Jim Roberts has to pick what ball torture he will endure out of a fish bowl

I really admire the hot men who put their testicles on the line over at Roger’s site, Shotgun Video. And the creative things Roger comes up with.

Severe testicle torture

In JackPot! starring Jim Roberts. Roger puts together several intense ball torture techniques, jots them down on paper, folds them up and places them in a fishbowl. Next he straps Jim down and makes him draw his “prizes” which Roger administers.

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Bondage action at Mister International Rubber

Oh fuck! Check out what happened at the recent Mister International Rubber event in Chicago.

Rubber hamster ballThe transparent hamster ball contained two gallons of liquid J-Lube. The poor gimp inside the ball was wearing padded rubber helpless mitts and a heavy rubber hood with blindfold. All he could do was tumble and slosh around inside the ball as it was rolled around the vender market. He could not see or remove the mitts, and the zipper was on the outside of the ball, so he was trapped inside and totally screwed!

Rubber hamster ball bondageRubber hamster ball

Also, a latex skin guy was locked in a bondage ‘Fiddle’ and then sprayed from head to toe with liquid latex. Once the latex was dried he was unlocked from the Fiddle and a manual touch-up job was done with a brush. Then he walked around the vendor market in his latex skin. Afterwards, the latex pealed off fairly easily with a lot of tickling and laughter.

liquid latexLiquid latex bondagetrapped in stocks

Videos of these two scenes – plus some private hotel room rubber bondage action – will be available on SeriousMaleBondage.com in the near future, so stay tuned!

Football Bondage

By Chris

I was playing football in high school when I had my first man on 
man … and bondage session at the same time. It was after practice on a cool October Saturday when the one of the guys on the team suggested we do an 
after practice run along the river next to my high school. The kid was 
the center and kinda cute. I was a fullback and we sort of hung out 

On our way to the river trail, he stopped at his car and got a 
small pack out of the back seat. We were in full uniform, as we started 
jogging along the trail.

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