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The Hole

Bind is in a severe hogtie at the Mountain Correctional Facility in Pennsylvania, run by the infamous Warden Harold Cox (of blessed memory). Bind’s metal collar is locked to a bolt in the floor, and his legs are secured by cotton straps to anchor points in the wall. There is no possibility of escape. His condition is monitored from the adjacent room via a TV camera.

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Title at Serious Male Bondage: The Hole

Forlorn Hope – Part 06: It Can Always Get Worse

By DR754

male bondage stories Hampton JailToday is Monday, August 9, 1967.

Awakening a little past dawn, I stood up – and nearly tripped over my leg irons.

It took me a moment to process where I was and what was happening.

Oh, right. It wasn’t a bad dream. I’m in jail, in chains, and in a shitload of trouble.

Stumbling to the toilet to take a piss, I pieced together shattered memories. Somewhere through the fog of my mind, more details of my early-morning arrest came into focus above the porcelain bowl.

There I was, locked in the cell as Pitbull read me my rights, then grimly informed me I matched the description of a man who robbed the Casey’s gas station in Sheffield that night. Did I want to explain this? Did I want to tell him anything about it?

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Video: ‘Inanimate’ at Men In Chains


What if the worst thing that could happen to someone in a horror film was that they ended up restrained? This film is about a man who thinks that he can move things while he is dreaming. They put him in jail because there is no mental hospital in the small town. Nobody believes him… until strange things start to happen. This is Mark Bind’s most ambitious film.

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Mark’s Bondage Vacation – Part 02

By Mark from Serious Male Bondage

On the third morning I got up and found our friend strapped down to the medical restraint bench in the next room. I don’t know how long he had been there, but he seemed to be enjoying himself. The best part of his bondage was the wide canvas strap across his chest, and the tube mitts. I think the mitts came from PX Direct or Handcuff Warehouse. The mitts are used when transporting a prisoner, so he is not able to use his fingers or hands. Handcuffs go around each tube at the wrist to hold the hands inside. In this case the handcuffs were threaded through a ring on a heavy leather belt that was locked around his waist. This is a standard setup, and I thought it was fucking hot. I guess I’m a gear guy, so anything like these tube mitts or the handcuff belt are very exciting to me. I’ll have to ask Bind if he would lock me up in this setup later.

As I said in the previous update, I brought three suitcases full of rubber and metal bondage gear. It’s a chore to keep track of all my gear because there are three play areas at Bind’s place. In addition, Bind’s gear is all over the place, and another guy brought his gear too, so it’s easy to mix stuff up.

The “Texas” external catheter I ordered from Amazon has been working out great. I have done four or five scenes so far, and it has saved me each time from stopping the scene to go pee.


I wanted to try the heavy rubber suit in the basement again, only this time I would wear my black sweatshirt and pants over the rubber to keep warmer. Each day, the basement has been getting colder and colder. Bind helped me into the suit again and chained me to the floor. I was very excited to do this again. The experience is so exhilarating.

This time we used a wireless audio baby monitor so Bind didn’t have to keep coming down from the second floor to check on me. (You can see the small baby monitor in the photo above.) The baby monitor has a two-way talk function, so Bind can press the talk button on his receiver upstairs and say, “Mark, how are you doing?” and I can clearly hear his voice in the basement and I can reply without needing to push a button on my end. This worked out super great.

I was wearing the catheter bag strapped to my right calf underneath the rubber suit. This entire setup was totally awesome, but I only lasted a few hours because my hands started to get cold. This was because my hands were resting on the concrete floor, and the rubber gloves that were attached to the suit were much thinner rubber than the suit itself. The only parts of the rubber suit that wasn’t covered by my sweats were my hands and head. My head felt fine because my head was resting on a pillow and the floor mat, and because there was a second rubber face piece zipped onto the front of the hood.

