Boy Made Master

By ty dehner

Deep in my heart I knew it could happen, but when it did I lost my breath for a moment. Across the room he entered, in his skin kit. He always took pride in his camo pants, Fred Perry shirt with braces and his 20-hole boots. I remember the day I gave him those boots and how much he was surprised. I remember the look in his eyes and the smile on his face as he put it on. Everything had to fit just right and it did on him. It was a year ago that I presented him with those boots, and now he was wearing them without me around.

Part of me expected him to be with his new boy, but he was alone. Heads turned as he wandered the aisles of the leather gathering. I don’t know if he saw me or not. If he didn’t, I’m sure he and everyone else heard my heart beating. My buddy asked me a question and I was snapped back to the reality around me. He was purchasing a leather jacket and wanted to know how it looked on him. I smiled, letting him know that it fit very well and that it was a good price. He modeled in the mirror a bit more and I put the boots and the Man in them out of my mind.

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Never Done This Before – Part 1

By Hotch Rider

Part 1

I’d spent the night drinking to gather up the courage. Now, I was talking to this lean man about how I always had fantasies about serving a muscular man, being a good boy and actually giving away control. We’d been talking for the last 3 hours at least and he’d barely said anything. I, on the other hand, had never stopped. This was new to me and I was nervous. I talk a lot when I’m nervous.

As the bartender yelled out for last call, I had a quite noticeable erection down in my pants. I was still talking about my likes and dislikes, also about how I wanted to experience those dislikes because I felt adventurous. As half the bar slowly emptied, Jack put his fingers over my mouth and started talking.

“If you want, I’ll have you over for the weekend and walk you through your first time.”

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Brig Story – Part 08

By Tommy Guns

Finally, I came to that part of the story that is always the most difficult to tell to someone who has not been down that road themselves. I had been selected for advanced sniper training based solely on my performance during firearms training in Boot Camp. Being from New York, I had never fired a weapon before that first day, but I seemed to have an uncanny ability to put three rounds in a very tight grouping at 300 yards. My DI recognized my raw marksmanship skills immediately, and soon was lying down next to me on the range. He asked me how long I’d been shooting, and didn’t believe me when I replied that I had never fired a weapon before in my life.

My DI took the M14 rifle from me and made a couple of adjustments to the sight and windage setting, and gave it back to me. I zeroed in on the target down range and squeezed off three more rounds that went dead center and were so closely grouped that you could cover them with a quarter. This apparently impressed my DI to the point that he left me there to fire off the rest of my magazine. When I finished off, instead of returning to the rear area to clean my weapon, my DI instructed me to remain where I was. He had a new target placed on the frame, handed me a fresh magazine, and instructed me to take my time and fire off all 20 rounds in single shot.

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