alex El Pup is a kinky twink who loves being told exactly what to do. He loves the soft feeling of rope caressing his naked body, but he also loves getting man handled,tossed around and fucked like a hungry bitch. In POWER EXCHANGE, Master R. leads Alex El Pup through a sexual experience that pushes the limits of desire and opens up his sub to a world of hard-earned pleasure.

FROCK THE WORLD presents Master R. and Alex El Pup in POWER EXCHANGE

FROCK THE WORLD presents Master R. and Alex El Pup in POWER EXCHANGE


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FROCK THE WORLD presents Master R. and Alex El Pup in POWER EXCHANGE

FROCK THE WORLD presents Master R. and Alex El Pup in POWER EXCHANGE

The Resort – Chapter 04

By TklBndg516

Starting the New Job

Jeff woke with a lot of horny energy.  He had less to do to get ready in the morning.  He would be showered at work, and it didn’t matter much what he wore on his way there.  He tossed on a t-shirt, sweat pants, socks and sneakers.  While Steve showered and got himself ready for work, Jeff got breakfast ready.  Instead of the usual bagel and coffee on a workday morning, Jeff put his horny energy towards making eggs and toast with bacon.  As they were ready to leave, Steve set Jeff’s belt on a cycle using the anal electro.  It would start from nothing, increase to erotic, then uncomfortable before resetting and starting the cycle again.

Jeff went to pick up Brad who was waiting on the sidewalk for him.  Brad thanked him for giving him a ride and asked how he was doing.  Jeff said he was doing great, that he had a lot of energy today.  Brad, not realizing the source of Jeff’s energy, said he was excited about starting the new job today.  Brad asked how he liked his second night in the belt.  Jeff said so far it was good and told him how Steve had set the belt that morning.  Brad thought that was so cool.

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Leather bondage gear: Asylum Muzzle

Both this muzzle and the blindfold coverings are bucked to the sides and top of the hood when you want to isolate your captive completely. When not using these two covers, you have open eyes so your prisoner can see what you’re going to do to him or an open mouth so he can get down and take care of your cock.

Leather bondage gear: Asylum Muzzle

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Leather bondage gear: Asylum Muzzle

Titan Men Rough: Hardcore

Check out these scenes from the video ‘Hardcore’ featuring Draven Torres, Junior Stellano, Xavier St. Jude, Spencer Reed, Adam Knox and Frank Philipp

gay bondage

Director Paul Wilde and his cast of Titan studs lead you through three scenes of twisted power exchange. HARDCORE includes bondage, piss play, SM and some frenzied ass-fucking. Massive muscle man Spencer Reed dominates his chiseled captive Adam Knox in a scene of rope bondage and caning that ends in a sweat-streaked fuck. Bearded bottom Xavier St. Jude does his best to endure the flogging, whipping and ass fucking that beefy muscle daddy Frank Phillip doles out. Junior Stellano, the inked and hairy-chested fucker from Hell, ties down young tattooed Draven Torres for a smoking hot session of piss-soaked rimming, sucking, and ass pounding.

gay bondage MetalbondNYC_HARDCORE_03 MetalbondNYC_HARDCORE_04 MetalbondNYC_HARDCORE_05 MetalbondNYC_HARDCORE_06

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Titan Men Rough Spencer Reed

Hot rocker dude oozes pre-cum as he’s fucked and edged

At Men On Edge, Damien Moreau’s aching cock oozes pre-cum as he’s relentlessly edged all day


Damien Moreau comes to Men on Edge, eager to be bound and teased. They have him bound to the pillar as Sebastian slowly licks him from his boot to the gag in his mouth, getting Damien’s cock rock hard. They put clamps on his nipples while teasing him to the max with the hitachi right on his cock head, making him continuously ooze pre-cum from all the excitement. On the box in the center of the room, Damien’s legs are lifted off the ground while Van drives Sebastian’s head all the way down on Damien’s hard cock. They shove dildos in the prisoner’s ass and mouth before giving him a turn with the fucksall as it plunges into Damien’s hole. Upside down, Damien has another vibe shoved up his butt as the two pervs make him blow his load all over his stomach. But they’re not through with Damien just yet, they bring his legs down and milk his cock once more before finishing him off with some post-orgasmic torment.

Here are more pictures of Damien Moreau at Men On Edge:

34369_2 34369_5 34369_6 34369_9 34369_11

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The Resort – Chapter 03

By TklBndg516

Orientation, Day 3

Brad was the first to arrive at the ferry, anxious for what he would get to learn and do that day.  Peter, Chris, Joe, and Miguel arrived shortly after.  Jeff was the next to arrive.  He almost seemed to be glowing after the night he had.  And that morning, Steve sent him off with one of the vibrator units keeping him stimulated.  It automatically shut-off as soon as he entered the ferry waiting area, as he was now under Island control.  The rest arrived soon after.  The 9 of them (David lives on the Island) sat together.  Brad, all excited, told Jeff he missed something really cool last night.  He told him that Joe is still locked in his belt.

Jeff didn’t seem to express any surprise about that.  Brad goes on to tell him that Joe is thinking about getting a partner account for his boyfriend and explains to Jeff what a partner account is.  Brad said how cool he thought it might be to have someone controlling his belt and having some of the extra features that David has.  Some of the others expressed their support of Joe being in the belt and how he was considering the partner account.

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