However, my hands couldn’t survive the cold from the cement and the single and thin layer of the gloves, so I stopped the scene within a few hours. Damn! I’m sure I could have gone the whole night if it weren’t for my cold hands. In any case, the experience was fantastic. I drifted off into sub space and my mind chattering stopped. I had absolutely no worries. My mind basked in the thought of the predicament I was in. I was in the dark except for a little light coming through the cracked door. I was in bondage nirvana. I would occasionally pull on the wrist and ankle shackles just to feel them and hear the clink of the chains. There was absolutely no give to the restraints as they were all made of metal and locked to four heavy eyebolts set in the concrete floor. This was the most fantastic scene I had done in a long time, and I had been fantasizing about this scene for months before I actually arrived. Frankly, I can hardly wait to come hack in the spring of 2018 and try it again when the weather is warmer.


In the afternoon we shot a video for Bind’s new series, titled “Mind Trap.” This is a movielike series of updates on his website. I think there are 20 or so in all. The story is about this guy in the future who is arrested and charged with a crime. The authorities probe his mind to verify that he committed the crime. Then, as punishment, they download various bondage scenarios into his mind, which he is forced to participate in.

The photos above show one of the bondage scenes that he must endure while the authorities manipulate computer programs to control his harsh bondage experience. Check out the series on Bind’s website, MenInChains.com.


On this trip I had brought along a really thick StudioGum hood that I borrowed from Bikermtl on Recon, and a large-diameter metal collar that I borrowed from Yossie Silverman. The hood is so thick that a normal size collar would not fit around my neck, but Yossie’s collar did. The collar’s chain was locked to the wall behind me. My steel belt was bolted around my waist, and my gloved hands were shackled and locked to a single attachment point on the back of the belt. This made my hands completely useless, as well as keeping them behind me and out of the way.

My goal was to stay in the thick rubber hood as long as possible, but that ended up being less than two hours. I don’t think the hood was the issue, it was the width and weight of the collar on my neck and shoulders. Once I stopped the scene and the collar was removed, the thick hood became much more manageable, however we traded the hood for a lighter one and I spent a few more hours in it before dinner time.


After dinner I asked one of the guys for help with trying another scenario. I wanted to try a rubber hood and gas mask, along with some leather bondage mitts. I had purchased these mitts years ago at Mr S. They don’t sell them any more. The mitts allow each hand to be folded over and locked. This is not so unusual. However, once each hand is folded over and locked, handcuffs can be closed around each wrist over the leather. I’m sure nobody thought of this when the mitts were originally manufactured at Mr S, but it turns out to work great.

So, once someone is wearing the mitts and completely helpless, it is easy and very exciting and sexy to handcuff their two wrists together by closing the handcuffs over the leather of the mitts. The feeling of this is REALLY exciting for the person in the mitts. I don’t know what it is about this combination, but it is really great and unlike other similar mitts on the market today. I asked the guys to put the mitts on me, fold my hands closed and lock the mitts with padlocks, and then handcuff my hands behind my back. In addition a padlock was used to lock the short chain between the handcuffs to the loop at the back of my steel waist belt, so my wrists were kept tightly in place behind my back.

Two chains were then run from the rings on each side of my rubber hood collar to the back wall, which prevented me from leaning forward very far. My ankles were also shackled together.


I was left alone in my mitts and handcuffs for two or three hours (within earshot of the guys), and the experience was absolutely fantastic! I was once again in bondage nirvana.

The day we did this scene was one day before Halloween. So, while I was tied up and enjoying myself, Bind fired up the video camera and came into the jail with a flashlight. He pretended like he had just discovered me in the cell for the first time and made a big deal about approaching me with caution as if I was a creature from another planet. I guess I reminded him of an alien because of the rubber hood and gas mask. The flashlight made a very eerie effect, and we all enjoyed the antics. After the filming, Bind released me from the mitts and handcuffs, and I put them on him so he could experience their unusual feeling.


The next day was Halloween, so Bind hung up a skeleton outside the entrance to the jail and advertised in the local paper about jail tours and Halloween candy. Some of the guys dressed in skin-color zentai suits and acted as dummy inmates in the jail cells. We would lie motionless and then spring alive and scare the trick-or-treaters. Fun!

The next day some of us went to the local cafe in our orange prisoner suits. Needless to say, on this trip a good time was had by all!


Metal would like to thank Mark from Serious Male Bondage for this true story! See the VIDEOS at his site!

Title of this video series: Bondage Time for Mark