Twelve States of Bondage: Part 01

By BondageChallengeGames

A great sendoff

Normally it’s a 12 hour drive from Kansas City to Atlanta, but I decided to stretch it out a little bit, and make my move into a bdsm-filled roadtrip. I had a couple weeks between finishing my old job and when I had to be moved in and ready to go in Atlanta for my new job, and I decided to use this opportunity to meet up with as many old kinky friends as I could along my journey. Over the course of two weeks I would get tied up by a number of old friends, spend a night in a cage, force men into submission, deliver a sub to his new dom, be put on display naked and defenseless, and spent many hours in inescapable bondage.

My first stop was a short drive from my old apartment. After packing my car and turning in my apartment keys, I drove a little over 20 minutes to my friend Riley’s apartment in the outskirts of Kansas City. I’d spent many nights and a weekends tied up at Riley’s while I’d been living in Kansas City, and I couldn’t think of a better place to start my kinky roadtrip.

I arrived at Riley’s and was greeted by a big bear hug and his smiling face. Riley invited me in, and we sat on his couch and talked for a little bit.

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Video: Julian is forced to endure extreme torture

At Dream Boy Bondage, a muscle stud is sentenced to extreme torture. His leather jacket is unzipped, revealing ripped abs and massive pecs, but his strength will be no match for the brutal gut punching, electric shocks and whipping he will endure before he is crucified and broken on the rack. The title of this video series is “JULIAN – Wages Of Sin”

muscular man at Dream Boy Bondage video

There are NINE videos in this series from Dream Boy Bondage

Here is a free preview video of part 3:

Dream Boy Bondage videos

Dream Boy Bondage

More behind-the-scenes footage of JimmyUSMC in heavy irons

Here are a few more behind-the-scenes images from the filming of the popular Appleville movies that are available at Men In Chains. As a bonus, at Serious Male Bondage, you can see behind-the-scenes videos that were shot during the filming, and much of the footage is with the indefatigable JimmyUSMC.

Jimmy USMC in metal bondage

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extreme male bondage videos

Tom teaches Carter a lesson

Here’s another guy who gets worked over at Spanking Straight Boys. Carter is 21-year-old straight college dude with a 3.9 grade-point average (translation: he’s smart). Today, Tom has the spanking tower ready for him. Carter didn’t even know that bondage was a possibility, so he was definitely surprised by the tower. He was also surprised when Tom proceeded to shave his butt with electric clippers. Tom knows that being shaved in such a vulnerable position is highly embarrassing, so he takes his time. He spends over 16 minutes shaving Carter’s butt, crack, butthole and taint. Tom then begins spanking Carter. He uses his hand, a riding crop, hairbrush and a whip. Carter has trouble remembering to address Tom as “Sir.” This is only Carter’s second spanking, so he still has much to learn about obedience and respect. Tom will be happy to teach him.

shaving butt, crack, butthole and taint

See the VIDEO at Spanking Straight Boys

Title of this update: Carter in the Spanking Tower

male spanking videos

Island Master UK – Part 08

By Wakeysub

I woke with a start. My collar was pulsing. Master East was stood staring at me in the glaring light of the cell. He pressed a button on his control. The restraints released and the cage door swung open.


I removed the headphones and clambered out of the cage. I stood naked in front of him. My feet were set wide apart in the footprints printed on the floor. My hands behind my head with my fingers interlaced. I was focussing on his brightly shone boots. It felt like such a natural position for me to be in. My cock throbbed in its cage. He undid the gag and pulled it out of my mouth. I swallowed and adjusted my jaw to try and get rid of the stiffness.

He clipped a leash to my collar and pulled me forward out the door and up the stairs. He walked quicker than Master West. We were moving towards an area of the Island I hadn’t visited before. We followed a path through the trees and into another clearing. I was faced with what looked like a construction site. Around the clearing, other slaves were working – wielding picks, digging with spades and carrying away the soil and rocks in barrows.

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