Chained ass-up against a pillar

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Hetero swimming star Scotty has never had his arsehole penetrated before, so it’s time to open him up. He’s chained arse-up against a pillar, giving the greedy men full and immediate access to his anus. His bell end is tied to his nose, so every jolt of his body makes him inadvertently rub and tease his sensitive glans. They lube up his hairy hole and take their time sliding their bare fingers into his tight warm arse cavity. Slowly his tight sporty anus widens up urging the men to reach for a big fat dildo to really impale him with. His well-trained muscular body strains with the tension of holding such an unfamiliar position. He’s rammed full, the sustained stimulation to his prostate and rubbing of his cock end causes him to spontaneously ejaculate shooting a huge gush of spunk right in his own blushing face.

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